Dried fruit and sport

More and more people, in recent decades, are approaching a new healthier and more responsible lifestyle, both from the point of view of physical activity and that of attention to the diet.

If in the past the care of physical form was addressed, in a dominant way, to principles related to aesthetics, and therefore very often sport was almost exclusively linked to the goal of beauty, today mass culture is evolving towards well-being and health, concepts that certainly include the quality of one’s body within them but starting from deeper elements such as the health of our cells and organs based on a healthy diet that allows us to take care of our health before our aesthetics .

Sport and well-being

The two concepts necessarily go hand in hand: you cannot think of a beautiful body without a healthy body, and a healthy and well-groomed body tends to be beautiful. There remains the need to do sport on a regular basis, respecting our physical conditions and our lifestyle. An activity level that is too intense and too violent risks compromising our muscles and our health, just as an activity that is too light and performed excessively occasionally will not bring the desired results.

A correct diet

It is at the table that we can transform the sport carried out into real results: our body needs to be nourished adequately. The word “adequate” is not accidental: we cannot specify which is the right way for each of us, because everyone needs to follow a specific and personalized balanced diet based on our characteristics, our lifestyle, age and our metabolism. This is why it is essential to contact professionals who can suggest the most suitable diet for us.

The properties of dried fruit


One of the few certainties we have, for a person who intends to play sports and follow a well-balanced diet, is that dried fruit cannot be missing in the diet : the presence of vitamins, mineral salts, its richness in proteins and ‘important energy supply make walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios and all other types of dried fruit essential elements for energy recovery and caloric intake.


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