Fiat;dosing the air while singing.

Fiat. It is the possibility of properly dosing the air while singing.


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Other meanings

A good ability to trust can hold the notes or issue an entire sentence without having to take a breath, without losing strength or expressiveness. “Fiato” is an Italian voice that literally means “breath.”

The word is also used, although to a lesser extent, in relation to aerophones, that is, wind instruments such as metals and wood (“blow”, as sometimes read in some too literal translations of “instrumenti a fiati” ») And refers to the lung capacity of the interpreter.

Colloquially, to be “defiant” would be to “run out of air.”

In some countries, particularly in Chile , fiato is associated with empathy, affinity, communication, coordination, harmony or synchronization. It is especially used in the musical field to mean good communication between the members of a musical group. “Afiatar” would, then, be synonymous with harmonizing, coordinating. Reference is also made to the “trust” between two people. The “lack of trust” would be the lack of affinity.

Surety capacity

It is the possibility of dosing the air while singing, so that without losing strength or expressiveness you can lengthen it without needing to pick it up again. This simple explanation implies, however, a study, a technique and a natural gift that is not available to many good singers, on the other hand. One of the great teachers has been and is Montserrat Caballe , who is able to sing without needing to catch air again, up to 25 seconds, which although they seem few, they are not. Or else someone try it. They show two videos. One is “Casta diva” from the opera Norma de Bellini, and the other the “Preghiera” from the opera Maria Stuarda de Donizetti. Both leave us breathless.

How to build trust capacity

The capacity of fiato is developed with singing techniques, breathing exercises or aerobic exercises. One of the most particular ways to develop a good capacity for fiato is the technique used by the Italian baritone Piero Cappuccilli , who practiced deep diving.


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