Eternal: Puzzle “Entertaining Mechanics”

Eternal: solving new puzzles “Entertaining Mechanics” difficulty “Champion”


The last article in the block for solving new problems Eternal – it remains to solve only five champion problems from the block “Entertaining mechanics”. Achievement for 100 tasks has already been received if you solved all the tasks and followed the instructions from the previous four tutorials before the update. However, solving the problems of champion difficulty brings 100 coins, so five of these problems will give a profit of 500 coins. Let it be a small amount, but still a nice bonus for a closed gestalt.

Champion 1


Immediately after the start of the task, the opponent fetters our flame and attacks. We have 13 hp left and we need to survive and win. A difficult task due to its variability, it lasts four moves. At the beginning of each turn, we play the Rune of Time , I will not mention this further, this happens by default.

  1. Play Dispellingon Incarnate Chaos .
  2. We beat Bang alchemical mixtureof Gifted psionics , are treated by the Source of life .
  3. To equip a spark Cloak healerexcavations We reach from the abyss on topdek Source of life .
  4. Move toremove the Spirit of Ice from the field , set up an obelisk and win!

Champion 2


The classic task is to win in one move. It all starts simply, play the Wild Hunt , sacrifice Nightfang for the Burning , destroy the Guardian of the Incinerated World . We rob, we take the guard from the opponent’s hand, we put the guard on the top of the deck with the Avizaur-hen , Move Nightfang from the abyss to the top of the deck with excavations . Madness “borrow” Diogo Malaga , activate his ability and hang on him the Rod of the Prophet . We go on the attack with all units – the problem is solved.

Champion 3


The task is to reduce the cost, use the abyss and clear the sky. First of all, we attack the scavenger with a spear , we put the Spirit of the ghost flock on the top of the deck with the Avizaur hen , now it costs 2 mana cheaper. By hardening we destroy the Storm devourer , now our spirit has stats 5/5. We put the Geomancer and immediately call his copy with the help of Mirror Reflection , now our spirit is 5/5 for 4 mana.

By sifting the breed, we take the rune , and we send the spirit into the abyss, we play the rune . We now have enough mana to cast Chasing Shout . We choose a spirit as its target , because it costs 4 mana. It is now a 5/5 spirit with flight and acceleration. The goal of his abilities is to select all our creatures, go on the attack and win!

Champion 4


First of all, we play the Rune of Flame , then the Wild Hunt . With clairvoyance, we take the hound , and put the snowball on the top of the deck. Hellish hound giving away and send the attack, the opponent is blocking, but we still play Pummel , snowball we place the last card in the deck. Activate the Storm Bell ability and end the turn. Play the rune again , activate the bell ability , now the com is sufficiently improved and charged for 3 damage, we get it from the deck with a Heavenly sign , win the game by playing the com in the opponent’s face.

Champion 5


The last of the new problems concerns the tagged tribe. We have in hand very little remuvalov, but there are a few requirements to win: it is necessary to remove the Afflicted labeled , giving the theft of life and at least another one that we have inflicted enough damage. To kill the grieving one, we will need to not only remove the aegis from him, but also use two spells to deal enough damage.

The Aegis can be removed with the Collapse , leaving one more target available. Not a single one of our removal works yet, because the marked ones do not fly and have a lightning attack, which makes Shoot and Gust of wind useless. To realize them, we play the Collapse on the grieving and the Marked duelist , removing the aegis from them.

By reuniting, we get out of the deck and play the Marked Horseman of the Wind , now with a Gust of Wind we kill the duelist, then with two Shootings – the grieving one . Now we have enough damage, we send all our units to attack and enjoy the fact that we have solved all the tasks of the update!

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