How to transfer files from my Windows PC to my Android cell phone over WiFi

Thanks to the evolution of the Internet and the intranet , we have access to it from any device, not to mention that we have the possibility of interconnecting our own devices to facilitate many activities.

This is very useful, especially to transfer photos, songs and files from one device to another, especially when we do not have a USB cable and we can do it through the Wi-Fi network of our computers.

In the same way, it is always a good option to back up the files that we have on our devices on the computer, to protect our information and avoid losing data in the event that our mobile phone is damaged or we lose it.

In this sense, it is practical to be able to do it quickly and without depending on cables to connect equipment and computer. For this reason, in the following article we will explain how to transfer files from the PC to my Android cell phone over WiFi.

Remote control programs to transfer files

There are several applications that work to remotely control a computer from a mobile device. These turn out to be quite useful when transferring files from one computer to another, since you do it through the Internet and without USB cables.


An application that, as mentioned above, has the ability to remotely control the computer from the phone, but in addition, files, photos and songs can be sent from one computer to another and vice versa as this tool is a communication bridge between both computers.

This program is very complete since it can be used from the computer desktop, from the mobile application or even online on the official AirDroid website .


Another tool that works to remotely control the computer and that allows the transfer of all types of files between them. Without a doubt, a great alternative to download if you plan to transfer files between one computer and another frequently.

File Transfer Applications

Over the years, the need to be able to transfer files from the mobile phone to the computer quickly and effectively has increased and, to solve this need, multiple applications have emerged capable of carrying out this procedure in seconds and avoiding time-consuming transfers through USB connection.

The list of applications that fully fulfills this function is long, but among them, pushbullet stands out , which is very simple and easy to use; however, it is paid.

Despite that, there are other good free alternatives among which we can find Xender , an application that is available for both Android and iOS, so it can be run on Windows and MAC.


This application works in a similar way to AirDroid, offering file management that we can access through local Wifi.

All you have to do is connect the equipment to the same network and access the AirMore website to scan a QR code that will allow us to enter the control center from where we will do all the actions.


This application, in addition to allowing us to mobilize and transfer files from one computer to another, allows us to install applications and even modify the desktop.

It is even capable of tracking the mobile and making it emit a sound to locate it. This is very useful when you lose it or when you have it on a vibrator.

This application is one of the best options to use to transfer files since they travel encrypted from end to end , further increasing security and thus avoiding possible computer attacks. It also does not require that both computers be connected to the network.

Other alternatives to transfer files

In case you do not want to install any type of program, there are other ways to transfer your files from one computer to another.

Via bluetooth

Although it is a method that is not usually used, it is still an alternative. If your computer has Bluetooth, you just have to configure it to accept the reception of files and share it from your mobile via Bluetooth .

With WhatsApp or Telegram

You can always open the computer versions of these platforms and send the files to yourself and that way you will have them on your PC.


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