Who Is Erich Fromm;5 Facts About His Theories in Psychoanalysis

Erich Fromm is an outstanding social critic.Erich Fromm was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1900. His father was a businessman.His childhood was not very happy.Fromm took his first place in psychology and sociology, and then pursued his psychoanalytic training.

Who Is Erich Fromm;5 Facts About His Theories in Psychoanalysis

Fromm is an excellent and exciting writer. 

We can find the bases of his theories in Escape from Freedom (1941) and in Man for Himself (1947). If interesting about love in the modern world is called The Art of Loving (1956). My favorite book of all is The Sane Society (1955), which should in fact have been called “the insane society” since practically in its entirety it is aimed at demonstrating how crazy our world is today, and how this leads to psychological difficulties . He has also written “the book” on aggression, The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness(1973), which includes his ideas on necrophilia. He has written many other great books, including some on Christianity, Marxism and Zen Buddhism .

He is considered one of the major representatives of post-Freudian psychology. The relationship between man and society differs from that of Freud, who taught that man is fundamentally anti-social and must be tamed by society. The man according to Fromm was originally protected from loneliness and doubt because he lived in a state of cosmic unity with his companions and the universe.

Fromm uses the word love to describe a general attitude rather than an emotion directed to a particular person.
In his book “The art of loving” his most famous and most popular work discusses five types of love:

Who Is Erich Fromm;5 Facts About His Theories in Psychoanalysis

  • Brotherly love,
  • love between parents and children
  •  erotic love,
  • love for oneself,
  • love for God.

He stressed that all these forms of love have common elements and must be based on the sense of responsibility, respect and knowledge.Fromm believes that love is the only and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence. But he emphasizes the fact that love can not be taught but must be acquired through continuous effort, discipline, concentration and patience.

Fromm’s most important contribution to psychology lies in its emphasis on the dignity and value of the individual.His ideas on the theory of the of love are  utmost importance because they show that men and women can overcome the pressures of everyday life with mature relationships of love.

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