Film credits, what they are, what they are for and how they are made

They are not usually paid too much attention, but all the films include them. How important are the credits of a movie? A lot.

More people, companies and institutions are involved in any audiovisual production than the actors who are in front of the camera. They are, in some cases, teams of hundreds of people who, each in their role and responsibility, work as a perfect cog so that the end result is what is seen on screen. So credits are important.

What are the credits of a movie

Film credits are that large list of names that generally appears at the end of a film and in which the name of all the people, companies, brands or institutions that have had something to do in the production, recording or realization of the film appears. headband.

In a way, it is the ‘signature’ of the team, what professionals say to the public “I have been part of this” . Just as writers or musicians sign their records so that the work is known and include musicians, translators, or illustrators, filmmakers want their work to be recognized and for viewers to be able to name them.

That is the final goal of the film credits: to highlight all those who have worked on the audiovisual product. And although it seems something that is associated with films from the beginning, the truth is that it was not until the 1970s that the option of adding credit titles at the end of the film was standardized and began to be carried out in all productions.

How to do the credits of a movie

Although in today’s cinema there are various formulas and more or less creative options for making credits, the truth is that in most cases there are a series of ‘rules’ or a protocol that is usually followed. All those who wonder how to make a few film credits can find common patterns when watching two or three different films.

Appearance order

It is what is most often fulfilled by all film professionals. The order of appearance of the participants of a film in the credit titles is usually similar in all cases.

In the order of the credits of the film, generally the first to appear is the director of the film, since he is the maximum responsible and creator of the film. Immediately after the production appears. Behind them, the cast is usually included, that is, which actors have appeared in front of the screen and form the cast of the film . This is followed by screenwriters, cameras, cinematography, set design, costumes …

Generally, participants of the highest and lowest importance are included. The ending includes the acknowledgments and the copyright license.


The length of the film credits will depend on how large the team that has participated in the production is. The duration is not as important as the fact that the names can be read more or less well , trying to avoid as much as possible that it gets heavy.

Style and format

As in everything related to the world of cinema, the style and format of the credits is free and available to the director, who can decide on more sober and classic formats or on much more daring and creative options.

Obviously, most movies include the most common credits, which are an ascending list in white letters on a black background. But there are also movies that play with the credits until they almost become one more scene in the movie.

An example of this is the film Around the World in Eighty Days , from 1956, in which the final credits scene is a delight in which the illustrations on the characters stand out, with which the story is narrated again.


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