Female promoter – How can a woman be a successful entrepreneur?

Half of the total population in our country does not have a female pair as a dependent family member in the management of the female family. In addition to managing the family, she made kantha sewing, fan-making, knitting hogla, designing flowers of different colors in the room, making bamboo cane knit, stocking, sling and so on.

Which gives the world extra income through sales. Of these, there are limitations in reading, accounting and business transactions. In addition, there is a good way to manage all these money-making initiatives through purchase sales and marketing. Despite the various activities of the world, ordinary women in the village are reluctant to give up their income in exchange for extra labor. Therefore, identifying them as promoters.

As well as the payment of interest on installment management instead of interest on the bank. Coordination is urgently needed to identify the necessary advice, field special skills development training and proper projects. In our country, the poor women from different establishments or companies are working to generate income by self-employment on loan. By which a portion of the expenditure in their world is being fulfilled.

What it means to be an entrepreneur on a realistic basis is in the small numbers. Sometimes, you work with a group loan and pay off the debt by working in a group manner. There is no single way to take risks now. Providing financial assistance and skill development training in self-employed activities does not create industry enthusiasts. These only generate interest and opportunity for their own income.

Where there is little opportunity for conducting business in a systematic way, carries no risk, does not involve the employment of others and activities that do not constitute a constructive organization. There is no industry incentive. In our country where employment is the most important issue, it is through the employment system that we develop the entrepreneurial spirit from the beginning. In order to create incentives from them in future phases. A stage organization will be developed. The employment of the other will be the income of the women, the money of the world. Owners of wealth will only gain social status, family recognition and security.

by Abdullah Sam
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