Fear of sex? Learn how to overcome this problem

Sex is a taboo subject, as most people feel embarrassed to talk about their doubts and fears. Furthermore, one of the phobias that almost nobody comments on is the fear of sex .If you deal with it, find out in this post how to overcome this problem!

n the post, we will cover the following topics:

  • Causes of fear of sex;
  • Physical and emotional problems related to fear of sex;
  • Tips to overcome the fear of sex.

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Causes of fear of sex

The fear of sex, also called genophobia or erotophobia , causes panic in relation to the sexual act. This can involve several factors, such as shame, anxiety, fear of not being good, of hurting and not being able to cope.

Anyway, there are several causes of this phobia. This fear makes sexual life very difficult, so it is best to find ways to overcome and be able to enjoy sex.

Check out some phobias that are related to this fear:


This is a phobia characterized by the fear of touching, both of being touched by someone and of touching another person. This hinders the moments of caresses, which are normal and essential during sex and foreplay.


Gymnophobia is the fear of nudity. She is characterized by a phobia of seeing someone naked or being naked in front of someone else. Thus, this phobia can disrupt and prevent sex.


Another associated phobia is the fear of the opposite sex, called heterophobia. That is, the person thinks that it is not enough for the suitor.


Nosophobia is a phobia characterized by the fear of being contaminated by a sexually transmitted disease or virus, disrupting intimate moments. This can cause fear of sex.


A phobia that can also occur for some is tocophobia. It is characterized by fear of pregnancy or childbirth, impairing sexual relations.

Fear of intimacy

Fear of intimacy can cause fear during sexual intercourse. In other words, this means that for some people sex can bring a great emotional burden and, consequently, generate the fear of being disappointed.


Paraphobia is another phobia that can happen to anyone who is afraid of sex. It is caused by the fear of looking possibly perverted, or that the partner has acts of perversion.

Some reactions that can occur in those who are afraid of sex:

  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Excessive fear;
  • Nausea;
  • Heart palpitations;
  • Panic;
  • Sweating;
  • Dizziness.

Physical and emotional problems related to fear of sex

First, know that some people can deal with physical and emotional problems related to fear of sex. Check out:

Abuse: Some people deal with sexual abuse or rape at some stage in life, and this can develop a fear of sex. In this case, it is essential that there is medical and psychological monitoring to alleviate and eliminate this fear.

Erectile dysfunction: a common fear of men is erectile dysfunction during sex. This problem is more normal than many think!

If so, medical follow-up and some techniques to reduce the problem may be the best solutions for more pleasurable sexual intercourse.

At some point in a man’s life, he may have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection. Learn how to end the problem

Fear of sexual performance: A common emotional problem is that of poor performance during sex. And it can affect men and women, some of the reasons is anxiety, lack of experience, shame or even shyness.

Vaginismus: Women can deal with this uncomfortable condition, which can cause pain during intercourse. In this case, the best is the monitoring and treatment with a gynecologist.

Body shame or dysmorphia: this is a fear that also affects men and women, but especially the female audience, after all, our society still charges women more in terms of good physical appearance. Thus, increased self-esteem, personal appreciation and therapy help to improve this situation.

Tips to overcome fear of sex

First, if you are dealing with this problem, you need to go to the doctor and check that this fear of sex is not related to other factors.

After that, with help and psychological counseling, you can also try some tips to overcome your fear of sex . Check out the tips:

Have a reliable partner

In order to have sex, you need to find someone who leaves a calm and relaxed atmosphere, in addition to giving confidence. In this way, those who deal with fears about sex can relax and better enjoy moments of intimacy.

Talk about your fear

Embarrassment is often common in sex, but it has no benefit. Thus, the best way is for the couple to expose their fears at the time of sex, allowing each one to know what most afflicts them and, together, try to make the climate comfortable.

Lose the fear of responsibility

Fear of responsibility is also one of the causes of fear of sex. In that case, it is best to put negative thoughts aside. For example, the fear of unwanted pregnancy, of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or other fear related to the sexual act.

However, even leaving fear aside, it is necessary to take normal care to avoid pregnancy and contamination by diseases, such as condom use and other contraceptive methods .

Lose the fear of poor sexual performance

Fear of poor sexual performance harms many people, especially men, who believe they will be judged. However, this must be seen naturally.

The key is to avoid negative thoughts, nervousness or anxiety. So think of sex as something natural and it should be tasty. However, even if something unexpected happens, relax and know that it can happen like everyone else.

Forget the fear of not satisfying your partner

When there is fear of sex it is common to be afraid of not being able to satisfy the partner. To avoid this fear, focus on giving your partner pleasure, simple as that. To do this, ask the areas of the body that he feels most horny.

So take turns with subtle and strong touches. Focus on the most erogenous areas and do everything calmly and with great desire. You can not go wrong! Betting on foreplay is one of the secrets of those who are good at sex. They excite and prepare the body for penetration.

So, don’t skimp on the caresses, kisses and other foreplay that excite your partner. Let go! I talked about it on my Youtube channel. Look that:

Lose body shame

The shame of the body is one of the causes of fear of sex.

So, to avoid the fear of sex, losing the shame of the body is essential. It is crucial to keep in mind that if your partner chose you it is because he finds you attractive, feels desire and sees beauty in you and your body. So, relax and enjoy the moment!

If you find it necessary, seek help to boost your self-esteem. However, avoid plumbing and becoming obsessed with the body, and in the unbridled search for beauty. The ideal is to always take care of yourself, having a balanced diet and regular physical exercise.


Sexual intercourse is very important for satisfaction and well-being.

In view of this, it is necessary to dedicate yourself so that this area of ​​life is satisfactory. So, always innovate! Look for new ways to make those moments more pleasurable.

One idea is to go to sex shops in search of the novelties of sex and pleasure. Some toys are great to spice up the relationship and put the fear of sex aside, which makes this moment fun and enjoyable.

Focus on what is needed

Focus on what is needed, that is, the present moment between you and your partner. Relax, think about positive things and enjoy every sensation and caress during sex.

Know your body

The lack of knowledge of the body ends up causing several problems in sex. That is why it is essential to know your body, the areas that you feel the most pleasure and that you like your partner to explore. When you feel more pleasure, sex gets much better and the fear goes away.

Leave the past in the past

Trauma, abuse and fears about sex can happen to many people, unfortunately. However, it is not because you have had bad and traumatic situations in the past that you cannot enjoy your sex life in the present. In this case, monitoring with a psychologist helps a lot.

Have positive beliefs

It may seem silly, but it is not. Having positive beliefs will help you in times of greatest tension, such as fear of sex. One of the great difficulties is negative thoughts, and it is necessary to reverse this situation, to change negative beliefs to positive ones.

Finally, seek help

If even with the tips you are unable to eliminate the fear of sex, seek medical and psychological help. The accompaniment of a professional can help you increase confidence, decrease fear and anxiety about sex.

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