Full walkthrough Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

How to get through Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and get the right ending

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a classic platformer inspired by Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Metroid . This project perfectly combines an action adventure with crafting elements, as well as an equally interesting story. It is full of secret or inaccessible rooms, mobs are constantly reviving, and the heroine always lacks resources to survive.

Miriam is the main character who woke up after a prolonged coma and found herself slowly dying. To prevent her death, she has to clear the castle of all kinds of demons and get to the main antagonist of the game. In addition to the variety of weapons and clothing that can be found during the passage, Miriam can craft almost any item. As in all similar projects, except for ordinary enemies in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, there are many especially strong opponents – bosses, the fight with which can be a test for unprepared players.

To open a good ending to the game, you will have to explore almost all locations, face a huge number of opponents and kill bosses in a specific sequence. In this guide, we will describe the correct sequence, as well as tell the tactics of battles with the vast majority of especially powerful enemies.


This boss will become the final opponents at the location ” Galleon Minerva “. Journey through the Galleon is a kind of prologue in which the user must get used to the controls and delve into the game mechanics. In fact, there is nothing difficult in the battle with Vepar, because the most important thing is to dodge the boss’s attacks in time and destroy additional enemies.

In addition to waving his giant tentacles, Vepar releases three acid jets that can injure the heroine. And when the boss is in the center of the screen, he attacks with acid along the entire length of the deck. These attacks can be dodged by timing and jumping up. Note that if you often fall for such attacks, then most likely you will not have enough health to defeat the enemy.

  • Get close to the boss and attack with a targeted Fire Cannon shard, then make a few hits with a simple weapon.
  • When Vepar is in the center of the deck, dodge the acid and hit the enemy.

You will have to first destroy additional opponents, only then repeat the first point. If you ignore the arriving octopuses, then they can cause very large damage to Miriam.


Having reached the entrance to the castle, run forward through the locations until you find yourself in the hall with the Bloody Altar. Remember the location of this room, as in the subsequent the altar will play a significant role in the passage. Go up to the upper level and watch the scene with Alfred. Get to the Garden of Silence, and in the hall with the coachman, climb to the very top and continue to run to the left. In one of the rooms Miriam will stop Zangetsu, and after a short dialogue she will have to give him a fight.


Although Zangetsu is not a full-fledged boss, you still have to defeat him. To win the fight, you will have to constantly dodge and deliver quick hits:

  • The enemy attacks with a katana, so when he starts to approach, move towards him and jump at the last moment;
  • Since the enemy quickly turns around and can retaliate, after being behind him, make one long or two short blows (depending on the selected weapon).

Diana Kekhta Cathedral

After the battle with Zangetsu you can earn easy money by having inventory in at least one track stone . In one of the following rooms you will find a frightened boy: give him a stone and receive a thousand gold coins as a reward.

The castle consists of two parts. To get to the second part of the castle, you need to get the Stained Glass shard. In the same hall there is a transition to the location “Cathedral of Diana Kekhta” – follow there. Climb as high as possible and run all the time to the right until you reach the next boss.

Due to the slowness of the enemy, in addition to basic attacks, you can use directional shards. Try not to let him get too close and attack from a distance (with a musket or a whip). You now have a Stained Glass shard, with which you can move the highlighted items. By the way, if you deal with the boss before both columns are destroyed, you can pick up the ” Crusader Armor ” and ” Satellite Shard “.

Return to the Garden of Silence and go to the coachman. With the help of a new skill, remove from the road the column that interferes with the passage, then climb into the cart. Explore the location and find the entrance to the Twin Dragons Tower

Ex Machina Library

Climb to the upper level of the tower, then along the locations to the left. Here you will find the entrance to ” Livre Ex Machina “. After a long journey, you will find two iconic heroes, one of whom will have to be destroyed.

The vampire librarian is in the room just above the next boss’s quarters. He can temporarily borrow the enhancement of one or several parameters of the heroine. Return to it at any time and replace the gain with a more desired one.

Library Boss

This boss can jump high and attacks mainly from above. Stock up on healing potions and prepare meals that restore health. The tactics of fighting this enemy are simple:

  • Wait for the boss to come down to you and start attacking;
  • Jump onto the pipes and hit him from above;
  • When the enemy starts to rise, go down and wait for the attack;
  • Repeat the above steps until he dies.

Now you can get to the next special enemy using the passive skill ” Double Jump “. The two-headed dragon is at the very top of the tower, and before fighting with him, we advise you to level up and stock up on potions. When you’re ready, return to the art gallery and double-jump to the previously inaccessible ledges that lead to the top of the tower. Run to the four gears, then climb them.


Activate the portal room and explore the right side of the location. On the second level of the elevator, in the far right corner, you will find the exit from the tower. This door will lead to the Twin Dragons.


Twin dragons

The battle with this boss is considered one of the most difficult, since you are opposed by two opponents at once. What you need to know before the fight:

  • First, the Dragons attack in turn. While attacking one enemy, make several hits on the other.
  • When the Dragons hit with their tongues, do the same, just jump up just before hitting.
  • After that, the enemies will begin to spew out tongues of flame, between which there will be a small gap. You need to stay between the two languages ​​until they stop attacking. If you see that you do not have time to follow this gap, then use a double jump.
  • If you do not have time to deal with the Gemini in a certain time, then you will find a super blow that you cannot dodge.
  • You don’t have to kill the boss. It is enough to hold out until he descends to the lower level of the tower.

