Far Cry 6: Trophies / Achievements Guide

Find out how to get all the Far Cry 6 trophies and achievements and what you need to unlock each one. Free Yara from the oppression of Antón Castillo. Long live freedom!


  1. How to play to get all the Trophies and Achievements quickly
  2. How to get all the Trophies and Achievements

Here are our complete guide to know how to get all the trophies and achievements of Far Cry 6 for PS4, PS5, XBOne and XSX .

  • Difficulty:3/10.
  • Estimated Hours for Platinum / 1,000G:35-40 hours or more.
  • Do you have online trophies / achievements ?:
  • Is PS Plus or Xbox Live required to get all trophies / achievements ?:
  • Minimum of games for Platinum / 1,000G:1 game.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies / achievements ?:No, it can be played on any difficulty.
  • Do you have any missing trophies / achievements ?:Hidden in plain sight (see details below).

How to play to get all the Trophies and Achievements fast

Far Cry 6 has a list of trophies / achievements that is quite easy to complete and very affordable. You do not even have to complete the game 100% to be able to obtain them all, that is, you do not have to clean absolutely all the icons on the map or complete all the secondary missions. You can get the trophies / achievements in any order and even playing on the lowest difficulty , and although it has trophies / achievements online, only for one of them it is mandatory to play with another real player.


Complete the story and make secondary content

What we recommend to optimize the obtaining of all the trophies / achievements is that you simply play the main story while doing other optional content (yes, do not forget to get Hidden in plain sight before reaching the end , so as not to lose it, and do not neglect Ninjerrrilla and Codependiente, related to the bases of the FND . That way you won’t have to do them with the insurgent bases after the end).

Note that it can be played cooperatively with another player , but the second player (who is not the host) will not be able to unlock trophies / achievements that state that “can only be done in a single player campaign”. The rest of the trophies / achievements can be obtained, because the progress of equipment, money, transport and collectibles among other things are saved .

On the other hand, as you go playing and completing missions, do not forget to collect everything that you find in your path and approach the indications on the minimap marked with a question mark “!” , since these points are usually NPCs or notes that reveal important locations on the map, which come in handy for later.

Cleaning the rest of trophies / achievements

After completing the main story you should already have a few trophies / achievements unlocked and plenty of fast travel points around the map that will help you move faster to clean up the ones you still have to get.

Still, to go faster, we recommend the following:

  • If you have not done so already, destroy all the anti-aircraft guns onthe map: this will clear the airspace and be able to move without problems using flying vehicles or the fast travel points of the wingsuit.
  • Buy all the guerrilla shelters:at the corresponding facility in any main camp, so you have many more fast travel points available.

In addition, after finishing the main story, you will also have the Insurgency missions available , related to the trophy / achievement I will not allow it !. For the rest, you just have to clean up the rest of the remaining trophies / achievements.

How to get all the Trophies and Achievements


Unlock all trophies (PS4 and PS5 only).

I am Dani Rojas

Select Dani’s appearance (single campaign only) .

It is related to the main story, it is impossible to miss. It is achieved at the beginning, after choosing the gender of Dani Rojas.

Hidden in plain sight

He makes it to Miami .

MISSING Trophy / Achievement ! In order not to lose it, you have to do it before reaching the end of the game (do not accept the mission titled The Lion’s Den if you have not yet achieved it).

This trophy / achievement consists of seeing the secret and alternate ending of Far Cry 6 . You can do this at any point in the adventure since you complete the Sanctuary Island missions and unlock the rest of the Yara map (but only before reaching the true end of the story). All you have to do is take a ship or air vehicle and head to any edge of the map . This way you will leave Yara and see a secret ending. Don’t worry, after watching it you can continue playing normally.

If you already completed the main story and saw the canon ending , but did not get this trophy / achievement, then you will have to start a new game in order to obtain it.

Cutting foreign ties

Recruit the Legends of ’67 and Morale .

