Clash Royale Guide: A Cheap, Fast Hog Rider Deck

Review of a legendary and cheap deck with a very fast pace

This deck is based on cheap cards, making it fast and faster to scroll. Also, it is not difficult to collect, since there are no legendary cards and only one epic one. What is remarkable about this assembly, we will talk further.

Deck composition

Boar rider

The main attacking creature. In fact, the most important thing is to release the Hog Rider at the right time and combine it intelligently with other cards. In general, half of this deck is needed to support the rider.

Ice spirit

This creature can be safely called a replacement for the Freeze spell – for one elixir we get a similar effect. And if the Ice Spirit allows the Hog Rider to win a few seconds, it will be a profitable waste of such an amount of elixir. Also, the Ice Spirit will show itself well in defense.


This cheap card, when used correctly, can save you in many situations. Goblins can distract the tower defenders while the Hog Rider is advancing . Under cover, they are capable of being excellent defenders. The most important thing is to use the Goblins correctly, otherwise they will have time to be killed before they are of any use.

Ice golem

The cheapest tank in the game. Except how to distract attention to himself – he doesn’t know how to do anything else. But even this can be very helpful, both in attack and defense.


The only epic card in this deck. Since the main creature that will take damage to the towers is the Hog Rider , enemy buildings can become the most serious obstacle for him. In such situations, lightning becomes very effective as it clears a path for the rider. Also, this spell is good in defense and in finishing off the enemy tower.


This creature will be a good addition to this deck, as it covers many of its weaknesses. Firstly, it is the only creature in the deck that can constantly attack air creatures. Secondly, Megaminion can fight melee ground creatures without harming itself.


A cheap but highly effective spell. It can serve both to stun the defenders of the tower, and to stop the attackers for a short time. Plus, this spell does a great job with cards like Skeleton Army .

Hell tower

This defensive structure in this deck will serve as a remedy against the fattest creatures. In this deck, two out of five creatures only attack buildings. The other three are unlikely to be able to oppose something to the Giant , P.E.K.K.A or Hellhound , and the Infernal Tower is able to deal with them in a few seconds. Therefore, in this deck, this card looks great.

If you have a card like Flame Dragon , you can try using it instead of Infernal Tower . Firstly, it is cheaper and can also become an offensive force. Plus, he has a lot of health, and he can survive as much as the Tower of Hell . One of the disadvantages of the dragon is that melee creatures cannot be distracted by it. Also, the Infernal Tower is much easier to improve, because of which the damage from it will be much higher. But, if this does not become a critical problem for you, then you can try Flame Dragon .



As stated earlier, the main striking force is the Hog Rider . First, you need to remember at what time your opponent will use the worst cards for the Horseman. That is, we select the most successful moments for calling it. Also, before the call, it is worth considering which card will look best in support of the rider.

If you understand that the enemy will start summoning creatures, then the Ice Spirit or the Golem will be the best option. Goblins can also work for this purpose . In the event that the enemy is abusing buildings, prepare in advance the Lightning for clearing. If the Skeleton Army will be called on the rider , prepare a Shock .

The most ideal attack will be when you don’t give your opponent a chance to catch their breath. Basically, in this deck, you need to act fast enough and wear out your opponent so that it is harder for him to fend off the Hog Rider .


This deck is not very easy to defend. You have many tools for this, but you need to use them wisely. If your opponent is abusing fat creatures and flyers like the Ball , then it’s worth preparing the Hell Tower for this . Do not use it on rollback. Place it when your opponent starts an offensive. Otherwise, you give time to confront the tower.

If you are defending with Goblins , also summon them directly under the enemy. It is desirable that your tower also help in defense. The icy spirit will be able to delay the advancing fighters, but after that you should come up with means for defense. Take special care of Lightning , as this spell can seriously damage even the most powerful attack. Megaminion can be effectively used against ground combat creatures. But if you are threatened with a Shar , then take care of Megaminion for this particular card.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • the deck is easy to assemble
  • a lot of cheap creatures, thanks to which the scrolling of the cards is accelerated
  • many combinations with the Hog Rider
  • it is very difficult to defend with this deck.
  • to play effectively, you will have to maintain a constant onslaught on the enemy

This deck is recommended for players who love speed in Clash Royle . But at the same time, it is still not enough to attack the player intensively. All your actions must be very competent, and the cards must be used as efficiently as possible, otherwise cheap cards will become simply useless.

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