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A guide dedicated to all the main aspects of the game

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Base construction

Base building is one of the most important aspects of the game, without which you can’t get far. Structures are responsible for the extraction and storage of resources, the recruitment of heroes and the production of items.

The most important building is the Citadel . By upgrading it, you open up new construction sites, thanks to which you can build more production buildings, which will speed up the development of your base and heroes.

New buildings as the citadel improves :

  • Level 3 – mine, farm, smithy, warehouse for products
  • Level 5 – farm, iron warehouse, house, training camp
  • Level 8 – house, farm, iron warehouse, forge
  • Level 10 – barracks
  • Level 11 – training camp, home, farm, food storage
  • Level 15 – mine, farm, iron warehouse, forge
  • Level 20 – house, farm, food storage, training camp.

The farm and mine produce food and metal over time. The first resource is needed for training and improving heroes, producing items, and also for finding targets in raids. The second is responsible for improving buildings. It is better to immediately create two mines and farms, and also improve them to the maximum, as resources will be constantly lacking.

Food warehouse and iron warehouse increase the limit of stored resources. If you start to have a situation that the resources are constantly nowhere to go, then immediately improve these buildings, otherwise the surplus will slow down your development.

The houses are inhabited by recruits whom you will find during the main campaign on the global map. At the very beginning, one house is enough for you, since there will always be an abundance of recruits. Upgrade this building when you feel that the recruits have nowhere to go.

Training camp allows you to train your heroes. We also advise you to build two such buildings at once, since at the beginning the number of recruits will constantly reach the limit. In addition, two buildings will speed up the production of heroes for pumping others, but we will talk about that later.

Separately, it is worth talking about the watchtower , which is both a storage facility and a producer of food and metal. You will be able to capture provinces from other players, thanks to which you will receive additional income. Do not delay upgrading the tower.

In the Forge, you can produce items useful for combat. At the very beginning of the game, one such building will be enough for you, since the need for potions is not too great. But be prepared for the fact that in the later stages of the game it will be difficult without potions. Especially when you join an alliance and hunt titans.

The barracks will open at the tenth level of the citadel, which is quite far away, but this building allows you to improve the units, which will make the heroes even stronger. It is being built on the site of one of the buildings, but you can switch back at any time for free. You will also spend nothing for the return return to the barracks.

Important : when building a base, take into account the fact that the constructed buildings cannot be demolished. Therefore, approach the development of the base competently. Feel free to ask more experienced players for the correct and most effective line-up.


The most important aspect of the game is pumping a variety of heroes. They are all divided into five colors: yellow, red, blue, purple, green. The color of the hero is also responsible for the crystals in battles, which are used in the game “three in a row”. At the very beginning, we recommend using heroes of all five colors, otherwise some crystals will become useless. But, at the same time, two heroes of the same color will make the corresponding crystals more powerful.

To better understand this system, I will give a couple of examples. For example, you do not have a yellow hero in your team – because of this, yellow crystals will stop inflicting damage. And if you have two blue heroes, the damage from them is summed up in blue crystals. Thanks to this, you will be able to select the most advantageous tactical combinations.

Also watch out for the stars of the heroes. There are five stars in total, the more there are, the more promising the hero is. Try to upgrade the best.

Each hero also has his own unique abilities. Someone deals great damage to one target, someone attacks everyone at once, and someone heals others.

In order for the heroes to become stronger, they will need to be improved. There are two types of improvement: leveling and promotion. The first is made thanks to the sacrifice of weaker heroes, as well as the cost of food. Usually, the characteristics are pumped, but there is a small chance of improving the skill. The second is a more effective pumping of the hero, due to which the increase in characteristics becomes more significant, and the ability also improves. But to advance you will need some special items from the main campaign and food.

How do I get new heroes?

  • Training at the training ground.
  • Using the call.

You can use both a free call and spend crystals. There are also special tokens obtained during the game.

  • As you go through the story campaign, in some missions you can get heroes as a reward.


Units are needed to improve heroes. They are also divided into colors. For example, a yellow hero will need a yellow squad. It is also worth noting that units, like heroes, have stars, which shows their effectiveness. There are four stars in total. The first two improve the three main characteristics of the hero. Stronger units are able to improve the fourth characteristic.

Main characteristics:

  • Attack
  • Armor
  • Health

Additional (for 3 * and 4 * units):

  • Critical hit
  • Healing Bonus
  • Boost mana regeneration

The stars also affect how many percent of the characteristics in total will be given by the squad. Depending on the stars, at the first level, the units will give the following percentages:

  • 1 * – 15%
  • 2 * – 20%
  • 3 * – 30%
  • 4 * – 40%

How to get a squad?

