Eternal: Puzzle “Entertaining Mechanics

Eternal: solving new puzzles “Entertaining mechanics”


Continuing the rubric of solving new puzzles in Eternal

In previous issues, we have already considered solving problems with the “Abyss” , “Mentor” and “Lightning Attack” . If before the update you had solved all the problems, and you also solved these three blocks, then to get a new achievement for 100 solved problems, only 5 are not enough. mechanics “with the difficulty level” diamond “.

Diamond 1

In this task, you need to inflict 26 damage in one turn, we have 2 units and 5 mana. What to do? Everything is very simple. We play Clairvoyance , put Bad News on top of the deck , go on the attack with the dragon . Now Bad news costs only 2 mana, we play it from the portal, we attack with a dragon and a herald . With the cunning of the herald, we play bad news from the abyss, then we get it with Excavations to the top of the deck, again we go on the attack. The bad news has become cheaper again – we play it for 0, go on the attack and win!

Diamond 2

The great deeds of explosives are that we need to sacrifice as many of them as possible for the Utilizer ability and for the buildup of Shatai Dumpty . We start by casting the Hen-Explosion Bot , sacrifice it to activate the Fuel Cell ability , the Utilizer will deal damage to the opponent, the spark is activated, now we play Shokotron , he summons Lazgun . We equip with a Heap of junk , activate its ability, play a crashbutt .

How do we get through the Defender of the Mountain Cliffs and get to 26? It’s very simple – we play Bloody Kris , sacrificing all the explosives : the opponent takes 10 damage from their death (7 from the Recycler and 3 from the Time Bomb ). We attack the defender with a dagger , since the attack and armor now allow, we call Shatai-chatting , he has 16 attacks, we appoint him as an attacker and win.

Diamond 3

Another strange task: I do not understand why it is located in the “Almaz” difficulty of this section. We play Haste and give a dash to the Slayers from Roe , we put them on the battlefield without calling Urska , we put the Slasher from the wild lands , we go on the attack. opponent does not block, use Go to battle! and the problem is solved.

Diamond 4

The challenge of patience. You need to survive and overcome. The traitor of Praxis comes to our hand in the event that at the end of the turn we have no cards, and we need to play them all. Put Zemlecherpatelya , Catroux , a camel , a lynx . Now they play a decorative role and look a pity against the background of aractodons , but everything will change! We equip the traitor with the Spiked Helmet , play the Oath of Vengeance and the Predator’s Instinct on him . We have no cards in our hands, which means he will go into the hand at the end of the turn if he is in the deck. We attack any aractodon with it , we end the move.

The fate of the traitor is triggered , instead of himself he reaches the rune, at the beginning of the turn we take another rune, all this gives us +3 hit points from the camel’s ability and all our units are pumped by + 3 / + 3 from the Katra ability . The opponent has only three hits, we clear the sky with the traitor , killing the enemy Excavator and go on the attack with our Excavator , this is enough to win.

Diamond 5

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The task is a little more difficult than the previous ones. Everything here is built on how to get more health to build up units. To begin with, we play the Ax of seething hatred , play a Sip of water on ourselves , then start preparing the enemy dragon for cutting: we cast Fright and the Moment of Truth on it . After that, he is ready and you can play Sacrifice on him , as a result, we healed twice and got 14 health this turn. We play the Might of the Stone Guard , with an ax we attack the Lord of snow avalanches . Two units 17/17 and 18/18 go on the attack, but thanks to the Oathbreaker ability they get + 1 / + 1 and do enough damage to do the job.

Congratulations, if you have completed all the tasks all the tasks previously solved in this section, you will receive an achievement and a little bit of gold!

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