Essay on Value of Time in English

Essay on time value Essay on Value of Time in English.

1. Role:

If there is the most valuable and valuable thing in the world, then it is time. It is said that the past never returns. Proverb in English – Time once gone can never be regained. The person who learns to use time properly, he is always happy in the world.

2. Example:

Scholars say that we should do everything on time. Kabir Das Ji, the great saint of Hindi literature, says:

“Let’s do it today, do it today, do it now.” At the moment , it will be a cataclysm , when will it be very beautiful. “

That is, we should do the work of tomorrow and today we should do it now because the opportunity lost by hand (Opportunity) never comes back. This proverb is also prevalent that a man who has missed a moment is pushed backward and a person who recognizes the appropriate moment, gets his destination (Destination) on his own time.

In this context, who does not know the story of the turtle and rabbit (The Hare and Tortoise)? All the great men who have been in this world till date, all of them knew the value of time.

3. Benefits and Epilogue:

Only the person who recognizes the value of time is successful in the world at the time. Not only this, such a person is entitled to all kinds of happiness and joy in the world and remains immortal in the world even after the death of his body.

The names of saint-mahatmas and all the great persons of the world, even after the ages, we remember, they also recognized the value of time. He always inspired others to do every task on time.

If today we do not use every single moment in unnecessary and unnecessary things, then our life and country will always be happy. Someone has told the truth – ‘Time is more valuable than gold’ (Time is more valueable than gold)


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