Freedom is the nurse of all great talents: she, like a whim from above, cleansed and enlightened our souls; she removed the shackles from our mind, expanded it and lifted it high above itself. Therefore, give me freedom to know, freedom to express my thoughts, and most importantly – freedom to judge by my conscience.
John Milton

Sometimes a person’s life develops in such a way that it can be very difficult, painful and lonely, and in search of consolation he randomly searches for some idea that can be distracted in order to forget about his sufferings. In such cases, society has something to offer us, for example, the same religion or different ideologies, including political ones, to which you can devote your life. But not all and not always these areas help. A person may need something that will help him simply cleanse himself of everything connected with other people who cause him suffering. The idea of ​​freedom is just such an idea that can save a person from everything that burdens his soul and clogs his mind. Devoting himself to her, he will not lose anything and will not limit himself to anything, rather, on the contrary, he will discover many new opportunities and will be able to find his own meaning in life. In this article we will talk about the beneficial properties of freedom, its healing power and the greatness of this idea, which can save a person in difficult times. In the end, I will present you my new book on this topic.

What is freedom

Freedom can have many definitions. I will not give you any of them, because I do not see any point in this. In my deep conviction, freedom is a purely subjective experience of a person that arises and lives in his own head. This is everyone’s personal feeling. Yes, it can be explained, but why? In our case, freedom should not be explained, but felt. After all, the main thing is not what freedom is, but whether we feel free people or not. When freedom exists in ours in the head and soul, we feel good, very good, we are all satisfied. And when not, we suffer, it hurts and is bad. In my book, of course, I give her a definition, I explain what freedom can be and how to correctly understand it. But here I will not do this, letting you decide for yourself what it means to be free just for you. See for yourself how you feel it and how you understand it. The main thing is that this feeling gives you joy. Freedom should calm the soul and instill confidence, so look for the freedom that is useful to you. Be guided in this matter by your feelings, and not by other people’s reasoning.

I can only say that permissiveness and any form of anarchy, when a person does everything he wants and does not limit himself in anything, in any of his crazy desires – this is definitely not true freedom. These are its perverted forms, which lead to a deterioration in people’s lives, and not to the purification of the soul and mind. Therefore, I ask you, thinking about freedom, about what it can be, do not think about the absence of all possible restrictions for all your desires – this is a false path that will not lead you to anything good. True freedom, no matter how many of us feel it, is not a desire to do whatever we want. Because often we want a lot of things that affect the interests of other people. And when you encroach on someone’s freedom, for the sake of your false freedom, you betray this idea, making it evil and destructive. Therefore,

The benefits of freedom

The use of true freedom, only true, and not false, lies in the fact that a person feels thanks to it easily, independently, confidently, he has a meaning in life, his mind is freed from all kinds of artificial restrictions and prohibitions that prevent you from enjoying life. Ease, simplicity, opportunity to develop, calmness and confidence – all this gives a person freedom. Thanks to this feeling, he comes to understand the limitlessness of his possibilities. Only for this it is important not only to feel freedom, but to perceive it as an idea, having formulated for itself a full-fledged concept of freedom, in order to know how to live, what to do, what to strive for, being free. Here in my book I propose such an idea, showing the reader what a free life can be so that you can enjoy it. A person can supplement this idea, change it, this is permissible. Here we have neither religion nor political ideology in order to adhere to any strict ideological framework. The idea of ​​freedom is so beautiful that it can be flexible and everyone can modify it taking into account their desires. That’s why it is freedom, so that we are free in our understanding of it.

True, some framework of acceptable, as you understand, should still be. But in our case, they are all quite reasonable and fit into the boundaries of common sense. Let’s look at a few important basics of the idea of ​​freedom.

Freedom of thought

One of the foundations of this idea is freedom of thought. I believe that freedom begins with this. When a person is free in his thoughts, when he has power over them, he can already consider himself free. Because the most important thing in the life of a free person is to be free in your head, then the rest will be more freedom. And to be free in the head means to control the thoughts in it, to think that way and think about what it is pleasant, interesting and profitable to think about.

