Where did the favorite flower come from?

There was a time when the flower abode was in the forest, in the mountains, on the mountains, or on the uninhabited wasteland. Without humans, they would naturally grow. The one who could survive in the competition would produce children. In this way, the work of protecting and spreading their lineage continued. How many flowers are still there in the forests, on the two sides of the village’s main road, on the banks of the canal-bill-river, or in the mountains on the mountains. When people started to sow in the natural environment, they started the selection process for how to sow. As many as 5 people used to hobble some flower trees in the corner of his house in an empty space. Day by day, the wild flowers have become the cultivator of the flowers. The man then made a place for flowers in his beautiful garden.

Like a crop, flowers also have their own birth place. Different types of flowers have originated in different parts of the world. People from different parts of the world have picked up the flowering plants found in their geographical environment, whose favorite flower is the tree. Although some flowers originate from multiple locations on the ground, most of the flowers originate in a particular location. Gradually, it spread through people of beauty, from one place to another, from one country to another, sometimes crossing the continent from one continent to another. Some have adapted very well to new places. When one sees something growing, who would say that it has not been born in that environment for thousands of years?

The number of flowers we see in our country is the birth place of the lion but not in India. How many flowers do we consider to be our own flowers since they have become very own after seeing them. When you find the source of these flowers, how can I know when they are not their own flowers? Some exotic flowers have become our favorite flowers, as well established in this country. Even in our imagination, these foreign flowers are not mere lashes. Bloody boy saw in the courtyard of almost every house. In the Hindu house, it was an indispensable flower tree. Their use in worship worship has given them the status of a native flower. She is a Chinese species spread throughout the bloodstream of Bangladesh. I started the process of getting to know our flowers without having to break them into student life. There are hundreds of gardens in the village. How does this mind of ours, with the aromatic white-white medium flowers, make us think? China is the origin of the myrrh root that is derived from odor In the country Even at a young age, when weaving a large body of flowers on the bank of a river with flowers of bakul tree, it seems that this is not our own flower tree. The flowers come from western India, Sri Lanka, Andaman or neighboring Myanmar.

In our country there is a flower in the village Ganja, which is found everywhere. This flower is being cultivated more commercially. In fact, the flower is most commonly used in decoration. Inexpensive in price, abundant in the trees, beautiful to see in this beautiful flower of Mexico that South American Mexico did not even think about in that time. Nor do we know when they came to our country from the West Indies to turn their way around the West Indies. One of our very favorite flowers is hahahaha. On a rainy evening in the summer, the white-scented aroma that sprouted on the top of the stalk is the abode of this flower that we find in the West Indies.

How much passion do we have about the fairs that the fagun came up and set the fire fair on the floor of the paper mochi krishnachaura. Except for how the Falgun gets stuck. The abode of Krishnachaura is in Madagascar. The poet, fascinated by Malati Lata, wrote it together after word and composed all the wonderful music. Malaysia is the main home of that country. Or in the autumn, when the invisible of the night falls in the night, the flower that falls in the night is one of them. The origin of this flower is our original home in central India.

Another favorite flower of ours is Chandramalika. Made in white, yellow, red, pink, orange and purple, the birthplace of this wonderful flower is actually the West Indies. Gardens are luxurious with a sloping green and a woody tree that is painted on the walls of a building. Purple, pink, red, orange, jute, yellow, What kind of white color divides our mind with color discrimination? Its original home is in South American Brazil. Except for whom the gift of our gifted flowers is incomparably inevitable, even the resinous scent that knew a foreigner. Even our vase has flowers and cuticles that are aromatic. This flower, which is very popular as a cut flower, has its origins in Mexico. When did they come to our country and how they became ours by mixing with our water and air. What a wonderful name they have got for their natural and floral lovers. Although foreign, it has taken our minds off that we do not like to call them all flower species as foreigners. Because of that, how many flower species born abroad have come to this country with all the wonderful Bangla names. What a deep compassion they named our floral loving people. Conakkura, Krishnachaura, Panthapada, Manimala, Shirish, Akashmani, Blood Curb, Gandhara, Radha Shikra, Sandhyamani, Gold Chameli, How many flowers have the new Bangla name? Their charming nature has made us forget our minds. Otherwise, how did they get such a beautiful name? Although many flower species have settled in the flower garden in this country, their foreign status has not yet been settled through the acquisition of new Bangla names. Alamanta, Musanda, Gladiolus, Cassia, Nargisus, Ipomia, Jacaranda, Genia, Cosmos, Tulip, Dianthus, Rhododendron, Maniplant, Morning Glory are all mixed with their own names.

Most of our flowers come from different countries of the world. I just came to tell you why, new flowers are coming every day. In ancient times tourists, naturalists, foreign merchants and kings have brought flowers to this country from many countries of the world. With the advent of nursery man, flower farmer and sophisticated flower gardener in this modern time, foreign flowers are turning many ways in our country.

The number of lovely floral tree species in Bangladesh is not small. If you name them, the number will reach around one and a half. Most of the species come from different countries or regions of the world. A number of flowering trees originating on the continent of America have made a good appearance here. They are mainly native to tropical America. Ipil-epil, wood rose, jacaranda, nagalingam, mahogany, meghairish, pendant, glacier, or Udayapadam are all trees in that area. There are also a few trees in Australia and they are quite noticeable to humans. Aerokaria, eucalyptus and sky are just some of the examples. The sky, gemstone, and teak are the species of Myanmar. The cedar plant we know is Sri Lanka. Nor is the main edible flower of Malay, the birthplace of excellent edible flowers.

The birthplace of some trees, rich in lovely flora, is also in our country or in the greater geology. Udal, Kadam, Karanja, Blood Crunch, Kamini, Keya, Average horn, Gamari, Gulal, Gol Sagu, Horse Neem, Chhatim, Jarul, Dooli Champa, Nagakesar, Neem, Palash, Parul, Palan, Boat, Bambati, Babla, Mahua. , Mother, Conchchampa, Locket Flowers, Red Gold, Shimul, Sheffali, Champa, Hadgaja, Hijal are all flowering trees of this region.

Shrubs like shrubs are grown in this country. Among them, species of Indian sub-continent are Anjan, Kund, Dusanandra, Jhati, Dathranga, Dhutura, Nagbali, White Kanchan, to name just a few. Tropical American species include Togar, Linga juba, Lantana, Archeology or Farming, Heliconia. Some Chinese species are also popular in this country. Among them the names to be mentioned are Gandharaja, Jawa, Landpadam and Sahrabeli. Our most favorite hawaihanah and the main residence of Randha Peak is in the West Indies.

Indian species are several among the flora. Aparajita, reverse rice, kangia, virgin lata, jasmine, blue forest, vadra, madhbalata, maltata etc. In the tropical America, there are a number of potent flowers in our country. Ananta Lata, Sonjhuri Lata, Tara Lata, Blue Gem Lata, Rail Lata, Lata Parul are just some examples. Several South American climbers are shaking in this country. Among them are garden luxuries, hourglasses or alma, glittering and morning mornings.

All of our favorite flowers in the season flowers are almost out. They have come to this country from different origins of the earth. This is how Cosmos, Rhinoceros, Genia, Dalia and Lupine come from Mexico. Southern France has responded well to our country during the Carnation Hall era. Moreover, China’s Holly Hawk and South American Petunia are also gaining popularity in this country.

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