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Essay on Leopard Essay on Leopard (1000 Words)

Today there are many animals and birds in the world, whose species have become extinct and many species of animals and birds are on the verge of extinction, one of which is leopard.

The leopard is an animal of the cat species, which is recognized due to its high speed and black spots on the body and is the world’s fastest running and smart animal, which can run at a speed of about 60 km / h. But unfortunately today the number of leopards is decreasing continuously in the world.

Due to increasing industrialization and population, forests are being harvested and humans are hunting leopards to get their consumption items and also for hobbies, due to which leopards are rarely seen today.

Although there are leopards in many places in India and they are being protected in the Wildlife Sanctuary set up by the Government of India. But seeing the number of leopards steadily decreasing, the Government of India and other countries have also implemented a variety of schemes for the protection of leopards.

Under this scheme, leopards from abroad will also be brought in India and their conservation will be done in national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India, in the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan etc.

Because leopard is a creature that can live in both hot and cold places.

Where does leopard live? Where does Leopard Live

Leopard is a wild animal found in various countries. It is also true that it has now come under the category of endangered beings and has become extinct in many other countries. Leopards are mainly found in the wild parts of India’s neighboring countries Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and they are also seen in Africa and North Asia.

Leopard breeds differ in color, form, shape, etc. due to climate change there. Asian leopards have shorter head and legs while Asian leopards have a thicker neck than African leopards.

African leopards have long hair on their heads while Asian leopards have longer tails. Leopards are mostly found in forests and in far-flung areas where there are very few humans. Usually leopards can be seen in large and dense forests in caves and on big trees.

What does a leopard eat? What does a Leopard Eat?

The leopard lives a life of rest and hunts only during the night, so the leopard mainly rests on large trees to rest in the morning and afternoon during the day.They always eat fresh meat, so these rabbits hunt fox etc. But sometimes leopards can also be seen eating fish near the river , waterfall.

There is never any inconvenience for a male leopard to eat, because the leopard is a nimble animal, which catches its prey comfortably. But for a female leopard, it is very difficult when it has to take care of its children.

Because a female leopard gives birth to 5 children at a time and taking care of and feeding 5 children is a big challenge for a female leopard and leopard babies also eat meat.

Therefore, the female leopard has to collect a large amount of food, but if the female goes for hunting, her children are hunted by some other animal. Hence it is difficult for the female to hunt daily.

Best facts about Leopard

Let’s know some great facts about leopard-

  • There was a time when leopards were found all over the world, but now leopards are seen only in Africa and North Asia along with India , Pakistan and other countries.
  • The leopard’s claws are always closed so the leopard has good grip on the tree and they are able to climb the tree and also catch the prey of the tree.
  • The special thing about leopards is that the male leopard always keeps a herd. Whether she has brothers in the herd or other members but the female does not live in the herd.
  • The female leopard gives birth to at least 4 to 5 children at a time and has to face great difficulty in raising them.
  • The female leopard meets the male leopard only during sexual intercourse and begins to separate after mating.
  • The leopard is a good hunter who does not leave his prey in the ground and water. There is no possibility of survival of its victim.
  • The most interesting fact about the leopard is that he cannot roar, he only growls and makes different sounds.
  • Leopard stays in the air at least half the time while running and jumps at least 6 meters long
  • It is known that leopard is the most agile animal.

10 lines about leopard Few Lines about Leopard

Read below about leopard-10 line

  1. The leopard has been declared a protected animal by the Indian government.
  2. The leopard is one of the most agile and fast running animals in the world and drags its prey to the tree.
  3. The leopard is associated with the tiger family of India’s national animal.
  4. The leopard is the largest animal of the cat species whose scientific name is Panthera pords.
  5. It hunts at night because leopard has seven times more sight than humans.
  6. The male leopard is slightly larger than the female and prefers to live in the herd.
  7. Leopard is characterized by round black spots, which is its main identity.
  8. The normal weight of a leopard is around 60 to 70 kg but the female leopard weighs about 40 to 45 kg.
  9. The entire body length of a leopard is about 105 cm and the length of the tail is up to 30 cm.
  10. Leopard is a good swimmer.


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