Essay on Banana Tree

In this article, you will read Essay on Banana Tree. In this, you can get complete information about the benefits, uses, fruits, flowers, and plantation of banana tree.As we all know, in Hinduism , trees and plants are also considered to be the abode of Gods and worshiping Tulsi, Peepal and Banana tree is also considered extremely auspicious. Banana tree relieves many sorrows and crises. You must have seen that in many places Brahmins are fed on banana leaves.

Today we are going to talk about the banana tree so friends start.

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Essay on Banana tree (Complete information)

Banana plants grow in a mysterious way, as they never grow from seed, but new plants that grow from old tubers carry them forward. Initially these seedlings get their food from the plant itself, but soon they start making their leaves and roots.

This tree grows very fast, the stem becomes about 6 meters in height. Their color is bright green. How many years does a banana tree live? If many people think about it, then let us tell you that it lives for 25 years.

Benefits of Banana Tree

Although a banana tree is full of qualities, but it has many advantages which are as follows –

  1. By tying the banana root in yellow thread and wearing it around the neck, the planet Jupiterstrengthens and brings happiness and prosperity by destroying the troubles in our life.
  2. Planting a banana tree in the house relieves many crises and sorrows and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the house.
  3. In the scriptures, it is considered very auspicious to use a banana leaf in auspicious works, story-worship.
  4. Whoever dines on banana leaves attains long life and health.
  5. A weak Jupiter planet must plant a banana tree.
  6. Problems arising in marriage are overcome. Unmarried girls get married soon.
  7. Difficulties in marriage and in the future are overcome.
  8. Sitting near the banana tree and chanting the mantras of Lord Vishnuis absolutely beneficial.
  9. By putting a lamp of ghee near a tree on Thursday, problems related to money are overcome.
  10. It removes the production problems in the house, so that children are always happy and away from the problems.
  11. This plant proves to be helpful inhigher educationand knowledge, because it is constantly peaceful and positive energy comes out.

Banana tree uses

You are aware that banana leaves are used in many auspicious works as the banana tree is considered a symbol of prosperity and fertility and thus it is used in almost all Indian festivals. Almost every part of the banana tree has some economic or medicinal use.

for example-

  • Used in coloring the skin of fruits.
  • Its sap contains tannin which creates a black stain on the cloth. Due to this property, it is used as an ink.
  • The middle part of its flowers and buds, stem and shoot are commonly used in cooking as vegetables.
  • Fibers can be made from stalks of dried leaves and are used to tie fences.
  • Banana tree roots, flowers, stems and leaves can be used to treat many diseases.
  • Thus, it can be said that banana tree is known for its huge utility in the country.

Banana Fruit Banana Fruit

Scientifically, bananas mainly contain vitamin-A, vitamin-C, thiamine, ribo-flavin, niacin and other mineral elements. It contains 1.3% protein, Carbohydrate 24.7% and Lube 8.3%.

Banana is an extremely nutritious and delicious fruit that is easily available in all seasons. Regular intake of bananas strengthens the body. It kills phlegm, bloodshed, vata and leucorrhoea. Mainly banana fruits grow only in hanging bunches, a bunch consists of 3 to 20 bananas. Which is called bunch.

A bunch of bananas can range from 30 to 50 kg. The average weight of a banana is 125 grams, which contains about 75% water and 25% dry content. Each banana has a skin within which there is a fleshy edible part.

Banana Flower Banana Flower

Almost all of us must have tasted the taste of banana and also know about the benefits of eating it, it removes many diseases that occur in the body. If we talk about banana flower then we all have mustard flower, cabbage Must have heard about flowers, drumstick flowers etc.

The banana flower looks similar to the common flowers and is pink in color but it is somewhat larger in size and has a white colored flower in the middle of its petals which can be eaten. Its benefits are also not less, due to the magnesium, anti-oxidants and other elements present in it, it relieves mental stress .

By eating the vegetable of this flower, you get aging marks from your skin and your skin starts looking youthful.

Consumption of banana flower has many benefits which are as follows –

  • Making banana flower stew and taking it relieves indigestion, acidity and other digestive problems.
  • Due to the high amount of iron in it, it helps to keep blood pressure balanced and also fulfills the deficiency of hemoglobin.
  • It also benefits in divertisse, its intake keeps insulin levels in control.

Why plant a banana tree in the house? Why to Grow Banana Tree at Home?

Like the Tulsi plant, a banana tree is also considered very auspicious in Hinduism. According to the scriptures, Jupiter and Lord Vishnu themselves reside in the banana tree. Because Jupiter represents happiness, prosperity, spirituality and conjugal happiness.

According to the scriptures, planting a banana tree at the designated place and taking care of it regularly will not stop you from being happy prosperous. It is very pure and that is why it should be applied in the northeast. It can also be planted in the north or east direction.


In this way, banana tree has many spiritual, religious, health related benefits, by adopting which we can take full advantage of them.

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