Ultimate Guide Grand Theft Auto V – The BEST tips!

The last major installment in the Rockstar saga. Grand Theft Auto V is more than ever a game for all tastes. It offers you two great experiences clearly separated and defined by each other.

On the one hand you have the part of the story, the offline mode with missions for one player . On the other is the acclaimed GTA Online , a totally independent experience .

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Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cheats for GTA 5:the game has a good amount of cheats and codes, completely legal (there are no penalties for using them), that can make things more fun, but be careful. You can save the game after activating them, but you will not get achievements / trophies while they are running. Cheats are disabled by entering the code a second time.
  • Don’t spend, invest:especially in GTA Online, one of your main goals is to accumulate money . Your money should make more money. Especially at the beginning try not to spend in nonsense: accumulate until you have at least $ 50.0000 to become a VIP and be able to accept special orders. Otherwise, there are tons of ways to make a quick buck (relatively). Find the one that best suits your style, although, as soon as you can, the best option is the bag .
  • Do not cheat online: bewary of those who tell you about easy victories, infinite money without lifting a finger and other things. You may find yourself getting banned sooner than it takes to say “hack.”
  • Stay out of fights in GTA Online –at least initially, run away from fighting. This is very Captain Obvious, but the level of the players influences your options when it comes to making it out of a shootout alive.
  • Stay tuned to mobile:both playing solo and in GTA Online, mobile will be your main contact with what is happening in the world. Events, new objects, offers …

Play GTA V offline

You should start playing in the story mode, the one designed for single player. Controlling Trevor , Franklin and Michael you will live a story of thieves, policemen and betrayals. And of course, a host of side quests. The great advantage of this is that you will get experience when playing , which will be very useful later when you rush to kill other players.

Remember to look for all those adventures that will bring you more money and do not forget to look for the bigfoot, which is out there this time. Kifflom!


GTA Online

When you think you’re ready, head into GTA Online. There is no guide here , the game is constantly expanding, constantly updating, changes every week, new game modes, events, cars, weapons, clothes, properties … the life of your avatar can change completely in one go. day for another. More than ever, pay attention to your mobile to know all the news .

Of course, always keep in mind that it is convenient for you to be part of a regular group . Playing with random people is not as effective as having your frequent team. There are tons of clans and groups to choose from, the vast majority very active. Remember that events are temporary , and sometimes there are items that may not be available as soon as this or that event ends.

Finally, don’t cheat playing online , you risk a perpetual ban and erasure of your character if you join strange suspiciously fast money farming systems .

Easter eggs, curiosities and hobbies

Beyond side quests, there is a very fun way to pass the time and that is to hunt for Easter eggs, references to tons of references to popular culture, challenges like going under bridges, random events that fill the city of Los Santos. .. even aliens! Will you discover the secret of Mount Chilliad?


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