The Ritual on Weylyn Island Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough of the indie horror “The Ritual on Weylyn Island”

Chapter 1

Having got to the ill-fated island, the first thing we go to the house at the pier. At the door we select a note, and inside the room we take a flashlight and an audio recorder from the table. Then we leave the hut and walk along the path to the house.

On the spot, a not particularly cheerful picture awaits us: a terrible mess, walls covered with blood and not a single living soul. And on top of that, there is no light, therefore our primary task is to turn on the generator, having previously found the key to the basement. Well, after him we go into the bedroom, which is to the left of the painted door at the far end of the corridor. The key will be on the dresser by the bed. Having picked it up, we follow to the basement, the door from which is located directly opposite the bedroom. After starting the generator, an obsessed relative will come to visit us, from whom, of course, we will have to flee. As soon as after the cut-scene control is returned to us, we immediately leave the room, after which we run into the closet at the far end of the room. And from there we get out through the window, moving a wooden table to it.

Chapter 2

After getting out of the house, we find ourselves in a real forest maze. First, we calmly follow the path to the first fork with a signpost.

On it we turn to the left , then to the right , after that we step to the next sign.

At this point, we go in the indicated direction until we again reach the fork (this time not marked in any way), on which we turn to the right .

Having reached the branch marked by the lamp, the further escape from the maze will take place in the company of fanatics of a certain cult. You can only escape from them by fleeing, but Satanists are not very fast, so there won’t be much of a problem. Moreover, opponents are more good than harm, since they are mainly at dead ends, as if directing us along the right path.

So, one of the possible routes looks like this: at the fork with the lamp, we go right , well, then – left , right , right , left , straight ahead and straight again . At the end of the path, we must jump from a small ravine.

Having got out of the labyrinth, we continue our walk through the forest, following a lonely path. Having reached the ritual stone, we pick up an audio cassette, after which we turn onto the path to the left and calmly walk to the bridge.

Chapter 3

Once again, the path leads us to an ornate area. But now a much faster and, accordingly, dangerous enemy will rush after us in pursuit. However, it will not be difficult to hide from him. As soon as the cut-scene ends, we immediately turn around and, not paying attention to the turns, we run along the path until we reach the broken barn. Then we pass through it and move across the river.

As a result of an incredibly long walk through the night thicket, we stumble upon a kind of funicular, along which we need to get across the abyss to the other side. There, by the way, this time a living and healthy relative awaits us. Having successfully overcome the obstacle, we follow the girl to the lighthouse. The direct passage to it, of course, turns out to be closed, so you need to find another. At the fence we turn around and go back along the wide path until we see another path on the left. After passing along it, we will stumble upon a mountain of corpses. Then we turn left and, stepping along the path, we find a hidden path (see screenshot), which will lead us to the territory of the lighthouse.

Once on the spot, we go to the shed that stands at the house. To the left of it we find a box, push it to the house, then climb up and go inside. Despite our prompt actions, the insane member of the family in the company of the priestesses of the cult still managed to catch up with us, therefore, having climbed into the house, we barricade the door with a curbstone. Then we go down to the first floor and find in the kitchen the door to the room we need. The key will be hanging on the wall (see screenshot).

In the room we open the door to the cellar, go downstairs and get out.

Chapter 4

And again we find ourselves in the fresh air. The way back is cut off, so we continue to walk forward along the winding, but at the same time straight road. At one point, you have to carefully go down a steep and slippery slope, holding down the button responsible for squats in time. We save the companion by following the prompts that appear on the screen. Well, then we calmly walk along the path until we get to our sister. She will need our help, so first of all we close the passage by pulling the lever, and then we free the girl and follow her.


So, we find ourselves in the gloomy catacombs. Since the light source is in the hands of our sister, we have no choice but to follow her. Monotonous wanderings eventually lead us to the doors, of which the one on the right is the desired one. There we come across three prison cells. We go into the far right, move the box and crawl through the hole in the wall. Stepping along the tunnel, we reach the locked door, which our companion takes upon herself. In the meantime, we are going back in order to check for suspicious activity at the end of the tunnel. Not finding anything good there, we hastily run back to our sister. Once in a spacious room, we activate the lever that is in front, and we go up the platform.

Chapter 6

The action of the players in the final chapter of The Ritual on Weylyn Island is kept to a minimum. All we have to do is just follow our sister at the beginning of the episode, and press the pop-up key during the last cutscene.

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