Fisheries in Al-Quran and related contexts

In the last issue we mentioned that creation adheres to the Creator’s control. That is why the water of the Nilean crosses the path of Moses and his companions to cross the river, and drowns Pharaoh and his companions in the middle of the river, as instructed by his invention. This event is organized in the lifetime of the Prophet Moses. It is said to be mythical. We refer to the tsunami as an event of the present age. Soon after our article was published, strong earthquakes were felt in northeast Japan. The magnitude of the reactor was 5. 3 and it lasted for about 5 minutes. The earthquake caused massive damage to the property and destruction of the building, as well as the tsunami that caused the ship to be kept in a 5-foot-high seaport and almost all types of structures were washed away and washed away together.

 The Fukushima nuclear power plant was reportedly damaged by multiple nuclear reactors, causing nuclear explosions and spreading radioactivity, leading to a serious humanitarian disaster. The reason for rewriting this issue is to re-write the subject as the creator of the entire creation, with its sole dominance over creation being the ever-present. Thinkers can easily guess from the small and disastrous events that have happened to the power of God. In this creation of God, man was created with the highest dignity. As a result, people use the intelligence given to him through many new discoveries People have tried to make life easier and easier. 

On the authority of the Qur’an, Allah Ta’ala says, “Walaqbad karramana bani adma wa hamalna hum fil bairi wal bahari warayakabna hum minat tawiyyat lamp wafddwalanhum ala quareem mimna khalabana talabnah talabnah-talabdnah-talabdn-talabdnah-talabdn-talabdn-talabdn-talabdn-talabdn-talabdn-talabdn.

That is, “We have certainly given Bani Adam the privilege of excellence.” We have given them vehicles of land and water. And We bestowed on them various kinds of good living, and We gave them excellence over many of these creatures. Therefore, it is understood that the superiority of human beings in some matters of the world is exclusively by Allah’s grace. Forgetting Almighty Allah Ta’ala on receiving this favor is very foolish and foolish. Because man’s knowledge of the creation and organization of the universe is so limited and narrow that it has no comparison with the knowledge of God, which is why Allah Almighty Ershad says, “Wama uttayatum minal ilme ilha qawila” (ie from my immense repository of knowledge) you should have been given the alarm. Therefore, it is not wise for a wise and knowledgeable person to collect a drop of water from the ocean of knowledge and despise the sea. Observing such behavior, the poet may have written, “Shivaal dighir, I lift the head,” and wrote a photo.

One can see that the great God has given countless blessings to people. And he has instructed the people to thank him for this blessing, then he will increase the blessing. Allaah says, “Line Shakaratum La Azidanakum.” Thank you for my blessing, Then I will increase my favor. The method of receiving gratitude is the first of two levels, verbal thankfulness, which means recognizing the blessings of God verbally and being thankful to God accordingly. And the real gratitude is to use the grace given to God in the exact way in which it is given for use. Fishing is a great favor and special blessing from Allah. Fishery resources are generally extracted from two sources. Salt water is from the sea (waterfall) and from the river or salt water (Jhabibah dhikabhata). In this regard Allah mentions Hakim in the Qur’an. “Walla Yasatabil Bahrani Haja A’zabun Fortune Saigun Sharabhu Wala Milhoon Uzbek; Wamin Cullin Ta’kuluna Lahman Tabriyaon wa Tastakrijuna Hilayatan Talbasunaha Wataral Phulka Fehi Mawakhira Litab Tagu Min Fadbalihi Walla Wallakum Tashkurun (Fatir-12) means no water and no sea. A sweet water thirsty drinker’s drink is delicious. And the other section is intense and salty. But from both these streams you get fresh fresh flesh, and collect the jewel of pearl ornaments that you wear, and in this water you see boats piercing his chest so that you may seek his grace and that you may become a collector of pigs. .

And the two waters of the sea are not equal. A sweet water thirsty drinker’s drink is delicious. And the other section is intense and salty. But from both of these genres you get fresh fresh meat, and collect the money pearl ornaments that you wear.

Ahkamul Hakimin the Great Rabul Alamin has clearly stated that both salt water and fresh water sources have fisheries resources for people. People can extract it from these sources. According to the directive of the Koran in the Quran, people are collecting salt and fresh water fish on one side. On the other hand, rapid breeding and other excellence is brought about by the innovation of new varieties following the hybridization process of freshwater fish. The benefits of artificial insemination have its downside. According to scientists engaged in fisheries research, poor quality hatchery production may be disrupted if proper measures are not taken for this method. For this purpose, the breeds of well-fed and well-aged breeds should be used for the production of pine. In the case of brood fish selection, inter-breeding ie females of the same or close breed are not considered male fish. As a result, problems arise in the reproductive tract. As a result, the fish breed Increased variability, increasing productivity decreases reproductive failure, disability and disease trends. Fisheries scientists are considering these things and moving forward by conducting their respective research activities. And that is why the diversity of fish is noticed at present. People have studied fisheries following this announcement for the thoughtful and knowledgeable (researchers). It is possible that today new technology of fisheries cultivation is possible. Almighty Allah, the Most Merciful, has extended His grace to mankind. Whether rich or poor, educated or illiterate, Everyone, regardless of small and large, is enjoying the benefits of his grace and benefiting. Likewise, if the people obeyed the guidance given by the Prophet in his guidance in the conduct of human life, it can be said with certainty that it will bring total welfare to the lives of the people. May Allah Almighty give us the taufiq to create a beautiful society and a beautiful earth by living life by following His guidance. Amin.

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