Food and Healthy Habits in Children

Undoubtedly, feeding in children is the basis of their growth and well-being. Healthy eating is the best complement for a healthy life and normal growth.

The occupations of the parents, the accelerated life and the current behaviors have left aside that healthy ritual that is the family feeding; but also healthy eating, without worries, without being “fast” food, with few nutrients.

Today’s children do not consume soups, vegetables, fruits , they do not know the benefits of olive oil; let alone “pull” dairy, yogurt, kumis (homemade), fish, eggs; Today all this is replaced by talents, canned, hamburgers, sodas; Everything is fast.

Varied and Balanced Child Feeding

A varied diet ensures that the child gets the nutrients he needs. Therefore, although he has his favorite dishes, it is important to encourage him (without forcing him) to try new things. The taste of the little ones is changing and little by little they will accept the vegetable or the fish that at first they didn’t want to see.

The balance is reflected in the daily proportion of carbohydrates (Bread, biscuit, arepa, rice, potatoes, cassava, plantain, pasta among others), proteins (beef, fish, chicken, eggs, sausages and meat products, legumes in this There are also dairy products) and fats (oils, butter, nuts, avocado, sauces made with vegetable oils). Today’s diet tends to become unbalanced: either we eat a lot of protein or we exaggerate with carbohydrates.

The food pyramid offers adequate quantities and proportions, so it is important to consider the following guidelines:

7 Healthy Habits for Early Childhood and Child Feeding

But not only is it enough to ensure a good and healthy diet, we share other healthy habits that they should have:

  1. Establish fixed schedules for each meal. You have to get used to the body at some times and not snack between meals to avoid imbalance between meals, as well as avoid eating the so-called “fast” food.
  2. Plan meals in advance. Thus they tend to be more balanced and complete. We can set a time of the week to design the menu, and another to buy what we need.
  3. Share at least one family meal. It is an opportunity to become a model of habits for our children.
  4. Drinking water. 70% of our body is water, essential to eliminate toxins and hydrate all organs. Betting on water as a family drink is a health option. Natural fruit juices are a good alternative, but they should not be abused, as they contain too many sugars.
  5. Good customs in eating. It is the guarantee that he takes what he needs and learns to eat guided by hunger and not because he “touches” or anxiety. To favor the connection with your bodily sensations, it is important to keep in mind that you do not have to force it to finish the dish, if it says it is full, you have to believe it.
    Offering you a quiet space where eating allows you to get in touch with the feeling of satiety. Once it occurs in the stomach, it takes about 20 minutes to reach the brain. That is why it is not good for us to insist on eating, nor eat quickly because, unconsciously, we will be inviting you to consume more than you really need. Meals should have a leisurely pace, but not be eternal.
  6. Less Television The time they spend watching television is being taken away from other necessary and much healthier activities. Children spend three to five hours a day in front of the television, when it is recommended one to two hours.
  7. Physical activity. The game and sport are essential allies for the proper functioning of the body. One hour of moderate physical activity per day significantly improves the body mass index (weight and height ratio) of children, increases their school performance and even their mood.


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