How to fight the summer heat

During the summer, heat, mugginess and humidity can put a strain on your body, mood and brain .

With the higher temperatures these days, body sweating increases and the consequent loss of fluids and minerals that are precious for the proper functioning of the body .

Alex Revelli Sorini, Gastrosopher and Professor of Communication in food culture at the San Raffaele University of Rome , interviewed by In a Bottle ( ) on the occasion of a focus on the relationship between health and proper hydration, provides some useful tips to deal with at best the high temperatures of this period and more generally the summer heat .

With the high seasonal temperatures, there is an increase in transpiration, sweating and heat dispersion , with the body being led to lose fluids and nutrients more frequently than the rest of the year.

” Our body is mainly made up of water, the first of the nutrients present in our body – Revelli warns – With heat our body, which is a perfect machine, gets to work and becomes ‘a refrigerator’ , because its task is to try to keep its temperature always optimal. This involves a consumption of liquids, and consequently of mineral salts and other elements , with consequent loss of balance by the body. ”

As in the rest of the year, even in summer drinking a lot is the best choice to replenish the liquids lost by the body , with benefits also from a psycho-physical point of view. “ Water is essential, the first nutrient . There are different waters, each with its own characteristics and a different concentration of minerals. Water is also a fundamental nutrient for our ‘second brain’, the intestine, on which not only the functionality of the digestive system depends, but also the balance of our psyche . Scientific studies show that 95% of all the serotonin present in our body, also called the good mood hormone, is produced in the intestine. ”

In addition to a simple glass of water, you can also hydrate yourself thanks to a correct diet .  It is no coincidence that nature, this season, offers us products to replenish the loss of liquids : just think of seasonal fruit such as melon and watermelon or vegetables such as cucumbers . Eating foods rich in water is a strategy to be implemented especially for the elderly, who lose their sense of thirst with age. ”


Excessive fluid loss is a risk that should not be underestimated, especially in summer. ” When we dehydrate, we run into a lack of various essential nutrients, in particular mineral salts such as potassium, magnesium and sodium which perform essential functions for the conduction of nerve impulses, for muscle contraction such as that of the heart and for the functionality of the our cells. In this period it is preferable to opt for low mineral content waters, with a low fixed residue, generally below 50 mg / l. They guarantee a correct acidity of our body,facilitating, among other things, renal function and therefore the disposal of toxins and waste elements of cellular metabolism. ” Waters that contribute to the need for mineral salts and vitamins such as those of the Levissima + range , with the purity of the water added with a specific mineral salt or vitamins that thus distinguish each individual product and allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

In addition to proper hydration and eating the right foods, there are other practical remedies that can alleviate the effects of the summer heat : experts in particular recommend wearing light clothing, leaving the house in the cooler hours, washing with warm water, keeping always fresh home and work environments .



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