Essential perks in Far Cry 5;Guide

Thanks to perks, you can get new abilities that will come in handy in battle, unique equipment or character enhancements. Perks can be unlocked for special skill points. You will hardly be able to earn them in large quantities, so it would be nice to think over an approximate order of pumping the hero. Below we have compiled a list of the most useful skills that will be useful to you in the first place.

Basic perks

  • Leadership– Costs six points and requires at least three mercenaries to be unlocked. Allows you to travel with two allies at once, which makes this perk one of the best in the game. Thanks to two teammates behind the back, the game becomes much easier. Please note that at least three out of nine open mercenaries are required. Otherwise, it will be impossible to learn the perk.
  • Additional Holster– Costs eight and unlocks a third weapon slot. This is a good skill, as in addition to the secondary weapons, you can carry two primary weapons with you. The best choice is to take different types of weapons. Thanks to this, you will be ready for any situation (for example, a sniper rifle for ranged combat and a shotgun for fighting opponents at close range). A little later, you can take the Weapon Collector perk, which adds a fourth weapon slot.
  • Health Boost 1– Costs six points. If you are not a fan of easy ways and play at a high level of difficulty, then this perk is the most important for you in leveling. At a normal level, you can take your time with its acquisition. This perk has several stages of improvement, but each will cost more and more points, so it is best to leave it for the late game.
  • Cat– worth one point. It is one of the most accessible perks and this reason may already be enough to unlock it at the very beginning. As a result of this acquisition, you get a grappling hook with which you can climb higher obstacles. However, its main advantage is the ability to get to hidden caches or enemy outposts from a more vulnerable side.

Precs for Further Study

  • Repair burner– Costs five points. The skill can help in a situation where you need to quickly fix a damaged vehicle. It also allows you to open locked safes.
  • King of the Jungle– worth six points. This perk greatly simplifies your journey through the wilderness, as wild animals will stop attacking you. Can be used to make life easier for hunting and getting even more hides.
  • Black Market– worth six points. The main point of this perk is to unlock special ammunition (incendiary, for example) that will help to cope with enemy vehicles and armored cultists. In addition, other black market goods can be found in stores.
  • Destroying a vehiclecosts seven points. Recommended for fans of aggressive combat and car wars. Do not forget that sometimes the destruction of enemy vehicles can save you from death.
  • Car repair– worth six points. Quite a useful skill for those who like to get around by car. Over time, the transport will be repaired by itself.
  • Rifle Master– Costs seven points. This perk unlocks the ability to use different types of firearms. If you are not a big fan of rifles, then you can take a similar perk for your type of weapon.
  • Quiet running– worth four points. An indispensable skill for connoisseurs of stealth.
  • Locksmith– worth six points. Allows you to open safes and doors with the help of master keys. Note, however, that sometimes doors require unique keys and this skill is powerless here.
  • Hiking Backpack– Costs seven points. Expands your inventory and allows you to carry even more items. The number of first aid kits carried increases from three to five.
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