Essay on the role of humans in global warming

Global warming , as the title says, is when the atmosphere gets warmer due to the increase in the temperature of the earth it is called global warming. This is usually attributed to the greenhouse effect . Global warming is a global issue and equally huge. Earth’s temperature is constantly increasing.

Human activities responsible for global warming are burning fossil fuels, deforestation , overgrazing, farming, garbage, etc., which release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere due to this global problem.

Essay on man’s role in global warming, 200 words:

Global warming is a massive increase in the Earth’s temperature, usually as a result of the greenhouse effect. We humans are inhuman to our nature. The release of greenhouse gases to drive our modern life raises the Earth’s temperature. Our Earth is a beautiful place with oceans, mountains, forests, snow covered mountains, fields etc. but its beauty is fading away with climate change due to human activities.

The main factors influencing global warming are the burning of fossil fuels, oil and gases. They emit harmful greenhouse gases that heat the Earth’s temperature. Deforestation is another major reason because trees absorb carbon dioxide and provide oxygen. Cutting trees removes CO2 back into the atmosphere. The cultivation of sheep, cows and goats releases large-scale greenhouse gas known as methane.

There are many effects of global warming that have been observed. Rising sea levels, increased ocean acidification, melting of ice glaciers, changes in agricultural production and natural disasters such as floods, droughts are some of them. Climate is a victim of human activities and now we are victims of climate change. It has been rightly said that what we give comes back to us.

Global warming is a widespread issue that needs to be resolved. The government has implemented climate change solutions but we need to run our share by saving energy in many ways on a daily basis. To reduce the effects of global warming it is important to spread a word about it among communities.

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Global warming occurs when carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases, and other pollutants in the atmosphere consume sunlight that recurs on the Earth’s surface. Radiation was usually bounced back into space, but these gases that remain in the atmosphere for centuries maintain the heat that causes the temperature to warm.

In the last few centuries, humans have changed the Earth’s temperature in a dramatic way resulting in global warming. There must be a balance between the radiation that the Earth receives from space and the radiation that bounces back into space. 30% radiation is immediately reflected back into space by clouds, snow, ice and other reflective surfaces.

The remaining 70% of radiation is absorbed by land, oceans, and atmosphere. As the Earth heats up, it emits heat in the form of thermal radiation that escapes the atmosphere into space. Without atmospheric balance, the Earth will be as cold as the Moon or as warm as Venus.

Greenhouse Effect on Global Warming

Greenhouses receive heat in the form of sun’s UV radiation. UV rays pass easily through the transparent glasses of the greenhouse and are absorbed by plants. Weak radiation gets trapped inside the glasses causing the greenhouse to heat up. The greenhouse effect is a natural process that heats the Earth’s temperature. Natural greenhouse gases in the atmosphere cause 33 ° C warmer temperatures, as it does in its absence.

Increase in greenhouse effect

Our current problem is increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases due to human activities, burning fossil fuels, use of natural resources, clearing forests, farming etc. Greenhouse gases include chemicals such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, ozone, methane, water vapor, and CFC.


It is a fact that burning fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Gases raise the temperature of the atmosphere. Switching to renewable resources for energy such as wind power, solar power and hydropower will help reduce fossil fuel demand which will cut emissions of greenhouse gases. We can also contribute to creating awareness to plant trees, conserve electricity, use public transport instead of cars, and prevent global warming.

Essay on the role of humans in global warming, Role of human beings in global warming in hindi (400 words)


Humans greatly affect the climate. The heat structure of greenhouse gases traps heat that would otherwise make the Earth warm. And as the temperature gets warmer we start feeling the effects of global warming.

Effects of global warming:

Let’s look at some of the effects of global warming in detail:

The oceans control the Earth’s temperature and provide 50% of the oxygen. Global warming has raised the temperature of the oceans by more than 3 ° F since 1969. The result is an increase in the acidification of oceanic chemicals, which is due to the effect of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reacting to salt water. Acidification increases 30% acidification as a threat to 18th Ocean species.

Sea level has also increased by 6.7 inches since the last century due to global warming. When the sea gets hot, it swells. The glaciers of the ice ocean melt and the sea rises. The coastal areas are flooded. Plant growth has become less nutritious. Due to drought, severe weather, low ground water, etc. the agricultural sector may be affected, there may be a shortage of livestock products worldwide.

The consequences of climate change on humans can lead to hunger, poverty, and diseases and increase the incidence of serious conditions like asthma. There is also a possibility of outbreak of diseases like malaria, dengue and other types of fever. More people will suffer from undernutrition.

It is predicted that hurricanes will become more intense in the near future due to climate change.
According to Climate Central, scientists predict that future weather events such as heat waves, droughts and rain storms will occur more frequently and acutely.

It is predicted that dry areas will dry up, while wet areas will become wet in the future, although some cases may be modified by local conditions. According to the National Academy of Sciences, many animal and plant species are moving their range northward or to higher elevations due to climate change.

The problem is that when the climate change velocity is faster than the rate of migration of some species, they may not be able to survive in the changing climate. Pathogen-causing disease is increasing, killing some plant and animal species.


Global warming has become a long-term challenge requiring continuous action and investment for decades. Various short and long term measures will also be required by the nation to reach the goal. Measures are needed to improve energy efficiency and promote the use of low carbon fuel. Investment in environmentally friendly technology and infrastructure development should be encouraged.

