Facts About The Conversation In Linguistics


The Conversation is the effect of speaking between one or more people with each other. The term comes from the Latin and is often used as synonymous with dialogue or discussion. it involves the interaction in which two or more persons jointly build a text through language (oral, gestural, written, etc.)

Examples: “The governor had a long long conversation with the father of the victim and pledged to find the culprits,”

Facts About The Conversation In Linguistics

Greetings are often the starting point of the conversation. Then come the questions (interrogative sentences), because the main purpose of is to transmit information.

The tone has a very keen role in dialogue, where one raises his voice is one in which participants discuss or defend their position to cry.

Features of conversation:

  • It is the most fundamental form of activity undertaken by humans to establish a relationship with each other.
  • We can able to express thoughts and feelings and exchange information in social cultural relationship.
  • Indeed language is a wonderful gift of human life and abstract Conversation is a social activity that occurs in the community every day.
  • On this day, in conversation interaction happens not only in oral form, but also in writing, especially with the use of information technology such as Messenger Yahoo, FACEBOOK, and other forms of conversation to another.
  • It becomes a human activity every day, regardless of time and planned or not.
  • Participation s are not limited, and anyone can get involved in the conversation.

Proof That The conversation Really Works

Basically, it is a manifestation use of language to interact with each other.  It can be viewed from two aspects. The first aspect is the content, which is the aspect that takes into account such things as what topics are discussed in the conversation;

How the topics are presented: whether explicitly, through presupposition, or in various ways?

What kind of topics those lead to other topics?

The second is the formal aspect of the conversation. The main focus on this aspect are such things as how conversation works; what rules are obeyed; and how sequence and  the mechanism can be achieved such as , pauses, interruptions, overlap, etc.

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