What Is Conversation Analysis In Linguistics

Conversation Analysis (CA) is most interesting study in the science of communication. It is also called ethno methodology, where we study how people organize or manage their day-to-day talk.

Linguistically Conversation analysis theory focuses on the social interaction, such as range of motion by the communicator and how they manage and arrange the order of discussion.


What Is Conversational Analysis In Linguistics

It is characterized by a careful observer. The researcher analyzes the talk and examines what the speaker seems to do when they communicate. He should pay attention to every part of the conversation, and every action performed in the conversation.

Participants do many things at the same time as asking and answering questions, arranging turn to speak and activities to protect the face. The most important thing is to know how everything is done by using the language. This is wonderful experiences, to know which kind of words and language are used by both parties.

There must be the sequence and the systematic communication which is built by the participants during conversation.

This analysis gives attention to several topics,

  • To whom speaker is speaking.
  • Did they follow rules and regulation of conversation?
  • Turn to speak, silence, pause (gap), Overlap, hedges are the part of conversation.

The Ultimate Guide To Conversation Analysis

STRATEGYWhat Is Conversation Analysis In Linguistics

There are several points to consider in creating a coherent conversation so that the communication process can be effective.

The first one is the principle of cooperation that requires participants to contribute to the conversation conversations are worth. Cooperation in the conversation can be achieved through the four rules, namely:

  1. Action words
  2. Quality words
  3. Relevant words
  4. Behave words

Second, conversation coherent can be achieved by ensuring that each action is the result of appropriate responses to the previous action.

Third, the participants must be aware, that the conversation is practical action to achieve the goal of a conversation. The occurrence of coherent conversation relies on the process of thinking carefully on the part of the communicator to achieve a goal.

Fourth, manage disagreements so that differences can be reduced and agreements can be reached as quickly as possible.

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