It is related to the main story, it is impossible to miss. Awarded after completing major operations in the El Este region.

Justice Montero

Recruit the Montero .

It is related to the main story, it is impossible to miss. Awarded after completing major operations in the Madrugada region.

The people’s voice

Recruit Maximum Kills .

It is related to the main story, it is impossible to miss. Awarded after completing major operations in the Gold Valley region.

Long live the revolution

Recover Yara .

It is related to the main story, it is impossible to miss. Awarded after completing all major operations in the game.


Capture a FND base without being detected (single campaign only) .

As the description says, you must capture a base without being detected . This means without alarms going off and without any enemy detecting our presence (when the white visual alert bar is filled). For this we recommend using weapons with a silencer and doing it as soon as possible , since the first bases are the simplest and with the least amount of enemies. If you are detected you can always load an autosave point to try again.

The ideal is to first mark all the enemies with the mobile and place yourself in a more or less elevated position with a silent sniper to eliminate the soldiers one by one. You can also equip a bow and move by crouching closer to the soldiers.

If you capture all the bases without success, you will have to complete the game for the Insurgency missions to appear, where each week there will be new temporary bases on the map.


Capture a FND base with a co-op partner. .

Self-descriptive. You have to join another player’s game, or have another player join yours, and together in cooperative capture a FND base (it doesn’t matter if you do it silently or making a fuss). The progress of captured bases is saved in the host’s game , so ideally, the host of the game still has bases to capture in order to do so.

If you capture all the bases without success, you will have to complete the game for the Insurgency missions to appear, where each week there will be new temporary bases on the map.


Capture all FND bases (single campaign only) .

Consult the guide to the 21 bases of the FND to find out where each one is located. To get the trophy / achievement you will have to capture all of them .

Whoever finds it keeps it!

Return 3 FND Resource Vehicles in mint condition .

This trophy / achievement is related to the military convoys of the FND . They are one of the military objectives of the game and appear unlimitedly throughout the game, when you travel the main roads of the regions.

What you have to do to unlock this trophy / achievement is to steal 3 convoy vehicles with supplies and deliver them to a vehicle collection point in perfect condition . Be careful not to destroy these vehicles or loot their supplies as soon as you find them. You have to get on them and take them to the indicated point. If you see that they suffer a lot of damage, try to get off to repair them before delivering them.

I control

Capture 10 checkpoints (single campaign only) .

Check the guide to the checkpoints to find out where each one is located. There are 26 in total along the different main roads of Yara, but to get the trophy / achievement you will only need to capture 10 .

Friendly skies

Fly 16 anti-aircraft guns (single campaign only) .

Check the anti-aircraft gun guide to find out where each is located. There are 26 in total throughout Yara, but to get the trophy / achievement you will only need to destroy 16 .

Treasure rain

Intercept 10 Supply Drops (Single Campaign Only) .

Check the supply drop guide to find out where each is located. There are 20 in total throughout Yara, but to get the trophy / achievement you will only need to intercept 10 , half of them.

Everlasting tradition

Complete the Yarana story “Blessings of the Triad” .

To achieve this you will have to complete the yarana story “Blessings of the Triad”, which is activated in Sanctuary Island when visiting the cave of the Oluwas , located in Pico Ventura. This mission requires that you first complete the three searches of the treasure of Reliquia Triad Ida , Reliquia Triad Mimo Abosi and Reliquia Triad Oku . This way you will be able to deliver the relics in the cave and unlock the companion Oluso as well as the supreme Triator (you can visit our related guides to know how to carry it out).

At the top of the poultry hierarchy

Win a cockfight .

To achieve this, first of all, you will need to have at least one unlocked rooster . After that you just have to participate in the minigame of the rooster fights (you can find the first rooster as the minigame in the main camp of Madrugada) and win a fight against another rooster. It can be fighting against the AI ​​or against another player in cooperative. These fights do not have much mystery and you will be able to win any with relative ease.


