Eternal: Abyss Puzzle

Eternal: solving new puzzles section “Abyss”


We continue to solve new Eternal puzzles , this time the third and last thematic block – “Abyss”. The black color mainly works with the abyss, so we have to solve the problems mainly with the help of black cards. Let’s get started!


Bronze challenge

The scorpion wasp prevents our Herald of the west wind from going into the attack, we need to get rid of it. To do this, with an ominous return , we get a Lump Thrower from the abyss , the hand of fate is triggered and we get a Snowball . We shoot down a wasp for them and go on the attack. The herald’s ability allows you to play the return a second time, we get the Herald of the east wind this time . We have 5 mana, and the Herald of the North Wind costs 0 mana, because we have already played two spells this turn. We put all the heralds on the field. Herald of the South Wind is triggered at end of turn, the Lord of the Winds appears and puts an end to this task.


Silver challenge

Here we need to survive the attack, we have the Eater from the Shadow , we set him up from an ambush, we block the Yeti-slag-maker . Thanks to the eater’s ability, the yeti ended up in our abyss, we can put him as a Dead Sleep on our side, his preparation is triggered: we deprive the Desert Mirage . We have 8 attacks with creatures and a Flaming torch , the opponent has 11 health and a Hatchet for 1 armor. To get rid of the hatchet, we get the Yeti- prowler from the abyss with an ominous return , we burp and destroy the hatchet with preparation. We go on the attack, we finish off with a torch – the problem is solved.


Golden challenge

The preface just boldly hints that the aegis will have to be removed by the aegis, so we’ll do it. We play the Veil as an opponent. We put the subversive mechanism , we activate it. We reset the Rune of Flame , having no choice. Expose Kensariyskuyu robber , equips its gilded spear . Now all that remains is to inflate it by playing two Power Cards with the Forgotten Items . The Staff of Vodokhan returns from the abyss to the hand , which the creators of this task so carefully put there for us. We equip a robber with them , go on the attack and win.


Diamond challenge

The task is complex in its diversity, but a simple solution. The first thing we do is go on the attack with all the units available at the beginning. After that, by Abduction from the shadows, we bring the Spit-Slug out of the abyss . He destroys our Grim Reaper . Next, we repeat a simple combination twice: With a gloomy return, we take it into our hand and display it on the field, it instantly dies and again deals 5 damage to the opponent. We have 1 mana left, and our opponent has 3 hits. Hardening kill his Bombota delayed action and win.


Champion challenge

The solution to the problem will revolve around the abilities of the Mistress of the Stone Scar and the Whispering Wind . First, play Predatory Instinct on the Thunderhoof Fighter and go hunting for any Direfang Spider to get the first Stone Cudgel . With the help of the Smuggler’s Nychka, we get the Warrior of the Desert and the Shepherd of Light , the Double- Barreled Gun and the Spiked Helmet from the abyss . Place the Flaming Torch on top of the deck with the excavation . Under Burning, sacrifice Fire and destroyHerald of darkening skies . Great, the opponent has no flying blockers, we can send the Whispering Wind to the attack , but first we will equip him with two clubs , a helmet and a double-barreled gun , i.e. everything possible. The wind now has 6 attacks and double damage, which gives a total of 12. Missing 3 damage? It doesn’t matter, the wind ability allows you to drop the Warrior of the Desert and pull the torch , with which we complete the task!

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