Characteristics of single and group or joint intrapreneur ship

An intrapreneur is extremely determined and confident in his work. Changing expectations is not a step backwards. The entrepreneur is the first person to start a new business or industry anywhere or in a specific area, then it is called Entrapure.

Characteristics of single and group or joint intrapreneur ship

Entrepreneurship (Small Business and Industrial entrepreneurship development concept)

-The person is the creator himself and the owner

-The shareholder of profit or loss

-The responsibility of managing, managing and marketing the market itself.

-The responsibility of reading and accounting is unitary

– Dependent on free capital

-There is more towards profit

– There are mediocre ones

– The person’s knowledge and experience increases

-Personality in the business increases

– Your own reply to him.

– Group or joint intrapreneurship: –

-The expansion of collective or collective work

Those who have the knowledge or the skills get the priority

-The person who does not know the record can participate in group intrapreneur.

-Experienced in the writing and calculation of the team, the person may be responsible for the work of writing and accounting.

-The profit loss goes to the good and the bad

-In addition to individual capital, there is opportunity to participate.

-There is an opportunity to exchange experiences

– Others need financial assistance (banks, NGOs, individuals)

It is possible to serve one another and make a profit

-Newness spreads

In the poverty alleviation, the more people participate in the work of raising money for the poor, the more the wheel of the economy becomes active. This requires the development of both single and group intrapreneur.

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