Conjunctivitis: symptoms and remedies in children and babies

The conjunctivitis is an inflammation that affects the conjunctiva , which is the membrane that lines the eyelid and the cornea, the white part, giving the characteristic of the classic red eyes. It affects adults, but also children and babies . What are the symptoms , how to intervene? Are there natural remedies beyond the classic antibiotic eye drops.

A virus, but also a bacterium , an allergy , an irritation from smoke or other polluting agents can provoke it and can accompany a cold, an exanthematic disease (measles in the first place ) or irritation due to exposure to natural or artificial light. intense.

The conjunctivitis can affect both adults and children and is always and in any case, contagious, so it would be best to do right now to an effective therapy (but often also manages to avoid the use of drugs). Obviously most exposed to infection are children who attend kindergartens or kindergarten, allergic children or children who have particularly delicate eyes, such as light eyes.

The causes of conjunctivitis in children are mostly of three different types: bacterial, viral, allergic . The bacterial form is more frequent due to the ease of contagion, while the viral forms are mainly attributable to herpes infections and the allergic is related to the general increase in allergies and affects both eyes.

Viral conjunctivitis

The viral conjunctivitis can also affect one eye (as well as other forms of conjunctivitis) and normally produces an emission of aqueous substances from the eye. In addition, it may be related to a cold or the symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as sore throat.

Allergic conjunctivitis

The allergic conjunctivitis affects both eyes and is nothing but one of the responses of the body to a factor that triggers allergies (dust mites, for example). The body creates an antibody called immunoglobulin E (IgE) against allergens, which causes cells of the eye mucosa and respiratory tract to release inflammatory substances, such as histamine. The release of histamine in the body can produce several symptoms, including conjunctivitis.

Conjunctivitis, symptoms

The symptoms of conjunctivitis are:

– very red and swollen eyes
– secretions
– photophobia (discomfort during exposure to light)
– severe itching
– excessive tearing

In case of allergic conjunctivitis, sneezing and a runny nose are probably added to the severe itching and intense tearing .

Conjunctivitis in children

Conjunctivitis is not difficult to eradicate, especially if taken at its initial stage, which in most cases also makes it possible not to use drugs . And this especially benefits the little ones.

When you have children, what you always have to keep at home are sterile gauze and physiological water . So, whenever you notice the presence of a little yellow mucus, clean the little eyes with these two tools until you have eliminated all the secretions.

If the small excessive itch test (rubs his eyes continuously), to alleviate the disturbance, prepare chamomile and, once lukewarm, pass it over the eyes with a piece of gauze, letting the chamomile penetrate between the eyelids. Chamomile is in fact a valid natural decongestant and soothes itching. Avoid exposure to light and gusts of wind that could aggravate the situation. If the conjunctivitis does not go away, in the case of the viral form, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops are generally used, in case of allergic conjunctivitis to antihistamine eye drops. But the pediatrician should always be consulted first.

Also, on days when your baby has conjunctivitis, remember that he should not be in contact with other children and often wash his hands . Use disposable towels and pay more attention to washing clothes (especially pillowcases and sheets).

Conjunctivitis, other natural remedies

Did you know that breast milk is one of the most effective ways to treat conjunctivitis in infants ? With fantastic anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, mother’s milk can in fact resolve conjunctivitis (in addition to redness from the cold, sticky eyes and red eyes due to rubbing). If you are a new mother, you can try to apply a little milk in the baby’s eyes: the IgA immunoglobins (antibodies) contained in it would in fact be able to protect the conjunctiva.In addition to chamomile tea compresses can also keep conjunctivitis at bay, as well as mallow and euphrasia

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