How to get all amigos Far Cry 6 guide

As well as a description of their unique skills, which becomes available only after the discovery of the companions themselves

Amigo are companions of Dani Rojas in Far Cry 6. They are various fighting animals capable of performing certain functions. One animal can quietly kill enemies, another acts in the open, and the third is completely used to extract valuable resources. In the guide below, we show you how to get all the amigos, what they give, and so on. Please note that you can only summon and use the services of one amigo at a time. If he is mortally wounded, you can go over and lift him to his feet.


How to get it : Automatically obtained during the storyline when you chat with Juan Cortez on one of the first Libertad quests in Sanctuary.

The main ability is “Survivalist”. The Guapo kin never died out, and for good reason. He automatically regains his health during the fight and comes to his senses on his own.

Unique abilities:

  • Body control. As a perfect cold-blooded creature, Guapo automatically regenerates health during combat. To unlock, you need to have Guapo revive himself 5 times. That is, he received “fatal” wounds, and then after a while he got to his feet.
  • A cornered beast. Guapo is not used to retreating! Therefore, he gains additional damage protection when his health drops below 50%. Guapo must restore 3000 health points in battle.
  • Reptile metabolism. Kill 50 targets with the Guapo. Guapo is the product of millions of years of evolution. Now his ability to come to life on his own also heals 90% of his health when activated.


How to unlock : Pet Chorizo ​​at Montero Farm in Mogot Foothills. To do this, wait until you find yourself on the Montero farm in the storyline in order to establish contact with the family and invite them to join Libertad. There you will find a dog with broken hind legs, which moves on a cart. The mark of the Yaransk history “Who is a good boy?” Will appear. Interact with your dog to pet him. Feed any meat and the quest will end. Start the next task “Dog treasure”. This is a short story in Yaransk, during which you need to follow the dog and open the boxes hidden in the ground. Although some will simply stand on the shelves. After this operation, Chorizo ​​will become your amigo.

The adorable Chorizo ​​will distract enemies, giving you the opportunity to sneak up on them and take them by surprise.

Unique skills:

  • Bloodhound. Chorizo’s keen sense of smell allows him to detect nearby components. To unlock the skill, you need to distract 10 enemies with Chorizo.
  • Yes, you can iron it. If you scratch this dog behind the drooping ears, he will give you his love (and restoration of health). To unlock the skill, you need to mark 36 loot containers with Chorizo.
  • Sharp instinct. Chorizo ​​is constantly looking for something to eat, so from time to time he unearths resources. In order to get the skill, you need to use Chorizo’s ability to heal 50 times (pet the dog).


How to unblock: Talk to Reinaldo at the Alvarez Farm in the Vasia Coast municipality. At the bottom of the map is Vasia Coast. Study the map up close to see all of these labels (these are separate areas within large regions). Look for different locations here that look like houses. You are interested in the left checkpoint and the area located slightly higher on the map. This is how you will find the Alvarez farm. Talk to Reinaldo and begin the Yaransk story “Man’s Best Enemy.” Follow the rooster and help him destroy all the dogs in the paddock (open the paddock with the lever on the left). Further Reinaldo will be near the training ground for dogs. Talk to him to take the Red Rooster quest. Together with Chicharron, follow the road (do not get close, otherwise he will be angry with you) until you get to the archives. Clear the building and start destroying the light boxes on the bookshelves. When you destroy everything, finish off the remaining enemies (a corresponding target will appear) and complete the mission. From time to time, new opponents will appear in the building, so do not forget to switch to destroying them. Finally, take the Under the Wing quest and get to the last point. Clear the area around the monument while Chicharron destroys it. By the way, at the end of the two previous tasks, you will need to climb the water tower and the roof of the building, respectively, in order to leave graffiti in honor of Chicharron. After the quest “Under the Wing” he will become your amigo. Clear the area around the monument while Chicharron destroys it. By the way, at the end of the two previous tasks, you will need to climb the water tower and the roof of the building, respectively, in order to leave graffiti in honor of Chicharron. After the quest “Under the Wing” he will become your amigo. Clear the area around the monument while Chicharron destroys it. By the way, at the end of the two previous tasks, you will need to climb the water tower and the roof of the building, respectively, in order to leave graffiti in honor of Chicharron. After the quest “Under the Wing” he will become your amigo.

Chicharron lives for battles. He swiftly pounces on the enemy, instantly closing the distance.