  • By completing the missions of the main campaign, you will be able to get units of one and two stars.
  • With the help of a free call, you have a chance to get squads of three stars.
  • Using the epic call, you can get squads of three and four stars.
  • By completing tasks to kill monsters and heroes, you can also get units. But the maximum number of stars is still unknown.

How to level up a squad?

At the tenth level of the citadel, you will have access to the Barracks . They are built on top of one of your level 5 buildings (excluding warehouses). It is advised to do them on top of the forge, since on the rest, when building a barracks, you will lose resources. In addition, after the construction of the barracks, you can return to the previous building and back to the barracks for free in ten seconds.

Tips for developing base and heroes

The most important thing is to try to enter the game as often as possible in order to roll back all the limits:

  • Energy costs for campaigning and fighting other players.
  • Watching a promotional video for which they give good rewards. Available every 15 hours.
  • Collecting resources from all mines and farms.
  • Updating the recruitment of heroes and useful items.
  • Construction of new buildings after the completion of the previous ones.

I also want to give a couple more tips:

  • Pump your heroes evenly so that certain crystals do not lose their effectiveness.
  • Do not rush to get rid of the heroes of two or more stars. At first, give only 1 * heroes for experience.
  • Try to keep several units of the same star at once. They add up to the same percentage, but in some situations, certain characteristics will become more useful.
  • Take your time to upgrade the citadel, as it increases the search costs in raids, which is why, without leveled buildings and heroes, participation in raids will become unprofitable. One level of the citadel will increase the search cost by 100 food.


As we said earlier, the battles take place using the mini-game “Three in a row”. In order for your hero to attack, you need to put three crystals with the same color in one row. It can be both horizontally and vertically.

Depending on what color the crystals are in a row – such a hero attacks the target. Also used crystals replenish the hero’s mana, thanks to which he can use his ability.

It is also worth paying attention to the location of the opponents. Used crystals must be in front of enemies, otherwise they will fly by. For example, if all three crystals hit the same target, this means that the hero attacked the enemy three times. If only one crystal hit the target, then the hero struck one blow.

At the same time, you do not have to use exclusively combinations of “three crystals in a row”. There may be four or five. I suggest taking a closer look at the possible combinations:

Using this combination, you use five crystals at once, which form a horizontal and vertical line.

Having made such a combination, you use two lines at once to attack.

Sometimes two bosses act against you at once. But pay attention to the dedicated line. If you make a horizontal line along it, you can use it to attack two opponents at once, on which each crystal will deal damage. Use this little trick.

Important : if, after activating one line, you automatically activated others, this means a bonus attack that will occur until there are no rows of crystals left on the field with crystals. In addition, bonus hits do not roll back the opponent’s turn time. Therefore, try to pick up such combinations that will call bonus rows with the highest chance. Even if two crystals can be placed in a row, in the future the chance of getting a bonus row will become higher.

Also pay attention to the diagram in the corner of the screen and the color of the rings under the opponents:

The diagram shows which colors prevail over others. And the circle under the creature indicates what color it belongs to. From this, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • Some colors prevail over others. This is shown by arrows. For example, if you use red crystals on green, then you will inflict additional damage. If on green – blue crystals – the damage, on the contrary, will be reduced.
  • Yellow and purple inflict increased damage to each other.
  • Using crystals on a monster of the same color will inflict reduced damage.

PVE Combat Tips

When it comes to fighting, you should concentrate on the following things:

  • Going through a difficult battle, take your time and watch how you can activate many bonus rows.
  • Try to save mana for the abilities of the most powerful heroes. Healing can be activated a little later, when you have a lot of wounded heroes. It is also not worth delaying with this.
  • Stock up on potions and other useful things.
  • Take advantage of color advantage actively.


You can raid other players, thanks to which you will receive additional resources and advance in the world ranking. The battles do not take place directly with the player, but with his heroes under the control of artificial intelligence. In this regard, the battle is not much different from the rest, but the enemy heroes will use their abilities, which makes the battle very difficult.

At first, try to look for opponents with a not too strong team. Try to look for equal, or weaker opponents. Also see how many resources you get. Sometimes the costs can become unprofitable. For a certain amount of food, you can look for other opponents.

PVP Battles Tips

  • Take your time to conquer the rating. The further you go, the more difficult the opponents will be. Sometimes it’s worth losing some fights. But at the same time, do not leave without a fight, killed enemy heroes will be required to complete the task.
  • But also, do not stay too low on the rating, since you will receive fewer resources for less developed players. A couple of thousand resources on the high development of the citadel is not the best waste of energy.
  • Don’t try to kill all the heroes at once. Focus on one thing, gradually cutting out everyone. This way your heroes will take less damage
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