Is satisfaction Leads To Happiness

Be happy in what is, as it is, do not let the feeling of negativity awaken due to lack of means, how easy it is to bind someone to someone when we are explaining something to someone, it seems like we are ideal In fact, our personality is tested only in those situations when we go through a particular situation!

Today, whatever problems are there in our society, they are only due to not being able to understand as and as much as they have received, it will not be completely true to say that some people of the society do not even have basic facilities!

Even today, a large section of the society, after working hard day and night, is able to gather even two times of bread, how many people remain lingerie and how many people are unable to reach the roof to hide their heads. And drinking water also remains a big problem!

Does roti, cloth and houses fall under the category of luxurious life? No, there is one more fact to the contrary and that is satisfaction!

The question arises whether all the people who spend Luxurious life are satisfied? So the answer will be no, because there is a difference in comfort and satisfaction Luxurious life gives only comfort and style to our life!

With money you can buy bungalows, motor cars and white goods, get social status, get respect in society and confuse people around you with how happy and prosperous you are. Huh !

Happiness and prosperity are two different thoughts; one difference is indicative of the state of mind and the other is your external state!

Happiness is a sign of your state of mind which is related to your inner self, your inner self can smell with the aroma of your relationship, satisfaction can be given to you by your small efforts and by using someone else means that happiness in prosperity means And self-satisfaction is not guaranteed, on the contrary, happiness itself has taken prosperity!

When you are really happy inside you do not need to tell anyone, nor to laugh at anyone because your personality is a mirror and the mirror never lies!

In today’s era, except for a few people, the whole society is in the race to achieve prosperity!

Even today, there is no shortage of people who give importance to happiness and satisfaction in the society. A large section of the society considers the small happiness of the family as the basis of its prosperity!

Every person wants to progress, wants to move forward because the core of life is progress, it means that people can be happy in every situation, even with prosperity and without prosperity, that is why people are still at home, Family, relations etc. give more importance provided that their basic needs are kept fulfilled, because satisfaction is the basis of real prosperity!

Then there will be a meeting in the next blog, till then be satisfied. Laughing – Laughing, Laughing – Loving life is precious!


by Abdullah Sam
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