Father’s Day: what to do when the father is not there

March 19th is Father’s Day . Like every year, many children will be busy preparing a greeting card for dad and some thoughts. Other children, however, may have difficulties on this occasion due to the absence of their father . However, there is a solution to almost all problems.

We want to try to suggest some ideas to celebrate Father’s Day even when the father is not present for various reasons. In some cases, it will be possible to try to overcome distances or misunderstandings, while in other situations, adults should help the little ones to better enjoy a day that may be a little sad.

Here are some useful tips to celebrate Father’s Day even when the father is not there.

Father’s Day: what to do when the parents are separated

The separated or divorced parents should strive to reach an agreement between them to allow their children to spend time with dad on the occasion of this day of celebration. Of course, it all depends on the availability of the father and the true desires of the children, which every parent should always take into account.

Sometimes situations can be delicate and even quite complicated. In this case, parents should manage them in the best way, to avoid that problems between adults have a negative effect on their children.

In particular, if the child lives with his mother and if the father has the opportunity to make visits in some well-defined moments of the week, it could be arranged so that father and son can spend Father’s Day together maybe with a few days in advance or with a little delay. It is essential to always put the needs and desires of children first.

Father’s Day: what to do when dad is traveling

Is dad on a business trip or temporarily living in another city ? In this case we can organize ourselves according to the distances. If the father is not too far away to coincide with his party, we can organize ourselves, perhaps for a meeting halfway.

If instead the distances to face are really long, in this case here is the help of technology . In the absence of anything else, a good video call can be organized to wish the father well from afar . It can also be arranged in advance to send a gift or a greeting card to Dad so that he can receive it just for this party.

Keep in mind also that if dad’s departure for a business trip takes place just before March 19th, you might think of celebrating in the most classic way, but a few days in advance. Otherwise, the celebrations can be postponed until the father returns home. Always ask the children how and when they would prefer to celebrate and wish their dad.

Father’s Day: greeting cards and gift ideas

On each of these occasions, mothers will be able to prepare greeting cards and / or gifts for Father’s Day with the children . For example, you can have fun making do-it-yourself greeting cards or frames and photo frames with creative recycling. If your dad is away and when you can’t organize a meeting, don’t forget about the possibility of sending tickets and gifts.

Father’s Day: what to do when Father is gone

It is the most delicate situation. Children may feel particularly sad on this day, especially seeing their peers happy and ready to celebrate and spend a special day in the company of their dads.

Father’s Day can become an opportunity to give space to memories but also to vent sadness and melancholy , remembering in any case the beautiful things that life is offering to children, perhaps in other areas, despite the absence of the father .

Mothers or grandparents who take care of children who no longer have a father must have the sensitivity to respect the mood and emotions of the little ones on this delicate occasion.

Try proposing to the children to write a letter or a note to remember dad . Finding an alternative way to celebrate this holiday could help them, but don’t force them and do n’t force them to do anything if they don’t want to .

You could also think of transforming Father’s Day into a second Mother’s Day or a new Grandparents Day, based on who has also started to father the child since the parent is gone. It may seem like an unusual proposal, but some children may be enthusiastic about it, so always remember, even in this case, to ask for their opinion and to follow their wishes.

The same ideas proposed for children also apply to adults who would like to remember in a special way the father who is no longer on this occasion, with some further ideas : make a donation to a charity that your father particularly cared about, visit one of the places where he preferred to spend time, relate and tidy up old photographs, write all your memories in a diary, practice his favorite sport, listen to songs in his memory and much more depending on your sensitivity and only if it can really help you feel better.

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