Many other ideologies usually put a person in a certain framework, telling him what is possible and what is not, what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad. They control his thoughts, forcing him to look at the world only from a certain angle. They offer a person such conventions without which these ideas cannot exist. The same religion simply cannot exist without such concepts as good and evil, or without the concept of sin, it is not flexible in this sense, it has strict restrictions and strict prohibitions that generalize many situations. But life is much more complicated, so many different situations can arise in it that it is impossible to bring them under any strict rules and prohibitions. Sometimes you need to make exceptions, improvise to adapt to the situation. Religion cannot give this person, such flexibility. But freedom, not that it unties the man’s hands and allows him everything, it just encourages him to think about all the conventions that exist in his head and helps him to look at different situations differently so that he can make the most appropriate decisions in each of them guided by common sense, logic, conscience. For this, a person must think freely, not depending on any dogmas, patterns, stereotypes, habits, traditions, and other things that limit his thinking. This is where true freedom begins. conscience. For this, a person must think freely, not depending on any dogmas, patterns, stereotypes, habits, traditions, and other things that limit his thinking. This is where true freedom begins. conscience. For this, a person must think freely, not depending on any dogmas, patterns, stereotypes, habits, traditions, and other things that limit his thinking. This is where true freedom begins.

The flexibility of a free person helps him to be quite effective in his affairs. He tries to look at each situation as if it is completely new to him and is in no hurry to draw conclusions until he understands it properly. He knows that no truths are absolute, that there is always room for a non-standard solution, whatever it may be. Therefore, such a person often makes more competent and reasonable decisions that bring him maximum benefit. This makes him happy, or rather, including this. After all, when we get all or a lot of what we have in mind, we feel very good, we are satisfied with ourselves and our lives.


Another important foundation of freedom is a sense of independence. The less we depend on something or someone, the better we feel. We can say that freedom is, in a sense, the absence of unfreedom, in particular, the absence of dependence. It is especially important to be independent of other people, because in some cases such a relationship, if any, is simply unbearable. People can allow themselves a lot of excess in relation to us if they see that we are dependent on them. That is why such an understanding of freedom as independence from other people is popular. People have longed for such freedom throughout their history; they fought for it, fought, died, sacrificed themselves in order to be independent. When you are independent of people – this is a wonderful feeling, it facilitates our perception of life. We feel strong and confident

Of course, it is impossible to live in society and be completely free from it, and therefore from people, because we are all dependent on each other to one degree or another, because we are social beings. But we must understand that it is one thing when we are dependent on other people to the same extent as they are on us, and quite another when we are completely dependent on someone and therefore forced to obey and obey this person in everything. People, you know, often become Satan when they gain power over others, because of their dependence on themselves and use this power for bad purposes, forcing people dependent on themselves to suffer. I will not say that it always happens, but it happens. Power is intoxicating and people can start to mock a person dependent on them. Anyone who has experienced someone’s evil power understands how terrible it is when they treat you as if you were a thing, and not a person, when your desires, interests, opinions are completely ignored and are not completely considered with you. It is from this horror that people dream of freeing themselves. Just do not always know how to do it. And it all starts in the head, with the right thoughts about freedom. I write about those in my book.


Happiness is an ambiguous state that is difficult to generalize. Different people feel it differently, just like freedom or love. But for me it is obvious that happiness without freedom is impossible. If a person wants to be absolutely happy, he must feel free. The value of freedom is well known to those people who have known various forms of unfreedom, who were limited by someone and in some way dependent on someone or something, who could not do much. And having gained, even a little freedom, they get a welcome breath of air that fills them with strength and gives them self-confidence. This feeling that you can do a lot, that almost all your desires you can realize, makes us happy. Freedom is undoubtedly the path to happiness. I would even say that this is the true path to happiness, because no matter what a person sees his happiness without freedom in his soul, he will not come to this state. After all, freedom gives a feeling of complete satisfaction from life. And physical lack of freedom is not even so terrible, you can still come to terms with it, you can accept it, learn how to live with it, and most importantly, have freedom within yourself by controlling your thoughts, and therefore your feelings. When you think the way you want, when you consider yourself happy, no matter what, no one can take this happiness from you.

