FIFA 21 guide, tricks, tips and secrets

Take to the pitch for another year with our complete guide to FIFA 21! Discover the best tips and tricks and get the best players.

Daniel González ·11:30 10/16/2020


We warmly welcome you to our Official FIFA 21 Guide ! The EA Sports football simulator for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch returns to the fore for another year so that we can enjoy this sport with passion and, above all, lots of fun.

Make yourself comfortable because thanks to our guide you will discover all the most useful tips, aids and tricks to take advantage of your experience with FIFA 21, from which are the best players of this edition, what changes and news are presented, how to improve in the Ultimate Team and get the most valuable envelopes and much more. This is where the game begins!

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  1. All about the Ultimate Team
  2. The best players
  3. The best cheap equipment
  4. News and changes
  5. Dribbling and filigree
  6. Celebrations

All about the Ultimate Team


Talking about FIFA in recent years is also talking about the addictive and hilarious Ultimate Team mode , a monster that does not stop growing and that the community of players loves madly. Naturally, this modality requires a lot of attention and there are many tips that we want to give you so that you can start a new season in style. Envelopes, letters, templates, many new and exciting challenges await you.

  • FIFA Points :the premium currency and what are its prices.
  • FUT Coins : Wereveal all the methods to get coins quickly.
  • Envelopes :we show all types of envelopes, their prices, contents and probabilities.
  • Tradeo :recommendations to fully enter the transfer market.
  • FUT Icons :There are new Icon Cards this year, totaling 100.
  • Squad Battles Rewards :The list of rewards for each group, redeemable every Monday.
  • Division Rivals Rewards –All rewards for each division, redeemable on Thursdays.
  • Rewards FUT Champions :a mode entry and rewards most lucrative.
  • FUT Draft rewards :both online and offline, here you will find all the rewards for winning matches.
  • TOTW :what is Team of the Week and when does a new one come out?
  • Cheap Players –A selection of players with averages above 80 that cost no more than 2,000 coins.
  • Best Formations – Werecommend 5 formidable tactics to win matches.

Best players

Thanks to the direct collaboration of FIFA, EA Sports can create hundreds of squads with thousands of players from all over the world. Among them you always have to look and highlight the best players , whether by position, by special attributes and much more. Both for FUT mode, Career mode or others, we have made some lists in which we bring together the great talents of FIFA 21, they are the following rankings:

  • Best Forwards : Top10 Scorer Superstars.
  • The best midfielders :10 experts in controlling the ball.
  • The best defenders :10 professionals who defend with claws and teeth.
  • The best goalkeepers :10 essential goalkeepers.
  • The Fastest Players :If you need fast people on the field, these are your men.
  • The strongest players :with the highest physical attribute.
  • The best dribblers :masters at the time of performing watermarks.
  • The best passers :where they put the eye they put the ball.
  • The best in free throws :a guarantee in set pieces.
  • Young promises :hidden treasures that promise a lot.
  • Players with greater potential :in a few years they will be new superstars.

The best cheap equipment

Having a good team as soon as you start playing in FUT is really important to take advantage of your rivals and progress properly, although this can be difficult for more than one player. However, nothing could be further from the truth and it is that having good, cheap, tested equipment is within everyone’s reach. Don’t you believe us? Well, pay attention and don’t miss our recommendations of great teams by leagues with an average of 80 and less than 20,000 cost coins .

  • Best cheap teams in the Santander League :the most important in Spain.
  • Best cheap teams in Serie A :the most important in Italy.
  • Best cheap Bundesliga teams :the most important in Germany.
  • Best cheap Premier League teams :the most important in England.
  • Best cheap teams in Ligue 1 :the most important in France.

News and changes

What’s new and what’s new this year in FIFA 21? How has the game improved over last year’s edition? If you want to find out about all the new sections that EA Sports has prepared, here we will tell you in depth all of them and what the differences are for this new installment.

Dribbling and filigree

One more year we can dominate the ball at our mercy thanks to the wide variety of dribbles and filigree that are available. Depending on the filigree stars that our player possesses, he will be able to show off by performing one or the other feints and juggling that will leave any rival dizzy. Take a look at the new dribbles in FIFA 21 and the huge list of possible moves .


As in past installments, FIFA 21 offers us dozens of celebrations so that we can celebrate our goals with our own style. Whether to make fun of the rival, have fun or dedicate it to someone special, each of these celebrations has its combinations of buttons . In this section we compile all the existing ones (including the new ones in this edition) and how each one can be done on PlayStation, Xbox or PC (with controller), and we don’t forget to dedicate a special section to the celebrations at Nintendo Switch .


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