Complete 3 Grand Prix .

The Grand Prix are races that are scattered throughout Yara and appear on the map with a black and white checkered flag icon. To get this trophy / achievement you have to complete 3 races , and they can be three different or the same three times .

Beginners luck

Win a game of dominoes .

You will find the domino minigame in the main camp of the El Este region , in Cumbre de Patriotas. Here you can participate in dominoes against the AI ​​or other players online. In this game, the player with the lowest value among the remaining tiles in his hand wins when no more can be placed on the board, so it is advisable to discard all the higher value tiles whenever possible. When you win your first game you will get the trophy / achievement.


Complete a special operation .

This trophy / achievement is related to the online special operations game mode , which can be activated through the character of Lola in your main camps . It is only available if you are online, although it can be played without other players. To achieve this you will have to complete an operation, whose objectives are always to find and deliver a PG-240X battery .

Alpha guerilla

Successfully complete 5 Bandit operations .

In the main camps of each region you will have Bandit operations available , missions that can be completed passively by sending Bandit Leaders to carry them out for you.

The first of these operations serves as a tutorial to its mechanics and is always completed successfully, but the rest you must choose yourself (keep in mind that they rotate over time and are completed after several hours). It is better to send the most suitable leaders for each mission, to take advantage of their skills and have the highest possible success rate . When you have completed 5 of these operations in total, the trophy / achievement will be yours.

Road rage

Perform a machete takedown against a vehicle-mounted enemy from a horse .

Self-explanatory. In case it is not clear to you, what you should do is get on a horse and go to any main road . Wait for an enemy vehicle to pass with a soldier inside it (marked in red on the minimap). Then ride near the driver’s door and you will see a button appear indicating that you can eliminate the driver from the horse. Do it and you will jump with the machete to steal the vehicle and kill its driver in an animation.

Armed to the teeth

Collect 49 unique weapons .

Check out the 49 unique weapons guide to find out where each one is and how to get it . You will have to unlock them all to get this trophy / achievement.

Home Sweet Home

Fully upgrade a facility in any guerrilla camp (single player campaign only) .

To achieve this, you only need to upgrade any type of guerrilla camp facility once . There are 6 facilities available in total, all of which require gasoline and medicine to create or upgrade, resources that can be achieved by exploring.


Acquire all of Yara’s Supreme .

See the guide to all the Supreme to find out how to get them. There are 7 in total and all can be acquired from Juan and his arms dealers in exchange for depleted uranium (they will be available as we level up ). The Last of the Highs, Triator , is unlocked with the quest “Blessings of the Triad” , so you will get it at the same time as you go for the Undying Tradition trophy / achievement.

Fry cry

Buy 15 meals .

In order to achieve this, you will first have to create the Cantina facility in a guerrilla camp . Once this is done, go to the Cantina and you can buy food in exchange for the materials of animals that you have hunted. You only have to buy 15 meals in total, they can be different or the same .

That is my song

Find 15 USB sticks .

Check the USB memory guide to find out where each one is and how to get it . You will have to unlock them all to get this trophy / achievement.

How cryptic

Unlock 15 chests with cryptograms .

See the guide to crypto chests and tables to find out where each one is and how to open it . You will have to unlock all the chests to get this trophy / achievement.


Get all 4 transports .

Check the transport guide to find out where each one is and how to get it . There are 4 in total and you will have to unlock them to get this trophy / achievement.

Rooster recruiter

Find all the roosters .

Check the roosters guide to find out where each one is and how to get it . There are 19 in total in the game, but to get the trophy / achievement you will only need to find 13 of them for Yara (since the remaining 6 are part of special Ubisoft Connect rewards ).

Loyal army

Recruit 5 companions .

Check the escort guide to find out where each one is and how to recruit them . You will have to unlock everyone to get this trophy / achievement (not counting the extra DLC ones).