Misery and pain

The main goal of my book is to save people from suffering and pain with the idea of ​​freedom and help them find meaning in life so that it is interesting and joyful. And here I am telling you that the feeling of true freedom relieves of pain and suffering, at least from mental suffering.

There are so many unhappy people in this world who are first made unhappy by their own thoughts, from which they cannot free themselves, replacing them with other, more comfortable thoughts for their souls. These negative, overwhelming thoughts are often associated with some situations in the outside world, with different people who do not treat us very well. Man himself does not form such thoughts, they are his reaction to external stimuli. He is dependent on them. Because of this, he does not control his inner world, but someone else or something else. You see, the lack of control over our thoughts makes us not free, and therefore unhappy. Something hurts each of us, everyone feels some dissatisfaction, we all have our own problems. We are suffering because of this. But we suffer in our head, it is in it that our opinion about our life is formed, about the events taking place in it, about ourselves. Life, it leads us all through the trials necessary for us, this is natural and inevitable. We must live like this and will live like this when something will constantly not suit us. Everything perfect will never be with us. But here is how we will relate to such an imperfect, imperfect, problematic life – this is our choice. It is in our power to interpret any signal from the outside world in the way we want, at our convenience. We want, we will suffer, we will not want, we will relate differently to what is happening. how we will relate to such an imperfect, imperfect, problem life is our choice. It is in our power to interpret any signal from the outside world in the way we want, at our convenience. We want, we will suffer, we will not want, we will relate differently to what is happening. how we will relate to such an imperfect, imperfect, problem life is our choice. It is in our power to interpret any signal from the outside world in the way we want, at our convenience. We want, we will suffer, we will not want, we will relate differently to what is happening.

Свободный человек обретает такую власть над своими мыслями, благодаря грамотно сформулированной идее свободы, которую он исповедует. А вот человек несвободный находится под властью обстоятельств и других людей, поэтому они решают, будет ему хорошо или плохо. Первый, тот, что свободный, будет счастливым всегда, второму, несвободному, постоянно чего-то будет не хватать для полного счастья и все время кто-то или что-то будет определять его настроение. Вот так счастье и несчастье связаны со свободной. И не только так на самом деле. Свободный человек еще и выбор того, как ему действовать имеет, он более гибок, по сравнению с несвободным человеком, который постоянно видит тупики в различных ситуациях и не имеет опыта самостоятельного нахождения выхода из них.

The right ideas can help us build our lives. That is why, understanding such a relationship between the external and internal worlds, people seek and often find salvation in the idea of ​​freedom, which breaks this connection. With its help, they get rid of those and from what hurts them. They simply stop letting negativity into their inner world, consciously deciding to ignore it or respond to it as their capabilities allow. It is from pain, primarily mental, that people most often seek salvation. And find him in freedom. With its help, they manage to close the entrance to their inner world, but not the way out of it. Thus, people not only find salvation from pain, they exclude the very possibility of its occurrence. After all, a person has a choice of how to relate to certain things happening in his life, to suffer because of them or to accept them normally, calmly, with understanding, with peace of mind. This choice is very important and very valuable, but to make it, you need to become a free person.

Agree, we ourselves do not need to torment ourselves, we just often allow other people and various events to torment us, reacting too painfully to everything that comes to us from the outside world. And when we free our minds from such an automatic unconscious reaction to external stimuli, when with the help of volitional efforts we make a choice how to relate to something or someone, whether to take into account any external stimuli, then no one can to hurt us and make us suffer without our consent. Unless only some unmet needs can encourage us to look for something in the outside world, causing us a sense of discomfort, but for this we will have a way out into it, in the form of our initiatives. We don’t completely lose our temper when we break the connection between the external and internal world,

Life experience

Sometimes, in order to understand and accept an idea, it is necessary to carefully study your life experience in order to find confirmation or refutation of the various foundations of this idea in it. There is nothing better than one’s own experience, which, albeit very limited, is true and accurate in explaining things. Surely you experienced a state where it was hard, painful, you suffered for a long time and desperately tried to find salvation in something, in order to at least slightly ease the pain, to find at least some kind of reassurance for the soul. In such cases, a person randomly goes through various ideas, solutions, concepts, directions, until he finds something that helps him calm down and heal his soul. Please note that it helped you in such cases. And whether this mental medicine was connected with freedom, in any of its interpretations.

