Fordyce spots are harmless, but you need to be careful

Fordyce spots are small yellowish-white spots that are usually found on the edges of the lips or the inside of the cheeks. These spots often cause concern, because they can also appear on the penis or vaginal lips. Come on , find out more about Fordyce spots!

Fordyce spots are normal, harmless, painless, non-infectious, and will go away on their own. Based on research, about 8 out of 10 adults have even experienced or still have Fordyce spots on their body.

Where Do Fordyce Spots Come From?

Fordyce spots are enlarged oil (sebaceous) glands. However, sebaceous glands are usually located around hairy skin, whereas Fordyce spots grow on areas of hairless skin. Usually these spots are about 1–3 millimeters in size or can be larger.

Fordyce spots actually existed long before the existence of these spots was realized, that is, from birth. Usually, Fordyce spots increase in size during adolescence or puberty , making them easier to spot. These spots can appear spread apart on the skin, in groups in an area of ​​the skin, or they can appear one by one.

This condition is more at risk for people with oily skin . If you find Fordyce spots anywhere on your body, don’t try to pick or apply pressure to them. Doing so can cause sores and cause infection.

Fordyce Spots the Sectarian Organ Intim

In women, Fordyce spots can appear around the pubic lips and vagina . Fordyce spots can also appear around the male sex organs, for example in the scrotum and shaft of the penis . Fordyce spots generally do not require special treatment because they will go away on their own over time.

However, if you want to get rid of the white spots on your lips that appear to improve your appearance and increase your self-confidence, there are several medical procedures that can be done, including:

Treatment with lasers

Your doctor may remove Fordyce spots on your skin using a laser beam. However, in some people, this procedure can leave marks on the skin.

Micro-punch surgery

To get rid of Fordyce spots quickly and effectively, doctors can perform micro-punch surgery . This surgery is performed using a medical device that resembles a pen. This serves to smooth the skin again and remove unwanted tissue.

Topical treatment

Several types of topical or topical drugs used to get rid of Fordyce spots include vitamin A derivative drugs, such as topical tretinoin and oral isotretinoin . However, their use must be according to doctor’s recommendations, because these drugs can cause side effects in the form of hot and inflamed skin.

You don’t need to worry if you have Fordyce spots on your body, because actually these spots are not a disease. However, if it makes you feel uncomfortable and confident, you can consult a doctor about the right treatment to get rid of it.


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