An unusual pet

Caress Guapo .

Self-explanatory. Handsome is the first companion you get (the crocodile) and you get him automatically as part of the story. Just call him to appear and then approach him . You will see that you can press a button to stroke it.

Doing the cock

Equip Chicharrón with the Son of a Cock outfit .

Self-explanatory. First you will have to unlock Chicharrón , the accompanying rooster . Once that is done, open the companions menu and go to Chicharrón. Enter the section to customize his appearance and choose his outfit called Son of a cock (it is available by default).

Secret weapon

Distract 10 soldiers with Chorizo .

Self-explanatory. First you will have to unlock Chorizo , the accompanying crippled puppy . Once that is done you have to complete his first challenge to unlock the exclusive Hound skill.

This challenge consists of sending Chorizo ​​to distract 10 enemies . To do this, go stealthily to any location with enemies and without being seen, aim your weapon and press right on the control cross so that Chorizo ​​goes to the soldier and begins to distract him. You can do it a total of 10 times even with the same enemy (to count, wait for Chorizo ​​to finish distracting the soldier and the pop-up message appears on the left side of the screen).

Intense conflict

Eliminate 10 soldiers while the search is active .

To achieve this, you first have to activate your search level to the maximum . This level appears to the right of the minimap represented by two white bars , which fill up and turn red when you kill enemies. So go to any area with soldiers and start creating chaos to max out your search bar.

When the search is full and active, they will start looking for you FND Elite troops . This is when you must kill any 10 soldiers to get the trophy / achievement. You can also take the opportunity to kill Elite soldiers and thus get “They weren’t so special” at the same time.

Marine explosion

Eliminate a shark with a blast .

Self-explanatory. To achieve this we recommend that you use a rocket launcher type weapon . Ideally, you should get a boat or speedboat and head to a location with sharks. For example, a good place to do it is in the area of ​​shark fauna in El Este , in the Sierra Perdida area, north of Mogote, tombstone.

Go to a shark area and wait to have one within range from your boat. Shoot a rocket at it to explode and you will get the trophy / achievement. If you see no sharks appear or swim near the surface, you can jump into the water momentarily to lure them into position.


Catch 10 fish .

Self-explanatory. You just have to go to any available fishing point and start casting the rod to catch fish (the rod is obtained automatically during the story). For example, you have one of these places close at hand in the main camp of Valle de Oro . You can catch the same species of fish up to 10 times to get it.

Outdated technology

Eliminate a soldier by sabotaging an alarm .

In order to achieve this, you will need to have a piece of equipment that “allows you to sabotage alarms . ” For example the equipment for the wrist band Technician band . You can find it by randomly exploring or buying from the Bandit Barracks if you have fully upgraded it.

Once you have it, equip this piece and go to any soldier area where there is an alarm. Without being seen, go to the alarm and sabotage it . Once this is done, let the soldiers see you , in this way they will sound the alarm and explode in their faces (be careful, if the base where you do this has more than one alarm, make sure you sabotage them all before the enemies they see you, so that yes or yes they fall into the trap).

I won’t let you!

Eliminate 3 Insurgent Leaders .

The so-called insurgent leaders only appear in the game once you have completed the main story . Then you will unlock the Insurgency missions in the menu . These missions last for a real week and will randomly make an enemy leader appear in a region. In order to eliminate it you will have to complete several objectives, which are usually to capture insurgent bases, checkpoints and derivatives.

When you meet all the objectives of the week within the valid time, the insurgent leader will appear on the map and you can go and kill him (as you would with any enemy).

