Fusion From the Latin fusion, the term fusion refers to the action and effect of melting or merging. This physical process is also applied socially to the union of interests, ideas or groups.


  • Fusion. (From Latin fusĭo,) Reference to the action and effect of melting or melting (melting and liquefying solid bodies like metals , making two or more things just one). Physical process that involves the change of state of a matter from solid to liquid . By heating matter in the solid state, an energy transfer occurs to the atoms , which begin to vibrate more rapidly.
  • Melting and casting refer to the same process, although the second is used for metals and crystalline solids that liquefy at high temperatures.
  • It is called heat of fusionto that which is absorbed by the material during processing, without a change in temperature occurs.
  • The melting point isthe temperature at which a solid turns into a liquid.

Types of fusion

  • The nuclear fusion is a reaction that occurs with the joining of two lighter nuclei, generating a heavier nucleus (with greater atomic mass ) and release of energy.
  • In another sense, the merger is a union of interests, ideas or parties:
  • In the field of business, the merger occurs when two or more companies pool their assets to form a new company .
  • It can occur between political parties, clubs or other organizations.
  • In music , fusion is the subgenre that combines various styles and rhythms. For example: jazz fusion

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