Fall Guys Bots | Can you play offline with AI?

Are there any Fall Guys robots? If playing against other people online makes you desperate for humanity, you probably can’t wait to find out if there are any Fall Guys AI opponents. Stay on your feet as we deal with whether there is a Fall Guys offline mode for PC and PS4.

Fall Guys Bot | Is there an offline mode versus AI?

No, there is currently no way to deal with Fall Guys robots. You must be online to play Fall Guys, as there is no local offline mode with AI to compete against.

It’s a shame, but there’s always a chance that Mediatonic and Devolver Digital may add this feature later via a game update. Currently, the crazy battle royale game is hugely popular and has no trouble populating online matches. Fall Guys was the most watched game on Twitch, its servers have been under immense stress and is already spawning imitations. Once the hype has run out and the spaces in the matches aren’t occupied by real players, maybe we’ll see some bots added to fill in the gaps.

A glitch where Fall Guys loses player usernames (see above) has caused some AI speculation. bot. Although they look like robots, each player name is “Fall Guy” followed by a random four letter sequence, unfortunately they are not.

If you can handle it, the best way to play Fall Guys is with friends, not robots. The online party limit is four players (you and up to three friends), while local co-op isn’t currently a feature.

There is already a roadmap for future Fall Guys content, which is a good indication that the game will be well supported. Hopefully this means that we will see features like robots and local co-op games introduced at some point in time.

Fall Guys Bot | Can you play offline with AI?

  • No, Fall Guys has no robots.
  • You can’t play Fall Guys vs AI offline on PC or PS4.


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