Know When to Eat Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements are a life alternative!

A supplement is that product that helps improve nutrition , adding various nutrients to the diet.

Nutrients are substances that the human body requires to carry out different functions and that can only be acquired through food or nutritional supplements.

Supplements and food supplements were created to improve the diet of those who consume them, however, there is a great doubt, if we have a varied, adequate, complete, sufficient, balanced and safe diet, that is, if we eat a healthy diet every days, is it worth including dietary supplements in our diet?   The answer is definitely no.

However, sometimes the consumption of these supplements is almost inevitable, due to excessive tiredness, lack of performance or simply to maintain good health. But the indiscriminate use of these, far from improving it, makes them a harmful product, so you have to be aware of what we are going to take and how we are going to take it.

There are several stages in our life, however one of the most important is adulthood. During the aging process there are some drawbacks, including   problems with chewing and swallowing, decreased perception of flavors and odors, lack of mobility, depression, loneliness, boredom and loss of economic capacity , which results in difficulties for Make the purchase and preparation of food.

When is it necessary to use nutritional supplements?

These products provide a balanced and sufficient diet for each particular case. They are mainly recommended for:

  1. Chronic diseases or nutritional deficiencies suchas HIV, diabetes, bulimia, anorexia, malaria, among others. People undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.
  2. Athletesor people who perform activities in their daily lives that require a higher level of energy and nutrients. (People with high stress level are included)
  3. Older adultswho do not retain the same amount of nutrients in food consumption. In the case of women, calcium is usually deficient from menopause, so it is advisable to use supplements.
  4. Women in a state of pregnancyincrease their protein, mineral, energy and vitamin needs for the proper development of the fetus and that the mother does not decompose. During breastfeeding are also recommended.
  5. Adults, adolescents and childrenwho have a nutritional contribution of less than 75% required by the body.


To consume nutritional supplements, study the product beforehand, read its label carefully and consult a specialist . The use of supplements in different population groups is recommended. And last but not least, be strict with the doses so as not to exceed the recommended daily amounts.


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