Far Cry 5: wild animal hunting guide

Find helpful tips to help you successfully hunt in Far Cry 5.This helpful ally will mark our targets and make our hunt easier.

Hunting is the hardest challenge available in Far Cry 5. You can hunt during some of the missions. Hunting is also available while exploring the game world. However, the killing of animals is no longer as necessary as in the previous installments. Below I will share the most important information about hunting in Far Cry 5.

Note: Fishing in Far Cry 5 is a separate activity. I will tell you more about fishing in another article.

The most important information about hunting in Far Cry 5

In this part, you do not need to hunt animals to get resources that could improve your equipment, and the inventory can be improved in other ways (see the FAQ section).

During the hunt, you have two goals: killing animals for experience and new perks, or killing animals for the sake of selling skins and making a profit. I advise you to combine these goals for maximum benefit.

Not all animals are associated with challenges for which perks can be obtained. You can ignore certain types of animals (for example, ducks and partridges) or hunt them for trophies.

You don’t need to plan your hunt. You can meet an animal and attack it during the mission or on the way to the next outpost. At this point, you can run past or accept the challenge.

I advise you to upgrade the “King of the Jungle” skill if you are tired of the attacks of animals. This perk reduces the risk of being spotted by animals and reduces damage taken from forest animals. And also with this perk, all animals (except Judges) attack your enemies, not you.

Where can I hunt wild animals?

I advise you to find a good hunting ground before hunting. Some groups of animals (like turkeys) can be found in random locations, but most animals only live in certain areas.

How to find such places?

  • Pay attention to road signs. They may contain information about hunting points.
  • Look for maps. They can be found on tables in the places where your allies are. These maps show nearby locations and other useful points of interest.
  • Explore the world. While exploring the world, you can find another hunting place.
  • Use bait. This is an alternative way to lure a predator (cougar, bear or wolf). Select the bait in inventory and place it on the ground. After a while, a predator will appear. I advise you to use the bait near those places where your enemies have accumulated – the animal that has come will help you in killing cultists. The location is added automatically and permanently to your map. However, you should be aware that the display may not be accurate. I advise you to walk a few meters in order to find the animal you are looking for.

How to prepare for a hunt?

I advise you to follow these tips before you go hunting:

  • Find a good sniper rifle. She should have maximum damage and a good aim. A high quality sniper rifle can kill a weak animal with one headshot. You may need more shots to kill stronger animals. I also advise you to take a shotgun or machine gun in case the animal comes too close to you.
  • Take Boomer (specialist) to your squad. The dog will help you find wild animals. You can choose other specialists, but only if you like to use binoculars or you have pumped the Leadership skill, which allows you to take two specialists into a squad at once. In this case, I advise you to take Peach or Grace Armstrong (sniper).
  • Use drugs to tag animals. The effectiveness of drugs is beyond Boomer’s instinct. There is an additional option – you can wait for the night. During this time, you can visit and kill the animals marked with Boomer or drugs. During the day, the outlines of the animals blend in with the background and are harder to see (especially small animals such as rabbits).

Important note: do not kill animals with vehicles, rockets, grenade launchers or explosives, because you will not receive valuable trophies. You can get even more trophies if you kill an animal either with a bow or in melee.

Sale of hunting trophies

Approach the killed animal and hold down the interaction button to get a trophy (usually a skin). All trophies can be sold. Always sell skins, as they won’t be useful anywhere else. Visit any merchant and choose the option to sell useless items. Depending on the quantity and quality of the trophies, you can get anywhere from ten to several thousand dollars.

How to hunt a rabbit in Far Cry 5?

Bunnies are the most troublesome animals in Far Cry 5. I’ll give you some tips to help you hunt bunnies. You only need to find and skin one rabbit for challenge and hunting trophies.

The most delicious places are located north of the trailer park in the western part of the Henbein River. Once on the spot, call Boomer to the team and / or take drugs. And also I would advise you to go to the rabbit after dark, as it is very difficult to notice them during the day.

The rabbit is easy to scare away, so sit down immediately and scan the area with binoculars. Use the scoped rifle to kill this animal. Do not try to get close to the prey, because it will start to run away. You will not be able to catch or kill a rabbit even if you send Peach to this business. Remember to skin the rabbit for the challenge and two perks.


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