Friend’s Day Messages

Who doesn’t need a friend around? We all need. For this fact, it is only fair that we honor those people that God has placed in our lives to be our friends of heart, faithful, rare, but true friends.

On Friend’s Day, July 20, don’t forget to appreciate even more those who are always on your side. Dedicate a beautiful friendship message to a special friend. Read it, get emotional and send it to your brother friend.

  1. Who has a friend …

Whoever has a friend has the wealth of the world,
Doesn’t need much to be happy,
Having a friend is to be graced by God for having someone here on this earth to be able to share the joys, to
vent about the sadness of life, to
cry with contentment or disappointment ,
It is having God’s shoulder very close to you when you need him,
Whoever has a friend knows what it is to smile, He
knows what it is to talk, He
knows how to listen, He
knows he will never be alone.
Whoever has a friend, even if he is only a single friend,
has a protective angel from God by his side always.
Happy Friends Day for all the few, but true friends that God gave me.

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  1. How much is a friendship worth?

If I had all the money in the world available in my hands and had to buy someone to be my friend, how much would I spend on that friend? But I couldn’t be any friend, I would have to be a real friend, companion of all hours, who doesn’t envy you, who doesn’t speak ill of you from behind, who cries and suffers with you whenever necessary, who longs for your happiness, who rejoices with your personal and financial growth, who fights with you for your daily achievements, worries about your health, asks if you have been eating well, who asks you to chat less, smoke less, drink less,… um friend who really cared about me, who liked me as I am, a friend who was at my side not out of personal favor or out of interest in the things I have, but a friend who listens to me, who advises me and who ventes his pains with me too … if I had a lot of money, how much should I pay for a friend like that? How much is a friendship like this worth? How much does it cost to have a brother friend by your side?

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I stopped, thought, reflected and came to the conclusion that no money in this world can buy a good character, purity and human dignity, much less the joy of being able to have a special friend like you by my side. I don’t need a lot of money. I need people like you by my side. So I recognize that I can be happier. I am very grateful to God for the fact that he placed someone so special on my side, a friend for all hours, a true angel to help me on my daily walk. For this reason, I want to repay all the affection and attention given to me until the present moment and renew my vows of fidelity to our eternal friendship. That on this very special day, Friend’s Day, you can rejoice with me, because we have the gift of being able to know what it is like to experience a sincere friendship even in this chaotic world. Count on me always saw. Best wishes today and always to all good friends.

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  1. Do you know who I am?

I am that person who does not always consider his decisions and attitudes certain,
That person who, unlike many, rejoices with his success,
That person who knows very well when you are lying or omitting something,
That person who knows how to extend the hand for you in a moment of suffocation,
That person who always has news runs to tell you as soon as possible,
That person who has already laughed a lot with you,
But who has also shared several tears,
That person who believes that every party it can be even better if you are present,
that person who gets infected with your emotions,
The one who cheers for you in all areas of your life: in health, in business, in family and in love,
That person who has no space in his heart to keep you angry, even though you know that sometimes you are so upset …, but who is not boring sometimes, right?
I am that person who decided to stop everything I had to do and decided to send you this message, dedicating it to you that is so important to me, Do you
know now who I am?
You know??
I’m your FRIEND of all hours, a real friend!
Vibrate with me for the existence of our friendship.
I love being your friend! I love having you as my friend!
Congratulations on Friend’s Day!

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