Educate in Ecological Values ​​to Care for the Environment

The planet is increasingly destroyed thanks to the unconscious activities of humanity, the lack of knowledge of its surroundings, the lack of culture and environmental education that fosters those values ​​of love and protection of nature.

Therefore, it is necessary and a priority to educate children from values ​​at an early age. The parents are primarily responsible for initiating this task together with the teachers and the governments that must promote values ​​from the home, school and community that take care of the environment for sustainable development.

In that sense, today more than ever with all the environmental problems that exist on earth, you should educate yourself to seek a new change in behavior or behavior. In function of converting citizens balanced with their environment and natural resources. That is, humanity must now sow environmental values ​​to achieve a relationship of harmonious coexistence between man and his natural environment.

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Consequently, the loss of human values ​​and consequently the crisis of not instilling environmental values ​​in society is destroying the environment, its natural elements and human health. Since these play a fundamental role in transforming a country and society, into a world where the ecological balance reigns for a better quality of life for all.

Thus, environmental values ​​are the acts, actions and positive behaviors of man with his environment. Valuing and making conscious use of all its natural resources. The values ​​towards the environment, guide the man with the objective of putting into practice habits of conservation, defense and improvement of his environment. In themselves, they are principles that guide people’s behavior so that they can live together in a society with human behavior for the benefit of planet earth.

Therefore, just as there are human and social values, these can also be applied in nature and among the main environmental values ​​that all humanity must promote from an early age in children to save the planet are the following:

Environmental love

That is to value, care and preserve that unique home as life itself. This value as important as love. Children should be instilled with the example of how their parents love each other. So that they can reflect that love respecting the natural environments, plants, animals, ecosystems and all the vital elements for life on the planet.

To love the environment is to teach them to care for and conserve air, water, soil, flora and fauna. So parents must relate the child to nature, through excursions that allow them to have direct contact with mountains, rivers, beaches, lakes, natural parks, fields, zoo, aquarium, and any another activity that allows them to know the variety of species and ecosystems of the surrounding environment.

Environmental respect

Appreciate and value the environment by complying with the laws that regulate the negative impacts of man. Couples must respect and value themselves as well, so that their children respect those around them and all the diversity of living things that exist on the planet.

That is, parents should teach their children to respect animals, take care of them and not destroy their habitats. Show them the laws that protect the environment and must comply with them to respect and value life.

Environmental responsibility

Duty of each citizen to protect and maintain their environment for their own benefit. This value, like love, is essential to transform the current world. Where parents should teach their children the responsibility of caring for their plants and animals from home. As well as feed, bathe and keep your pets in good care, just as plants should keep them and not let them die.

Similarly, hold them accountable for their negative behaviors and behaviors with their surroundings, reversing the damage with work in favor of the environment.

Environmental conservation

Caring for and valuing natural resources for future generations. Parents have to teach their children to conserve nature’s resources for future generations.

Thus, they should value the water by saving it and not wasting it when they brush, shower or use it in any other activity for their benefit. As with electricity, they should turn off the lights in their rooms, disconnect appliances when not in use.

Tell him that they should not throw the garbage in any environment of the city because they pollute the soil, recycle to reduce the generation of garbage in the streets and fight against global warming. Explain that air, water, soil, plants and animals must be preserved to maintain the planet’s balance.

Environmental coexistence

Balanced relationship of peace between man and nature. Children must understand that it depends on the environment and its resources for existence on the planet. Therefore, you must have a relationship of peace and harmony with nature. That they value and do not destroy the vital resources to continue living.

Environmental sensitivity

Consideration and compassion for the problems that the environment presents. Parents should sensitize their children with ecological games, stories, songs, documentaries, videos, among other activities. That allow them to reflect on the environmental problem that the human being has originated putting the health of everyone and the planet at risk.

Environmental initiative, voluntary actions in favor of the environment.

It is the parents who by example should sow those values ​​by means of their actions, where their children observe how with their activities they are helping the environment, and in effect they emit those favorable practices with the environment.

Environmental participation

Collaborate and help in environmental programs or campaigns. Parents must participate jointly with their children in environmental education programs that allow them to inform themselves and work together in the defense and care of the environment. That the children are part of environmental brigades, reforestation campaigns and maintenance of natural areas.

Also, the amount of human values ​​that may exist in society can be applied and put into practice with that home that the human being is finishing destroying as is the planet earth.

Then, each of these values ​​must exist in the life of each person to ensure their own existence and be able to combat the environmental problems that threaten the quality of future generations.

Without a doubt, children cannot love the environment but learn to know it first. Hence the importance of all parents promoting in their children education in environmental values. As well as explain basic concepts related to the environment, resources, ecology, land, nature, development, health, among other topics of environmental interest. And at the same time by example teach them to:

  • Relate to nature
  • Recycle plastic, paper, cardboard and glass
  • Consume responsibly
  • Read environmental articles like this, which allows them to awaken their conscience and act on environmental problems.
  • Reuse materials
  • Plant a tree
  • Take care of your pets
  • Respect animals, flowers, rivers, beaches, parks, and natural ecosystems.
  • Keep the house and its room clean, such as streets and urban environments.
  • Do not litter and pollute the environment.
  • Save water and electricity.
  • Do not use plastic bags.
  • Riding a bicycle to promote human health and the environment.
  • Value and conserve air, water, soil, flora and fauna resources.
  • Participate in activities that promote environmental care.
  • Grow in orchards and make composting.

With all of the above, environmental or ecological values ​​are very important because they form the behavior of man and make him have a harmonious relationship of peace, love and respect for a development for the benefit of both. In that sense, these same values ​​must be instilled in children so that they are capable of carrying out environmental conservation actions and habits.

Consequently, education in environmental values ​​is essential in all children; where it is the parents, teachers, governments and societies in general that must transform these attitudes, behaviors and human behaviors, as well as acquire new knowledge for a better society in quality of life. That is, form those environmental values ​​that are the principles and sustainable pillars of the present and future generations.

In short, values ​​with the environment must be promoted through environmental education as a tool that generates knowledge and habits, which allow the active participation of parents, teachers, communities, governments and all societies to form responsible men and women With the care of their surroundings.

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