I now consider that the idea of ​​freedom, in its correct interpretation, is one of the best ideas for salvation from pain and suffering. And even the best. She is a great medicine for the soul. It heals a person only by distracting him from all his sufferings, allowing him to find something new for himself, something interesting, some way out of any situation. It gives a person hope for the best. The main thing is to give free rein to the imagination so that it draws a beautiful picture in the head and believing in it, a person begins to paint it already in his life. In my practice, there have been many cases where in this way I was able to heal people from various mental suffering. Yes, and I helped myself with all kinds of non-standard solutions, which for some time I did not associate with the idea of ​​freedom, but they turned out to be closer to it. Sometimes we, finding ourselves solace in something, we don’t even realize that this is anything but a manifestation of freedom, above all the freedom of our mind, which can heal our soul with useful thoughts. That is why it is so important to correctly understand this idea in order to see your salvation in it, and to see freedom in your salvation.

Thanks to this magnificent idea, a person restructures his thinking in accordance with his desire to be happy, and thanks to this new thinking, he begins to see joy in everything he desires. This is complete control over your condition. Everything that caused suffering in a person is reviewed by him and changed as necessary. So I ask you to pay attention to your experience, see if there have been situations in your life when you got rid of pain and suffering with the help of your thoughts, when you forced yourself to look at some things in such a way as not to suffer because of them? Your experience will tell you how close the idea of ​​freedom is to you, whether it finds a response in your soul and whether you should delve into it.

The book “The path of a free man”

Now, dear readers, let me introduce you my book. I wrote it at the request of some of my readers and clients, whom I helped to cope with various mental problems. This book is for the salvation of human souls, so we called it. It helps to get rid of pain and suffering and find happiness. In it, I write about my understanding of the idea of ​​freedom and its healing power.

In working with people, I know how this idea can help in difficult times, when nothing else helps and a person cannot find peace and come to a state of peace. The main thing is to formulate it correctly and to present it correctly, so that it can be seen what its benefits are. I believe that since this idea helped me in my work with people, it means that the book should help people find their own way of salvation, their own path to happiness and harmony. Therefore, the book is called The Way of the Free Man. Having embarked on this path, thanks to the adoption of the idea described in the book, a person will come to his happiness, absolute and complete.

In the book, I emphasized the correct formulation of the idea of ​​freedom, so that the reader, on the one hand, clearly distinguishes freedom from non-freedom, as well as true freedom from false freedom, but at the same time I reserve the right to my own understanding of this feeling, as I suggested you do in this article. In addition, I make useful suggestions at the beginning and at the end of the book, which will help to accept this idea at the subconscious level. In my work with people, suggestions often helped me, so I decided to include them in the book. So, both through the conscious and unconscious spheres, a person will be able to assimilate this idea and use it to improve his state of mind and his life. She, friends, will give meaning to your life, make you self-confident, lead you to a bright and pure love that arises only in a free soul. For this, this idea was created, For this, a book was written to make you feel better after it. It is small, so you can always find the time for it, and it is easy to read. Therefore, I am sure you will get a lot of pleasure from reading it.

You can buy a book here on my site using the payment buttons below or on book sites such as LitRes,, MyBook, Amazon, Google Play, Ridero and others. It is also published on them. True, there it will cost a little more, but on some of them, in particular on LitRes and Ridero, you can order its printed version if you wish. So, where it is convenient for you, get it there, in any form.

How to get a book

Friends, to purchase the book “The Way of the Free Man”, use the payment buttons below. The cost of the book is 250 rubles. You can pay using a bank card, Yandex.Money wallet or mobile phone. A payment method through the PayPal payment system is also available; it works in all countries.

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