When you find yourself on the lower level of the tower, use a double jump to get to the golden chest. Open it and take Silver Bromide , which is necessary for further passage. Return to your hideout (there is a fast travel room on the top level of the tower). Approach Dominica (seller) and ask to take a photo using the found resource. Now you need to run to the Vampire Librarian so that he makes a pass for Miriam. When you’re ready, go down to the ” Garden of Silence ” and find the transition to the ” Bridge of Misfortune ” location.


Greedy Train

After watching the cutscene with Zangetsu, you have to explore the train. The journey takes only five minutes. During this time, you need not only to get to the boss, but also to destroy him.

  • Hide behind your partner when the Train attacks with firearms;
  • The main damage will be done to Zangetsu, you just have to avoid falling under the attacks of the boss;
  • Try not to get close to the enemy, but it is best to use a musket;


You will find this character immediately after disembarking from the train in the ” Underground Magic Laboratory ” location . Go down to the lower level of the laboratory and move left until it stops. The boss has only a few types of attacks, which you need to constantly dodge, and strike in between:

  1. Bathin freezes in place for a few seconds, then rushes at great speed to Miriam.
  2. The enemy throws several glowing balls on the floor, which explode after a while.
  3. The enemy spikes when Miriam is too close to him.
  4. If you stay out of sight for a long time, Bathin will activate green beams that are likely to damage the heroine.


Return to the Diane Kecht Cathedral and find a hall that has several reflective panels. With the help of them you will reach the iconic boss, whose power will allow you to open the passage at the Bloody Altar. Move to the right side of the location until you reach a room with cells. Go to the curtain and interact with it.

To defeat Bloodless, it is best to use a quick melee weapon, as well as a shard ” Directed Shield “. Such protection will help you out when the boss uses long attacks with waves of blood. Try to stay close to Bloodless and hit from behind. When the boss has less than half health, he will start releasing “vortexes of blood”. It is easy to dodge them if you climb one of the two ledges in the room (exit doors) in time.

Forbidden Underground Channel

After destroying Bloodless, you will receive the Blood Steal shard . Explore previously inaccessible rooms in the castle and return to the Bloody Altar. Choose from the list of trigger fragments you need, activate it at the altar and go down to the location ” Forbidden underground channel ”

Here you need to find and kill a jellyfish, from which a shard ” Stream of Water ” drops out with a small probability . This ability will allow you to move underwater thanks to the powerful water flow.

Explore the rooms on the right. In one of them, you will find a transition to a channel where jellyfish live. The shard will not fall out the first time, so you have to farm this mob a little. When you have it, go down the channel and find the transition to the ” Secret Desert ” location

Secret desert

The location is divided into two parts: the left part leads to the exit from the desert back to the forbidden channel; right – to the next boss. Examine the right side of the map to find an elevator. At the topmost level of the small tower, you will meet Alfred. We can not highlight any special advice on the battle with him, except that in the fight can come in handy ” Holy Water ” and the shard ” Against Poison “. Once Alfred is defeated, return to the elevator and go down to the floor below. Here you will find the Dive passive skill .

Return to the ” Forbidden Channel ” and explore the left side of the location. In the depths you will find a passage to the ” Secret Magic Laboratory “.

Secret magic laboratory

As soon as you penetrate this location, Dominica and Alfred will appear in front of the heroine. Watch the cut-scene and walk through the laboratory. In the lowest room on the left, you will find a replica of Miriam, with which you will also have to fight. In the battle with her, no special advice is needed: act according to the situation having previously saved the game. If you use a weapon with a curse, you can knock down enemy attacks and even stun him for a short time.

Inferno cave

At the lowest level of the laboratory, you will find a passage to this cave. Run along it to find the Demon-changer. This opponent is rather slow, although he knows how to walk on the ceiling. We advise using a musket with the most common cartridges against him. Let it be a long fight, but this way you can save on health regeneration.

How to find Zangetsu

Now the most interesting part of the walkthrough begins. To find Zangetsu again, you will need special armor that ignores damage from any traps. Use the portal to move to the upper level of the Twin Dragons Tower and take the elevator down. When the elevator opens, enter the location on the right (here you destroyed the dragon), then use the coup. This way you can open the secret chest and pick up the Aegis Shell

When you have the armor, return to the entrance to the castle (the very first room with the angels) and turn over the attraction. Walk down the narrow passage with traps, then flip the screen over again and enter the room to the right.

Eastern magic laboratory

There is a small puzzle to be solved here. You will have three locations in front of you, which have portals. To save time, go to the first portal and enter it from the left side (you need to jump over it). So you will find yourself in the far right portal of the middle location

Ignore the first two frames, including the one you came out with. Go to the portal in the center of the room (third from the right) and enter it. Now you need to get to the upper right part of the location. This can be done using a single portal, having previously turned the screen over.

You will have to fight Zangetsu again. Only this time, the enemy will use new techniques to attack. We advise you to stay as close to it as possible. Dodge enemy attacks in a timely manner and make two or three quick sword strikes.

Jibel’s chambers

Move to the Ex Machine Library, leave the room and use the reflective beam to get to the previously inaccessible location ” Hall of Destruction “. You will find here the chambers of Jibel, the main antagonist of the game. But don’t rush to kill him. If you do this, you will not know who exactly is behind the summoning of the demons.

Attack the magician until the moon turns red in the background. At this moment, you need to equip the Zangetsu sword, jump up and cut it in two.

After watching the cut-scene, you need to find the passage to the ” Lair of the monsters “. To get there, return to the Garden of Silence. In the room with the coachman go upstairs, then to the right. There is a large walk-through balcony with a bright red moon. Repeat the Zangetsu sword trick and cut the moon in half. Now you are on the right track to the correct ending of the game.


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