Bowser’s Fury Switch Guide, Cheats, Tips & Secrets


Bowser’s Fury comes to Nintendo Switch as part of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury . In this all-new content, we’ll see how Mario copes with a gigantic , demonic Bowser , who has lost every bit of reason. In our complete guide in Spanish of this game with cooperative functions for up to 2 players we will help you complete 100% of this monstrous adventure.

Feline stamps

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The main objective to advance in the history of Bowser’s Fury is to obtain the feline Suns . Taking them will dissipate the corruption of the Sea of ​​Claws, allowing us to access new areas. You won’t be able to finish the game until you get at least 50 , so here we will tell you how to get them all .

Feline suns from Islote Whiskers .
Feline Suns of Cliff Sharpener .
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Feline fragments

In each of the zones there will be five Feline Fragments . Getting them is necessary to get one feline Sun per zone , so in these posts we will show you how to get all the feline Fragments from each of the game’s zones:

Feline Shards of Nailblade Cliff .
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Of course, not everything is going to be jumping around and defeating Goombas with cat ears on his head. On this occasion, Mario will face several final bosses beyond the Furious Bowser himself. Here we will tell you what you must do to face all of them, defeat them and continue with your adventure:


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