Dysodeas;Disturbance of the voice

Disodeas : deterioration or disturbance of the voice that occurs occasionally in singers, roosters, fatigue after singing, problems with vibrato, lack of intensity, hoarse voice, etc.

The voice is very sensitive to disturbances of vocal function, namely:


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  • 1 Empirical methods
    • 1 Due to poor vocal classification
    • 2 For emotional problems
  • 2 Oral hygiene
  • 3 Sources

Empirical methods

Taxes by the singing teacher , techniques, etc. They can also be produced by the student in search of a particular timbre or by imitation. Due to lack of knowledge of phonetics , anatomy and physiology of the voice: technical errors that include demands on vocal folds. Defects in breathing , emission, passages, vibrato , records, etc.

By poor vocal classification

Abuse of the voice being too young. Sing in inappropriate testaments . Defective attacks Overexertion: long-maintained notes, intensities too strong, abuse of the chest or head voice or intense work on hoarseness.

For emotional problems

Trac, or nervous imbalance caused by fear .

In order for a Disodea not to be installed or corrected, vocal learning should be carried out that would begin with a recognition of the body itself, creating appropriate habits for vocal function. The reconstruction of the vocal body scheme is connected with the auditory sensations that the singer perceives from his voice, which will allow him to improve and control the emission. A correct vocal technique is the one that allows an audible voice of correct articulation and comprehensible diction that achieves the maximum result with the minimum effort.

Oral hygiene

It is important that the singer maintain adequate vocal hygiene, because the instrument is the whole body, not just the CV. The mind and body are related and interdependent. The health of one affects the other. The voice being inside the body will be affected positively or negatively.

“The mind sounds, the body sounds, the voice sounds ……” Cheng Tao-Cheng (the Tao of the voice).


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