How To Fix The Err Spdy Protocol Error

Many people have filed complaints or asked for help to fix the “Err Spdy Protocol Error” error that appears while waiting for a website to load.

Google Chrome is characterized by being a very stable browser, whose programmers try to avoid any type of problem. However, it is impossible to avoid this type of situation when a user tries to access a page. An example of this would be when tabs or web pages reload on their own without being asked.

Since these developers have made sure that the browser itself works efficiently, they decided to modify the SPDY protocol that constitutes them.

In this way, they ensured that the loading time was much faster than normal , directly related to the connection speed.

Although this protocol is no longer supported, this error message continues to appear. So today we will show you a series of solutions that will be of great help to you. Also, after that you could consider improving the performance and speed of your Google Chrome browser for a better experience on the web.

Basic solutions for “Err Spdy Protocol Error”

In relation to the aforementioned, support for the SPDY protocol is discontinued for the latest versions released as an update to the browser itself.

Therefore, one of the reasons why the “Err Spdy Protocol Error” message appears during loading is that an old version is being used .

Fortunately this is not a difficult aspect to solve. Through the “Menu” icon you can access the “Settings” of the program.

Once the click is done, a new tab will automatically open with the options containing these settings. Among them you must look for the one named “About” to select it.

When this has been done, the browser will automatically start looking for available updates within your system. If the version is old, download and install the new version of Google Chrome , restart the program and try to load the site again to confirm if the problem has been solved.

Sign in via incognito mode

One of the characteristics of the “spy mode” that the browser has is the ability to explore Internet sites without the need to store sensitive information .

Among these data is the cache memory, cookies, among others; which create a storage space that sometimes gets overloaded.

To avoid the appearance of the error “Err Spdy Protocol Error” while loading a website , you can try to access it through incognito mode to verify if the problem is solved.

Other solutions to the “Err Spdy Protocol Error” message thrown by the browser

In the event that through incognito mode you can solve the situation with the loading error, you can know that the problem persists in the data provided by the network and the content stored in the browser.

Clear browser cache data

Since the content of this memory may be causing some kind of problem, it is best to delete everything that has been stored in memory so far. To achieve this, perform the following steps:

Through the “Menu” in the upper right, you can see the option “More tools” and select on ” Clear browsing data .”

A tab will be displayed automatically, where you can mark all the stored information that you want to delete, also indicating the period of time in question.

At the end of the selection, click on the “Clear browsing data” button and you will only have to wait for Chrome to do this job, to see how this problem is automatically solved.


There is the possibility that other aspects also interfere and the web pages do not want to load correctly , so the message “Err Spdy Protocol Error” is constantly displayed.

Among these other reasons is the possibility of problems with the IP address or interference of the antivirus security protocol.

However, each one has quite simple solutions, so recovering the loading and browsing speed of your browser will not be a problem again.

Now you just have to enjoy the content search through Google. Well, finally, you know how to fix the “err spdy protocol” error in case it happens again.


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