Guide: Where to Find a Flower Vase in Fortnite

Why look for flowers?

You need this in order to complete one of the legendary challenges of 11 weeks – “Find a vase of flowers on the Lonely Lake.” Some of the tasks are extremely simple and necessary items to find as easy as shelling pears, but with a bouquet of flowers the players had difficulties.

Where can you find a vase of flowers

As the name of the quest suggests, for the item you need to head to the Lazy Lake area. There are at least three points where a vase can be found.

  1. Move to the house where the character named Zlata is. The building itself can be found in the south of the town. It is there, not far from the pool , that you will find the treasured work of floristry.
  1. Flowers can also be found at the entrance to the store with a car , next to three boulders in the courtyard. The store is also not difficult to find – it is located in the center of the town.
  1. Another vase is waiting for the player next to the gym in the spa building (look for it southeast of the gas station).

Fortunately, just one vase is enough to complete the challenge. To do this, simply interact with the subject.

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