Unique skills of Chicharron:

  • Steroid rage. Chicharron cannot be pacified by anyone. He attacks faster and deals double damage when his health falls below 70%. To unlock the skill, kill 12 enemies with Chicharron.
  • A very angry bird. Chicharron hits the enemy with all its weight, because of which the “Angry Bird” attack knocks him down. To unlock the skill, kill 24 enemies with Chicharron while he is in a state of steroid rage (while he is below 70% health).
  • Chicken feet. Chicharron has been involved in cockfighting for many years and this has developed his senses. In a state of steroid rage, he is more likely to dodge enemy attacks. To gain the skill, knock down 50 enemies with the “Very Angry Bird” attack.

Boom Boom

How to unlock : Read the cargo order at Camp Maximas in the Cienaga Nublada Nature Reserve. On the territory of the “Villa Khudiya” hotel, where you will find yourself on the plot of the game, you can find a marker of the Yaransk history. He points to the All or Nothing quest. Start completing the mission. Reach the indicated city and search the blue containers. Inside the covered depot there will be a container with the Boom-Boom dog. The task will be completed, and the dog will become your new amigo.

The first trick taught to all puppies in Montana is to glean resources from enemy corpses.

Unlockable skills:

  • Target designator. Use the instincts of your furry companion and use it to mark the location of soldiers and animals to take them by surprise. To get the skill, collect resources from 10 corpses using the Boom Boom.
  • An experienced hunter. Boom Boom has spent his entire life sniffing for prey, and thanks to this, he can mark targets from a great distance from them, which will allow you to better plan your attack. To get the skill, mark 24 animals with the Boom Boom.
  • Thick hide. This toddler has developed a very dense seasonal undercoat that allows him to withstand more damage. But now it became much more difficult to wash it. To get the ability, mark 50 opponents with the Boom Boom.


How to unblock: Return the Triadic Relics to Oluva Cave in Ventura Summit Municipality. This amigo is the hardest thing to get. The fact is that for this you will have to visit the Oluva cave on Sanctuario (you can learn about it from a local scout) and then find three relics – Ida, Oka and Mimo Abosi. To get the relic of Ida, you will have to jump on the walls, climb over ledges, slide down the ropes or swing on the rope, clinging to the “cat”. But in general, just follow the white arrows on the walls. As for the relic of Pimo Abosi, here you need to visit a flooded cave. First break the lock and go forward. Look for a corpse on the left with a key card. The path is further blocked by the water in which the electrified cable is immersed, go outside, follow the cable and shoot the generator. Swim underwater through the cave and climb higher to the relic. You will need to jump over the ledges. In some cases – to the side, so look around for clues to appear.

The main difficulties await with the Oku relic. Firstly, you need to visit this place at night, but there is no way to rewind time in the game. It runs parallel to how you perform any action. You can just get up for a few hours (1-2) in the camp and wait until it gets dark. Moving between fast travel points is useless! So, when night falls, go inside the building. Go to the room on the right. All but one of the mirrors will be destroyed. Shoot the last one and click on the remote control. Go to the opened room opposite and study the note on the left. There are three buttons on the table. Click on the middle, left and right. Climb up the stairs and go to the piano. Turn around and go to the window. When lightning strikes, turn around and see a door open behind the piano. Next, you can pick up the key. Go down to the first floor and open another door. Eventually, you activate the mechanism. Get out of here and go to the place where the lightning struck. Go down the well and take the third relic. Bring all three relics to the Oluva cave, install them and get the secret supremo. In addition, you will be attacked by Oluso and regular panthers. Fight until you knock Oluso off his feet, and then help him up. Now this black panther is your new amigo!

Oluso uses the power of the oluwa to kill enemies quickly and silently, attacks from the shadows.

Unlockable skills:

  • Luck Past Abosi. Even in the heat of battle, Oluso manages to catch enemies by surprise and more often make successful quick kills. To gain this skill, kill 12 enemies in the restricted area with Oluso.
  • Ida’s wrath. A successful quick kill terrifies nearby enemies and makes them flee. Get 24 quick kills with Oluso.
  • Mist Oku. When Oluso’s health drops below 50%, a cloud of smoke appears around her. She herself becomes invulnerable to any damage and regenerates health faster, and it is also much more difficult to notice her. To get the ability, you must scare 50 opponents with the help of Oluso.


This amigo can be obtained through an add-on that is issued for pre-ordering the game. Unique ability – “Iron Hide”. Your metal friend takes less damage from bullets, and also becomes invulnerable to poison and fire.

Other skills:

  • Closer. Powerful optical sensors allow you to mark turrets, security cameras, streamers and alarms to make it easier for you to plan your attack. To unlock, have enemies deal 100 damage to K-9000.
  • Closer!!! Advanced targeting system allows you to deal more damage to marked enemies. You need to mark 24 security systems with the K-9000.
  • Elimination protocol. Yes, he has a self-destruct system that activates when he takes fatal damage. Save yourself so that his sacrifice is not in vain! Have the K-9000 destroy 50 marked targets.
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