Essay on man’s role in global warming, 500 words:


Global warming is a result of an increase in average temperature near the Earth’s surface over the past centuries. Greenhouse gases released by human activities are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and fluoride gases. These are the most prominent gases that contribute towards the rise in temperature. Scientists around the world have amassed enormous amounts of evidence, which makes it clear that human activities are highly responsible for global warming.

Role of human activities in global warming

Human activities mainly responsible for global warming are:

  • burning of fossil fuels
  • Deforestation
  • farming
  • Landfill
  • On population

burning of fossil fuels:

With the Industrial Revolution, humans started burning fossil fuels in huge quantities like oil and gases to generate electricity and heat, these fuels and oils when released, release carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. Which increase the natural greenhouse effect. . As a result, more heat is absorbed into the atmosphere and the Earth’s temperature increases.


Forests are a boon for the Earth’s climate. Humans clean forests and cut or burn trees to obtain timber, develop infrastructure, make paper from wood pulp and perform various other activities. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen when they grow.

Carbon dioxide stored in the atmosphere is returned by cleaning the forests and cutting or burning trees. Forests are carbon sinks, and by destroying forests, these carbon sinks turn into a source of greenhouse gases that exacerbate climate change. One-fifth of greenhouse gas pollution globally comes from forest degradation. Preventing deforestation, tree planting and deforestation are important for a better climate.


Many animals, which panic like sheep and cows, produce greenhouse gas methane which contributes towards global warming. Farmers use high amounts of fertilizers that release nitrous oxide as a greenhouse gas with 300 times as much carbon-dioxide as heat-trapping power. The use of different fertilizers and different stock feeds can help reduce global warming.


We take the waste and garbage coming out of our house to the landfill. Some of this waste is used by recycling companies to make useful products. The waste used for the recycling process releases toxic gases into the atmosphere. Most of the waste is burnt and emits methane-like gases into the atmosphere which cause global warming.


More population means more pollution. The increase in population increases the demand for electricity, goods, food, transport, infrastructure etc. We exploit more natural resources and all of this eventually leads to global warming.


Human beings are the main cause of global warming and they can also be a way to stop global warming. Long-term planning and investment are needed to prevent global warming. Great action should be taken against global warming. Policies are needed for energy efficiency and to encourage the use of low carbon fuels.

Use of renewable power should be increased. Re-birth should be the goal rather than deforestation. Investing in clean-tech innovations will help prevent global warming. We all need to save energy in every possible way. Planting trees is the simplest and effective way to do this.

Essay on the role of humans in global warming, Role of human beings in global warming in hindi (600 words)


Global warming is an increase in the average temperature of the Earth. Man controls nature for personal benefits. Human has forgotten that we are only a small part of nature. We need to see the bigger picture.

Human activities responsible for global warming:

Humans are not the only suspects of global warming. Global warming existed before humans evolved. Sun is the major driver of climate. Earth’s temperature rises mainly when more energy from the Sun enters the atmosphere than it bounces back into space.

The decline in solar activity creates a colder climate than usual. Other such natural factors are volcanic eruptions as well as other heat trapping gases in the atmosphere. Major human climatic drivers are removing heat emissions from burning coal, gas and oil in power plants and cars, clearing forests, black carbon pollution, etc.

Carbon dioxide is a monster for our environment. When we burn fossil fuels, coal, and oil to produce energy to use power houses, transportation, smart phones, televisions and other devices, carbon dioxide comes out. Other greenhouse gases are methane, ozone and nitrous oxide.

Measures to stop global warming

Climate warming is to implement climate solutions to address the government’s threats. Some measures to prevent global warming are:

Prevent deforestation : Deforestation is one of the major reasons for global warming accounting for major heat-trap emissions. Global warming can be reduced significantly by reducing deforestation and promoting reforestation.

Use of renewable sources of energy:  Studies have shown that the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, gas, and oil causes the air temperature to rise as greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. The shift to a renewable source of energy such as solar, wind and hydropower will help reduce fossil fuel demand which will ultimately reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Clean energy economy:  It is necessary to build a clean energy economy by investing in energy efficient technologies and industries.

Investment in agriculture  Investment should be made to improve agricultural practices that can reduce the release of nitrous oxide and methane.

How can we help reduce global warming?

Here are some simple steps that we can generally adopt to reduce global warming:

Use fluorescent light bulbs instead of incandescent light bulbs because incandescent light bulbs consume 25% energy compared to incandescent bulbs. Also one can use LED bulb and LED technology which saves electricity.

Turn off electrical equipment when not in use and instruct children to save electricity. Use wings instead of air conditioners. Use energy efficient appliances. Recycle and reuse things.
Use products with minimal packaging.

Convert your heating system to solar energy and use a solar cooker for cooking. If you can afford, use electric or hybrid cars instead of gasoline cars. Hybrid or electric cars provide you with 130 to 140 milligrams where the gasoline car covers 20 to 30 miles per gallon.

Plant trees and spread awareness about growing more and more trees as trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Reduce light during daytime. Allow sunlight through the doors and windows of your home for natural lighting. Save water by taking small rains. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. Use less hot water.

Consume less meat because livestock products are intensive resources for production. Eating less meat can also make a difference. Using public transport instead of cars will save a lot of energy and reduce air pollution.


The natural climate cannot be attributed to global warming. Human induced climate change is an important cause of global warming. It is important to learn about the measures we can take to educate people and spread awareness about global warming and prevent global warming.


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