Essay on the value of progress

The problem of inflation or price rise in India was from ancient times, but at present its growth rate is increasing so rapidly that it has become a matter of concern for all. People’s life is no longer comfortable.

The common people are also struggling to achieve their major requirements. The continuous increase in the prices of commodities, food items etc. has come at a catastrophic turn. If it is not controlled in time, it will become very difficult to maintain balance in the country.

Now the question arises that what are the reasons why the prices of goods are increasing continuously? What is the reason that our steps towards price control are not being meaningful? In addition, we also need to know what other effective steps can be taken to control price rise.

If we make a deep observation of the reasons of rising inflation in the country, we will find that the main reason for this is our rapidly increasing population. The rate of population growth is much higher than the resources available in the country, due to which the increase in inflation is inevitable.

Unprecedented achievements in the field of science and technology have intensified the flight of human aspirations. As a result, demand for goods has intensified, which is much higher than production. Apart from this, urbanization, misuse of money and resources, black money, corrupt businessmen and our faulty distribution system are also responsible for the price rise.

There is a discussion of inflation in all corners of the country. All are plagued by rising inflation. Our government is also well aware of this problem. After independence, various governments have taken several effective measures to curb price rise. Special attention is being given to ‘family planning’ measures to control population growth.

The monopoly of production in many commodities has been abolished. The market is being fully opened, increasing competition. In this competitive era, the quality of goods is increasing and prices are also under control. The prices of many commodities have already been very low.


In addition, it is extremely important that we prevent misuse of resources. In the absence of proper storage, every year thousands of tons of grains become useless. On the other hand, the distribution system of our resources will also have to be improved. This system can be right only when corruption can be controlled.

Apart from this, stopping black money is also very important. Our current government must have made some effective announcements to bring out this hidden money, but it is not being fully effective. Therefore, nowadays open economy and continuous economic reforms are being advocated.

Thus, we see that price rise in the country is an important problem of ours which needs to be solved. The steps taken by the government in this direction are commendable. But these measures can be given meaningful form only if we vigorously follow our plans or policies. To make public distribution system more elaborate and strong.

A great economist has said the truth – “Efficient policies, population control, restrictions in production prices are necessary to control price rise in the country, but more important than that is strong political will. Therefore, the growth of value can be controlled only by mutual cooperation. ”


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