Ecosphere of the Sun

The solar ecosphere is the space occupied by the solar system whose temperature is favorable for the development of carbon combinations and serves as the basis for life forms on the planets .

The planets included within the ecosphere have temperatures no higher than 80  °C and no lower than –70 °C.


The ecosphere ranges from a minimum distance of 90 million km to a maximum distance of 275 million km from the Sun. Outside these limits, the planets receive too much or too little heat, so that they can not arise. nor develop the forms of life that we know. The boundaries of the ecosphere are not constant: they expand and shrink according to solar activity.

Planets within limits

  • Venus. It is situated near the inner boundary.
  • The Earth. It is located in the center and its conditions are the most favorable for life.
  • Mars. It is situated near the outer boundary.


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