There is a way to kill 3 insurgent leaders in a single week , taking advantage of a glitch in the game. This way you won’t have to play 3 different weeks to get the trophy / achievement. This trick consists of the following:

  • Complete the insurgency objectives until the leaderyou must kill appears.
  • Go to the leader’s base and when you arrive, open the options menu and change the difficulty of the gameto the opposite difficulty level you are playing at (this will save the game).
  • Now kill only theinsurgent leader in the base without actually killing all the soldiers, because you don’t want to capture the base (this would make the leader of the week disappear).
  • After killing the leader, go back into settings and change the difficultyto the opposite level.
  • Now let the remaining soldiers at the base kill you.
  • After doing this you will reappear outside the baseand you will be able to assassinate the insurgent leader again . Repeat these steps until you kill him 3 times and you will get the trophy / achievement easily.

They weren’t that special

Eliminate 10 soldiers from the elite corps .

Self-explanatory. This trophy / achievement can be made at the same time as you are going for the Intense Conflict trophy (see the details of that one to find out how to make soldiers appear from the elite corps).

It hasn’t been that difficult

Disable and hijack a tank with an EMP device .

To achieve this you first need to get a PEM device. In this case thanks to the EMP grenades that we can unlock with the Supreme Volta , which you can buy from Juan or his dealers for 100 depleted uranium from the beginning. By having this supreme, you can install EMP grenades among your gadgets of a supreme.

Equip the EMP grenades and look for any place where there is an enemy military tank (for example the 2nd Division Armored Base of the FND of Madrugada). While a soldier controls the tank, throw an EMP grenade at it to temporarily disable it. So run and climb on top of the tank and steal it to get the trophy / achievement.

Ultimate Predator

Hunt all mythical animals (single player campaign only) .

Consult the guide to mythical animals to find out where each is found and how to hunt them . You will have to hunt them all down to get this trophy / achievement.

Slide fever

Travel 200 meters sliding without stopping .

Self-explanatory. To achieve this, you must look for any place that has a steep slope that you can slide down 200 meters . There is a specific location thought to get this trophy / achievement very easily. This location is in Valle de Oro , within the Noventarmas area, west of Valle Wisdom (just where we indicate in the image below):

Here you will find a mountain with a workbench and a guerrilla path that you can climb up to reach the descent zone, which is indicated by a couple of no sliding signs . Just slide down the hill here and turn left or right if you need to to avoid hitting the rocks.

Hit and run

Run over 10 soldiers in a vehicle .

Self-explanatory. Very easy to achieve and it is also cumulative . Just jump into a vehicle and travel the roads looking for soldiers to run over .

I haven’t seen that coming!

Use a security control center to disable cameras and alarms .

To achieve this, you must visit one of the FND bases that has a security control center . Most have one of these, for example the María Marquessa base, Prehistoric Valley, Espinosa University … Once at the base you will have to locate this security control center, which is shaped like an orange box located in a wall , and they are usually inside a closed room for which you need the key to the base.

You will find this key by exploring the base or by killing the soldier with a yellow color in his range, the captain. Well, with the key in your possession, enter the locked room and deactivate the security control center . This turns off all cameras and alarms on the base and awards you the trophy / achievement.

Death from heaven

Kill a soldier from 50m above him .

Self-explanatory. To achieve this you simply have to kill a soldier being 50 meters above him. It is recommended to do this with a sniper rifle that has a high magnification scope. You can look for a mountain, a tower, or some high place from which you have a target in range below you. Another way to achieve this, if it costs you, is to parachute over a base and shoot the soldiers as you descend.

Toxic influence

Have the poisoned soldiers kill 5 other enemies .

To achieve this you will need to poison soldiers with poison abilities and modifications. For this, the most recommended is the following:

  • Acquire the Supreme Ghost, since its ability allows us to poison soldiers.
  • In addition, this supreme unlocks poison gadgets such as poison grenadesand modifications such as poison ammunition for weapons.
  • Equip all these Poison Stockpiles and look for a base that has a large number of enemies.
  • Now use the Supreme’s ability, poison grenades, and poison ammo to infect as many soldiersas possible (always trying not to kill them yourself ).

