Promote the use of the Bicycle in the Society

It is important that societies face environmental problems such as environmental pollution, caused by cars emitting carbon dioxide producing other more serious problems such as the greenhouse effect, global warming, and climate change that threaten the existence of humanity On the planet, implement alternatives and strategies to minimize these ecological impacts through sustainable mobility. Thus, in the face of vehicular congestion and pollution of these over the atmosphere, man urgently needs to promote and encourage the use of the best ecological transport such as the bicycle.

Consequently, the environment today requires more than ever that all societies use this means of transportation as a sustainable alternative to stop the environmental impact produced by the number of cars altering air quality and human health. That is, promoting the use of the bicycle by man will reduce the environmental problem of pollution and the impact it generates on planet earth.

Also, given the environmental impact of the vehicles, traffic, fuel, maintenance, parking, distance, air and sonic pollution that these produce and that deteriorate health; is that man must seek measures that do not pollute the environment and harm the quality of life of the citizens of a country. For this reason, the bicycle as the best ecological transport on the planet, humanity must break or minimize the dependence of always riding in a car as a lifestyle that pollutes its environment and begin by then using the bicycle as sustainable mobility for those present and future generations.

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In that sense, society and man must know the benefits of using the bicycle for the environment and human health, since it should not be seen only as a sport or a simple means to transport from one place to another. another, the bicycle is more than that, it is the best alternative and sustainable mobility to stop the carbon dioxide pollution generated by all the cars in the world.

For all the above, it is that the use of the bicycle should be encouraged to combat the contamination of cars in cities, congestion and as well as sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, among the main benefits of cycling for the environment and human health are:

  • It is friendly to the environment because it does not pollute, does not emit greenhouse gases, only consumes human energy, little space and does not generate noise.
  • Better quality of life and environmental.
  • It favors the economic income, since it does not require fuel, there is no need to pay to use it and its maintenance is minimal.
  • It generates fun, because of the possibility it offers to make friends.
  • It improves physical and mental health.
  • Strengthens the immune and respiratory system, joints and leg muscles, metabolism and fights constipation.
  • Strengthens the heart and reduces heart attacks.
  • It helps to burn calories and fat preventing obesity problems.

In short, if you already ride a bicycle, I invite you to evaluate the possibility of doing it more often with caution and thus you would be helping to combat the problem of environmental pollution and the maintenance of the environment. Parents, societies and governments should immediately through environmental education, encourage the use of bicycles in children from an early age and thus guarantee a cleaner and pollution-free world for future generations. All to promote the use of the bicycle to take care of the planet and have a better quality of life.

by Abdullah Sam
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