Fourme d’Ambert cheese

Fourme d’Ambert . French cheese from the Auvergne region (and also from the Loire department , originally created in the surroundings of Ambert ( Puy-de-Dôme ) with the AOC name since May 9 , 1972 , sharing AOC with the Fourme de Montbrison . “Fourme d’Ambert or Fourme de Montbrison” was recognized as a DOP at European level by Commission Regulation No. 1263/96 of July 1. On February 22 , 2002 two new AOC decrees separated the two products into two different AOCs, so that the Fourme d’Ambert benefits from its own AOC.


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It is a cheese of cow milk of pulp streaky green , raw and unpressed, with a crust (scab) dry, musty, of a diameter of 13 cm. and a height of 19 cm. weighing approximately 2.2 kg. Its name fourme comes from the Latin form that would also be the origin of the word fromage . The people of Auvergne during the commemoration of the Siege of Gergovia and the celebration of the time of the Druids delight in this unusual cheese.


Its optimal tasting period is from May to October, after refining for 5 to 8 weeks, but it is equally excellent from April to December. It is a cheese that enriches both red and white meats , as well as fish.


The milk is heated until it reaches 32 ° C and the coagulant is added to curdle it and the penicillium roqueforti that favors the formation of blue . Next, we proceed to the chopping operations (which help the homogeneous development of the penicillium ) and the refining in a cave that maintains a temperature of about 8 to 12 ° C, for at least 28 days.

Production: 6,250 tons in 2003

Most of this cheese is produced in industrial plants. In 2005, only one producer farmer obtained the AOC designation. The gaps in terms of the rules to follow have allowed the dozen farmers producing cheese (about 70 tons) to have benefited from the AOC name.

Production area

Despite its name, the Fourme d’Ambert can be manufactured in a very vast area (differentiating it from its brother the Fourme de Montbrison ):

  • 43 cantons of the Puy-de-Dôme department(8 cantons belonging to the Ambert district)
  • 3 western cantons, department of the Loire(production area of ​​the Fourme de Montbrison)
  • 5 cantons of the northwest of the department of Cantal

AOC History

This cheese is, without a doubt, one of the oldest in France . It was traditionally made in the summer areas of the Hautes Chaumes in the Forez Mountains under the name of Fourme by Pierre sur Haute . With this name, the cheese obtained different badges since 1940.

The 9 of maypole of 1972 : the name of common origin for cheese Fourme d’Ambert and Fourme of Montbrison, the name was created Fourme d’Ambert and Montbrison , which lasted nearly thirty years. The two denominations were separated by decree on February 22 , 2002

The differences between both cheeses reside in the current techniques of extraction of the whey and salting:

  • the Fourme d’Ambert has very little serum extracted and salted by putting it in brine or covering it with salt
  • Fourme de Montbrison is pre-drained, pressed and salted from the curd mass.


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