If you do it right, the poison will start running between the soldiers and they will kill each other without you doing anything. Remember not to kill them to allow as many as possible to kill each other.

In fashion

Equip a full set of gear .

Self-explanatory. You simply need to equip all the pieces of the same armor set . It can be anyone and throughout the game you will surely get many complete sets without even realizing it. When you have all the pieces of the same outfit (helmet, torso, pants, boots and wrists) equip them. If you already have all the pieces of a set you can press the button to equip them all automatically.

Do it yourself

Install all mods for a handyman weapon .

Self-explanatory. The weapons trotters are those purchased from John or depleted uranium traffickers. Simply buy any one and go to a workbench , enter the modifications of this weapon and equip an improvement for each section of those available (for this you will need different materials ). When you install all the upgrades in the possible slots you will get the trophy / achievement.

Camping in style

Build one camping facility of each type (single campaign only) .

To achieve this you will have to create the 6 types of facilities available in the guerrilla camps from the construction table of the camp. These are the 6 facilities:

  • Network of hiding places
  • Guerrilla garrison
  • Fishing hut
  • Canteen
  • Bandit Barracks
  • Hunting hut

Keep in mind that in each camp you can create a maximum of 2 facilities , so you will have to visit the 3 main camps to be able to create the 6 in total.

Fast and Furious

Have them install 10 pieces in one transport .

To achieve this you will have to install at least one piece in each of the available slots of your transport . There are 10 slots available and as you progress through the game you will begin to unlock new parts for the transports.

These are the 10 pieces of transports and their sources of obtaining :

  • Turrets – Awardedfor destroying military vehicles.
  • Countermeasures: Awardedfor completing Grand Prix racing.
  • Armor: Awardedfor completing Grand Prix racing.
  • Rams – Awardedfor destroying military vehicles.
  • Exterior Colors:Achieved by bringing new vehicles to collection points.
  • Interior colors:achieved by taking new vehicles to collection points.
  • Tire Styles:Achieved by bringing new vehicles to collection points.
  • Mirrors – Earned bycompleting Bandit Operations.
  • Dashboards: Achieved bycompleting Bandit Operations and Racing Grand Prix.
  • Horns: theyare obtained by taking new vehicles to collection points.

As you get new parts for slots that are still empty, they will be installed automatically .

Triumphant leader

Get the rank of commander .

Awarded for reaching character level 14 ( see our XP earning guide ).


Complete any special operations without the PG-240-X’s temperature rising above 50% .

To achieve this you can try it in the Mesozoic special operation , where it is usually easier. So that the temperature of the PG-240X battery does not rise above 50%, you will have to travel taking advantage of the shadows of the stage and using the water of the place so that it does not get hot. Equip the battery to check its temperature at all times and don’t take too long to remove it once you pick it up. Another good idea is to equip yourself with the “Parkour” gear pieces , which will make you run faster.

Hidden money

Find a coin hideout in any special operation .

To achieve this you will have to find one of those coin caches that are in special operations (which need a key to open them). You can charge the Mesozoic level . Then go to the building where the PG-240X battery is and in a display case with a dinosaur head you will find the key to the hiding place.

Now go to the main entrance of the building and look ahead, follow this path to the pterodactyl statue on a rock, behind it is the orange chest that contains the coin.

Completion phase

Free 30 hostages during a challenge from Lola’s informants in any special operation .

To achieve this you will have to complete a special operation for the first time. Once this is done, you will unlock the difficulty “Mastery 1” for that operation, which is from then on when hostages come out in the operations.

Activate the operation on that difficulty (higher mastery also works) and you will see flares appear in the sky during the operation . Follow the signal of these flares, which are random in each mission, and in this way you will find 3 hostages kidnapped by soldiers. You just have to eliminate the soldiers to rescue the hostages. You can repeat the mission as many times as you want until you have freed a total of 30 hostages (it is not necessary to finish operations for the rescued hostages to count).

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