What is emotional intelligence? Discover and become a successful woman

Have you ever heard of emotional intelligence? It is the ability to manage one’s emotions to achieve one’s goals. That is why it is necessary to know how to deal with your fears, insecurities and dissatisfactions in order to carry out your activities!

Emotional intelligence makes all the difference in a woman’s daily life, which can increase her satisfaction and results in various aspects of life!

Find out more about it in this post and become a successful woman. You will understand:

  • After all, what is emotional intelligence ?;
  • Tips to increase your emotional intelligence;
  • Advantages of emotional intelligence;
  • Conclusion.

After all, what is emotional intelligence?

In a simplified way, emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability to successfully deal with your emotions, favoring your daily life, life and relationships with other people. So, a person with emotional intelligence can minimize their negative emotions and focus on positive ones.

That way, generating good results is easier, after all, you are not carried away by the harmful emotions that can cause damage in your family, love or professional life.

In fact, those who think that emotional intelligence cannot be developed are mistaken. Like any other, this intelligence must be learned and improved throughout a person’s life.

Tips to increase your emotional intelligence

Now that you understand what emotional intelligence is and want to put it into practice in your life, take a look at the tips below. I’m sure they will help you. Come on!

Seek to develop your self-knowledge

Many have the impression that the person who has a good level of emotional intelligence was born ready and there is no need to do anything else. But not quite.

In fact, people who are born with this intelligence are rare. Know that most individuals need a lot of self-knowledge to identify and change harmful behaviors.

In fact, when developing self-knowledge it is possible to verify that you have strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, knowing this, the act of receiving positive and negative feedbacks does not cause even pride and, much less, low self-esteem .

In fact, all of this brings knowledge to use your own qualities in your favor, without being shaken by criticism, or being arrogant by the compliments received.

Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself

Another characteristic of a woman with emotional intelligence is that she likes to talk about herself, but not in a convinced or victimized way.

powerful woman knows how to recognize her achievements or a task well done. So, do not expect the praise of others, express your good results to co-workers, boss, family and friends.

Think before you act

Thinking before acting is a characteristic of a powerful and intelligent woman. After all, she knows that impulsivity may seem like a good idea at first, but the fruits of talking and acting without thinking can bring great damage to your life.

That way, she thinks and analyzes well before making any decision, especially when it involves third parties.

Perfect your social skills

The woman who wants to improve her emotional intelligence also needs to improve her social skills .

Thus, it is necessary to live with people who think and act in different ways. This is a favorable attitude, because when dealing with conflicts and different opinions, it is possible to develop social interaction and increase your emotional intelligence.

Indeed, the Social Isolation l may seem something reasonable when we can not deal with or contrary opinions personalities. However, the successful woman knows how to deal with these adversities, facing the situations that put her to the test.

Undeniably, some people may think that to face situations is to treat others harshly. But that is not the right attitude.

Having emotional intelligence is knowing that even if other people’s opinions are contrary to yours, it is possible to treat and debate various topics without fighting, in a cordial and polite manner.

Know your emotions

First of all, knowing your emotions is essential to develop emotional intelligence.

Thus, it is necessary to identify the triggers for your emotions to be activated. At this stage it is recommended to write down all your emotions and what were the stimuli for them to arise, both good and bad.

This way, you will be able to more easily identify your emotions and also the causes, and you will have more knowledge to control them.

Control your emotions

Anxiety, stress and other everyday situations can end up causing unfavorable emotions in our life. Having control over them is what will ensure greater stability and success in all areas of life.

So, you must be wondering how to control your emotions, right?

Know that this is a daily exercise, which needs attention and commitment until you can identify and control your emotions more easily.

Subsequently, one of the great secrets to control emotions is to stop acting impulsively, because when the emotion of anger, impatience or other that is harmful is triggered, the first desire we have is to demonstrate them in reckless actions. These attitudes can be the cause of much regret right afterwards.

Each situation has different ways that we can act. That way, think calmly about the attitude or even the reaction to something that stresses you, challenges you or puts pressure on you.

Keeping calm, avoiding anxiety and practicing breathing exercises and pleasant leisure activities help in this phase.

If automotive

Self-motivation facilitates the development of emotional intelligence. Remember that your motivation is up to you . For this, it is important not to let your energy run out for things that are not worth taking your attention.

Have more empathy

The empathy is another feature of a woman with emotional intelligence. Being more sensitive and perceptive with the emotions of others allows you to better understand their attitudes, facilitating interpersonal relationships.

Creating a more positive and empathetic atmosphere with your family, friends and co-workers favors relationships and improves the quality of life for everyone living in the same environment.

Advantages of emotional intelligence

There are many advantages to being a woman with emotional intelligence. Meet some of them:

1. Decreases anxiety and stress levels

With demands, lack of time and difficulty in interpersonal relationships, many women deal with anxiety and high levels of stress.

This way, developing emotional intelligence will help to lessen these problems.

2. Increases self-esteem and self-confidence

Increased self-esteem and confidence are also other advantages of better controlling your emotions, since fear and low self-esteem are some of the causes for stagnation in life.

3. Increases decision-making capacity

Many women complain about the difficulty in making decisions, but with the control of emotions it is possible to better assess the situations in which they find themselves and have an increase in decision-making capacity.

Increase the level of commitment to your goals

The difficulty of making dreams come true is linked to non-commitment to meeting goals. With the use of emotional intelligence to your advantage, it is possible to increase the level of commitment and execution of the defined goals.

5. Clarity in objectives and actions

Know that a successful woman has more clarity in her life goals and actions. This happens thanks to your intelligence when dealing with your emotions.

6. Reduces friction in relationships

Most problems in relationships are caused by a lack of emotional intelligence, facilitating unnecessary fights and arguments.

The woman who handles her emotions well lives better with people and has less friction in her relationships, whether loving or family.

Empathy for the other

Empathy for the other is also one of the advantages that can help in personal development and success in all areas of life. A person with empathy for the emotions of others coexists better in all environments that pass.

8. Emotional balance

Emotional balance offers a higher quality of life. Thus, the woman with emotional intelligence also has a more balanced and happy day to day.

9. Greater sense of responsibility and a better view of the future

The vision of the future allows us to trace and pursue the goals, and the increased sense of responsibility offers more discipline to achieve each goal and have a successful life. Only with emotional intelligence is this possible.

mproves time management and productivity

To increase productivity, better time management is required. When you control your emotions, this can offer some advantage, as there is an improvement in concentration and tasks are accomplished in less time.

11. End self-sabotage

The fear of trying, of failing, of being ashamed are some symptoms of self-sabotage. The main culprit of this problem is the lack of ability to deal with emotions.

However, when you work on emotional intelligence it is possible to eliminate self-sabotage and achieve your dreams and be a successful woman.

12. Improves interpersonal relationships

Every woman who wants to be successful in life needs to improve interpersonal relationships. By acquiring emotional intelligence it becomes possible! In short, you have a greater ability, patience and empathy to deal with other people.


Never forget that your emotions directly impact your daily life.

Do you know those people who are always surrounded by people, are adored and loved by everyone? They have and emanate the emotional intelligence they have. Why can’t you have it, too?

Be sure that by following our tips and developing emotional intelligence, your life will be much more fulfilling, happy and successful!

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